June 15, 2024
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Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain: The DWTS Host Suffers Several Chronic Illness Since Years!

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain: Call her dancer or actress, Carrie Ann Inaba is a versatile personality. The 55-year-old earned recognition for her work on ABC TV’s Dancing With The Stars. She has been serving the judge position since 2005 and is said to be the glamor factor of the reality show. Apart from that, Carrie even co-hosted the CBS Daytime talk show titled The Talk from 2019 to 2021. Initially, she started her career as a singer and that, too, in Japan. But Carrie Ann Inaba earned fame as a dancer and then stepped into acting. Besides this, the TV personality also attracts media attention for her looks and stylish appearance. However, in the last few months, the actress is speculated to have gained weight as she looks bulkier than before. So, fans have shown their concerns related to Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain. Here’s what we know!


Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain: How Did She Gain Extra Pounds?

It is true that Carrie Ann Inaba has always carried a slim figure ever since she entered the industry. In fact, the DWTS judge was once regarded as one of the healthiest TV personalities. Don’t you agree with the fact? But her recent photos deliver a different fact. The fifty-five-year-old seems to have put on extra calories, and she no longer fits in a slimmer frame. Moreover, while comparing her before and now pictures, the noticeable change in her physique is much more evident. That sparked Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain words. But what led her to pack more pounds over the months?

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain
Carrie Ann Inaba

Like many other celebs, Carrie Ann Inaba had a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic. While talking about her apparent weight gain, the actress revealed that she became heavier and found herself to be 25 pounds overweight. Furthermore, Carrie became more candid and opened up about eating more than the limit in the COVID-19 quarantine. This was why she always believed the scale to be much larger than she ever felt. The DWTS judge was in pain and explained that she was unable to do the workout. Initially, the dancer-turned-actress thought that 25 pounds was a lot of weight and, hence, felt much pressure.

She Had COVID-19!

Further, Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain became more prominent after the actress was bedridden from intense and serious COVID-19 symptoms. In December 2020, Ann took to Instagram and shared being positive for the coronavirus. She suffered from a fever and a bad cough and even had lots of aches and pains. Adding more to her caption, the ‘In Living Color’ star asked the people to follow the guidelines and strict protocols. So, we can say that Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain is the result of ill eating habits incorporated by her during the pandemic.

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain: The Actress Suffers From Autoimmune Illness!

Unlike many other TV personalities, Carrie Ann Inaba has always been vocal about health and wellbeing. Many a time, she has been spotted talking about leading a healthy lifestyle and remaining fit. However, the actress has had a history of autoimmune illness and even announced a temporary absence from The Talk. According to the sources, the actress had decided to take some time off from her work to focus on her health and body. Following her temporary departure from the CBS daytime talk show, it was revealed that the DWTS judge had multiple chronic conditions.

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain
Carrie Ann Inaba

Well, Carrie Ann Inaba was once diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome and fibromyalgia. The latter is a condition where an individual experiences pain all over the body and faces fatigue and mental distress. While on the other hand, Sjögren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that results in dryness of the eyes and mouth. Apart from all these conditions, the 55-year-old suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and vasculitis. Therefore, Inaba has a long history of autoimmune illness and chronic conditions. Therefore, we can say that Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain might have a direct connection to her diseases.

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain: What Did She Say About Her Condition?

The Talk co-host has never shied to talk about her body and illness. In fact, Carrie Ann Inaba has made sure that her fans remain well aware of her condition, and thus, she keeps updating them about her health status. While one has always seen her laughing on-screen, the actress has faced years of pain. The In Living Colors star was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2007 and thus visited the doctor. She believed that her condition originated as she became a non-active person. The renowned dancer opened up about her experience and revealed that she was unable to move her head at that moment.

And while Ann Inaba was already going through the treatment for her spinal stenosis, the TV personality was diagnosed with incurable Sjogren’s syndrome. Moreover, while talking about her illness, Carrie candidly talked to The Talk

co-hosts. She expressed her desire to become the way everyone sees her, as it is shameful for her to deal with rheumatoid arthritis or a gastrointestinal thing. Since people believe her to be a healthy person, the dancer wants to be the same way. Although Carrie called herself healthy, she also mentioned her incredible sharp pains.

Discussed Mental Health Problems, As Well

Furthermore, the DWTS judge once revealed going through a period of anxiety and depression to a magazine. In 2019, Carrie Ann Inaba opened up about living with chronic pain and how it affected her both physically and mentally. The popular dancer said that it was very exhausting for her body to fight the pain. In fact, the celebrity was so exhausted that she was unable to make her coffee herself and had to stay in bed three days a week. However, wrapping up her statement, Carrie Ann Inaba explained that whenever life throws her into a challenging circumstance, she believes that something beautiful is just around the corner.

Carrie Ann Inaba Undergoes Emergency Appendectomy!

Amid Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain words, people are also keen to know about her health condition. Apart from all the chronic illnesses mentioned above, Carrie Ann Inaba’s vision was also corrected with eyeglasses and contact lenses. But besides this, the veteran actress revealed about being diagnosed with acute gangrenous appendicitis. She took to Instagram and posted about the same in March 2023. Furthermore, the dancer even elaborated on her experience with the appendectomy and threw light on a few complications she faced. The 55-year-old had an emergency appendectomy earlier this year, and it was pretty painful for her.

In the video shared on Instagram, Carrie Ann Inaba revealed that Appendicitis attacks happen suddenly and out of nowhere. She even explained that the pain is also associated with violent vomiting, and the actress even lost her capability to stand. Furthermore, the dancer advised people to get checked if they suffer severe and strange pain in their stomach. For those who are unknown, appendectomy is a surgical method of removing the appendix. Many a time, it becomes infected or inflamed, and the removal of the appendix becomes necessary. Many speculated Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain could be the result of her chronic health condition.

Did Carrie Ann Inaba Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Like many other celebs, Carrie Ann Inaba was also accused of undergoing plastic surgery. This was because many people spotted a huge difference in her facial appearance when they compared her before and after pictures. Therefore, it was very evident for fans to speculate whether Carrie Ann Inaba agreed to use a knife on her face. Well, as of now, there are no media reports that confirm her to have undergone plastic surgery. In addition to this, the dancer-turned-actress has not addressed the assumptions as well.

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain
Carrie Ann Inaba

Therefore, it will be safe to conclude that the plastic surgery rumors are not true. Despite such conclusions, netizens still believe that she’s had Botox and fillers to enhance her looks. But until any confirmation shows up, we cannot say anything specific about it. Regardless of this fact, there is no denying that Carrie Ann Inaba still looks young, even in her 50s. Kudos to her skincare routine and beauty secrets!

Carrie Ann Inaba Net Worth: Is She Earning In Millions?

It is in the years that Carrie Ann Inaba has been active in the industry. Despite her diseases and chronic illnesses, the dancer never missed to amass an impressive wealth throughout her career. As far as Carrie Ann Inaba Net Worth is concerned, the American celeb is speculated to minting around $9 million. Well, the number is not exact and official, but the actress is sure to be earning millions, thanks to her TV career.

Talking about her additional sources of income, such details are not known to the media. But Carrie Ann Inaba can be referred to as one of the richest Dancing With The Stars judges. Furthermore, she has provided monetary help to several organizations, including the Andrea Rizzo Foundation, Animal Defenders International, and Helen Woodward Animal Center. So, Carrie Ann Inaba also participates actively in social work and never hesitates to contribute to society.

Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain
Carrie Ann Inaba

This is all about Carrie Ann Inaba Weight Gain concerns. Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below. For more updates and interesting content, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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