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Tyson Beckford Gay: Model Slams “Gay Rumors”! Calls Kim Kardashian “Du*ba!”

While the American model and actor Tyson Beckford is known for his remarkable career, he has been in the negative limelight for his one comment. The comment wasn’t bad at all, but it was on Kim Kardashian, which quickly created outrage among her fans. No doubt, the latter has a huge persona, and thus, it made things easier for her to spark Tyson Beckford Gay rumors. So, is he really gay? Well, there are several questions that surround this allegation. And instead of staying mum, Tyson decided to address the issue. That further sparked several controversies.

Well, there’s no second thought that Kardashians have a huge fan following. And when it comes to Kim Kardashian, things turn to a new level. Since she’s involved in the matter, people are keen to learn the exact backstory. Is Tyson Beckford Gay? It’s currently a hot topic on the internet, and there’s no sign of slowing down. In fact, it’s been almost six years since Kim Kardashian targetted Tyson Beckford, yet the latter continues to face several challenges thanks to her one statement. So, let’s take a deeper look at the matter.

Fans Doubted: Is Tyson Beckford Gay?

Since Kim mentioned Tyson Beckford in one of her comments, his sexuality has become a hot topic for everyone. And now people are curious about whether Tyson Beckford Gay rumors are true. But before decoding the gay words, let’s take a look at the matter first. Well, this cold war started back in 2018, when Tyson made a blunt comment on one of the pictures of Kim. He wrote: “She is not real.” He also mentioned the plastic surgeries she had undergone through. That quickly made things complicated between him and Kim.

While his statement was outrageous, Kim took no time to slam him back. She soon responded with a cruel comment, calling Tyson Beckford Gay. It quickly made things more dramatic as people wondered whether the gay rumors were true. While people were curious to learn the truth, Tyson had mum on this subject for almost four years. However, the controversy didn’t see any sign of stopping, quickly making things more problematic for the American model. Thus, he decided to break the silence.

Finally, Beckford Addressed The Gay Controversy!

In 2021, Tyson sat down with VladTV to discuss Kim’s allegations. But this time, he was so furious that he started pulling out his Jamaican dialect. In the interview, he said he’s from Jamaica, and they don’t play like that. In fact, he didn’t take much time to switch to his “gunman” persona and said that if she continued to mess with him, the real gunman would come out. He also insisted to the host that he wasn’t a troublemaker but wouldn’t allow anyone to defame him. Well, Tyson didn’t take much time to slam Kim directly.

In the interview, he also left a message for Kim, asking her to speak to him about Tyson Beckford Gay allegations. As per the 52-year-old, all the allegations weren’t true at all. In fact, Kim was just playing a juvenile stunt, which, of course, he didn’t like it. He also told the host the people were crazy as they believed in her words while calling her a du*ba. He also mentioned Wendy Willaims in his conversation, calling her stupid. But after this interview, the situation got more heated, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a sign for it to stop, at least for now.

Following this interview, Tyson Beckford showed up in Let’s Go Live! w/Sharon Carpenter in the same year. There, he again mentioned that it was weird for her to call him gay while he was just spitting the truth. But Tyson Beckford Gay words turned the table as now things are far more challenging for the model to deal with, and all the credit goes to Kim.

The LGBTQ Community Stepped Up!

During the interview with Let’s Go Live! Tyson opened up about the severity of the gay rumors. He stated he commented on a friend’s post that sparked enormous controversy. But before he could ever settle things out, the LGBTQ community stepped up and started supporting Tyson Beckford. No doubt, Tyson Beckford Gay rumors made things hard for the celebrity to deal with. But things turned dark when the LGBTQ community got involved in the matter.

Shortly after Kim’s statement, the queer community called her to stop this mess. They said she couldn’t mess with one of their ambassadors who always supported them. It made things more confusing. This was because the statement made people believe in Tyson Beckford Gay words. However, the model stated that he always supported the queer people it didn’t mean that he was gay. In fact, it was a human thing, shunning all the allegations made by Kim.

Tyson Beckford Talked About His Relationship With Kim

But do you know Tyson was Kim’s ex-boyfriend? Well, they met via Paris Hilton as his boy Scott Storch was dating Paris. After that, they met in Miami when she had boyfriend issues. Despite being in a relationship, Kim made her moves toward Tyson, and later, they got involved in a romantic relationship. While their relationship was short-lived, he revealed that he always played a part in the family circle. He used to spend weekends with the Kardashians. Tyson further revealed that her family often invited him for dinner and shared a close bond. But some people forget things quickly, said Tyson Beckford.

The Impact Of Tyson Beckford Gay Words

While Tyson Beckford Gay’s words are still buzzing, the model has already cleared the air. He has already revealed that he’s not gay, and all the accusations weren’t true at all. However, Kim’s statement continues to haunt him. He has recently revealed that Kim’s juvenile behavior made things problematic for him. In fact, he’s still dealing with the gay rumors. It has changed his life entirely in a negative way. His career, wealth, and everything has seen a dark side. But he asked others to be respectful instead of hurting others’ sentiments.

This is all about Tyson Beckford Gay rumors fact-check. What do you think should Kim need to apologize for her comment? Comment down your thoughts below! This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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