May 25, 2024
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Pedro Pascal Wife: Says “I’m Thirsty Daddy,” Sarah Paulson Confirms “We Are A Happy Family!”

Pedro Pascal Wife

The Internet’s Daddy is back with another rumor. Pedro Pascal, our beloved Mandalorian, aka Joel, has once again become the talk of the town. But this time, his fans are curious to learn who Pedro Pascal Wife is. Is he married? Until now, he had kept his romantic relationship under wraps, but not anymore! The eagled-eyes fans have finally figured out the actor’s romantic interest and who is his current partner. So, is he married or having a serious relationship with his fellow star? No doubt, this is such a question that may break many people’s hearts. Despite that, let’s take a look to learn who is actually the romantic partner of Pedro Pascal.


First, A Brief Look At Pedro Pascal’s Dating History!

Born in Santiago, Chile, on April 2, 1975, Pedro Pascal grew up admiring the entertainment industry. According to The New York Times, Pedro dreamed of movies as a kid. Soon, he made his way toward an acting career in the late 90s. Despite appearing in several TV series, the Mandalorian actor got his career breakthrough while portraying a bisexual character in HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Well, the series has a massive fanbase even today, which is undoubtedly unmatchable.

Pedro Pascal Wife
Pedro Pascal

Soon, his portrayal of ‘Red Viper‘ gained him immense popularity, making him one of the trendiest subjects among GOT fans. And now, Pedro Pascal Wife has become the most buzzing topic on the internet. But the main question that arises here is, who is she? Well, the GOT fame is known for keeping his life private; thus, it becomes tough for his fans to unearth the mystery surrounding his wife. Is he really married? You never know! But before jumping on this question, let’s first see how many girlfriends she had in the past.

Pedro’s First Love, Maria Dizzia

Pedro first met Maria Dizzia in the early 90s, and they later appeared in an episode of Law And Order. Pedro played Tito Cabassa in that particular episode, while Maria played his sex worker girlfriend, Sugar. While they briefly appeared in the series, some sources claimed that the pair quickly started dating each other after their role in the hit drama. In fact, the reports claimed that they dated for a decade. So, is Maria Pedro Pascal Wife?

Unfortunately, not! Although they dated for a decade, which is quite a long time, the couple never discussed their romantic relationship publicly. They never addressed the dating rumors. In fact, the couple had never mentioned the reason behind their split. Again, per source, Dizzia married a British playwright, Will Eno, after starring in Orange Is The New Black. Hence, it confirms that she isn’t Pedro Pascal Wife. Then who is? Let’s see!

Lena Headey Shared A Beautiful History With Pascal

After his split with Dizzia, Pascal made his breakthrough appearance in HBO’s monstrous hit Game Of Thrones. There, he met Lena Headey, who played the infamous Cersei Lannister, while Pedro played Prince Oberyn Martell. While the couple never shared details about their romantic life, they were rumored to be dating each other. In 2014, Lena and Pascal got romantically linked after their picture surfaced online. The rumors began when Lena posted an intimate snap of the pair on her Instagram, captioned “Sunshine Love.”

Shortly after, fans started wondering whether they were together for real. Well, their relationship status remained a big question for their fans, thanks to Pascal’s confusing statement. The Daily Mail reported that Pascal called Lena one of his “favorite people.” He further called her smart and funny. Per the reports, Pascal indirectly hinted that he had a crush on her. It was because of her personality and caring nature that would make anyone fall for her. So, is she Pedro Pascal Wife?

Another disappointment for Pascals’ fans! It is because Lena isn’t Pedro Pascal Wife. In fact, she dated Dan Cadan over the years. The couple also shared a daughter named Teddy. But their relationship didn’t last long. Now, Lena lives with her current husband, Marc Menchaca. However, it remains unclear whether Pascal and Lena previously shared a romantic relationship.

Had Pascal Dated Robin Tunney?

While fans didn’t get over Lena and Pascal, the latter was spotted at several events with Robin Tunney. It quickly sparked their dating rumors. In fact, the duo attended the Emmy Awards together in 2015. Later, he was seen in Robin’s hit series, The Mentalist. Not only this but the duo was also photographed together on a stroll in Hollywood of the same year. But once again, Pascal never addressed the dating rumors, leaving the rumors up in the air.

Pedro Pascal Wife
Pedro Pascal and Robin Tunney

However, after 2015, fans never spotted them together until July 2019. It was the last time they were spotted together enjoying a dinner date in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant. So, did she reject to be Pedro Pascal Wife? Well, that wasn’t the case. In fact, Tunney got engaged to interior designer Nick Marmet while she was last seen with Pedro. As per the source, Nick proposed to Tunney on Christmas 2012. She announced their engagement the following year, and they had two children.

Sarah Paulson, His New Bae?

Although Pedro Pascal always tried to keep his relationship status private, it didn’t stop his fans from digging deeper into his romantic life. While Pedro was romantically linked with Tunney the same year, many believed he was dating Sarah Paulson. Their growing closeness sparked several dating rumors. But in a 2014 interview, the pair shunned all the dating rumors while discussing their long-lasting friendship. Paulson stated that she had known Pedro since she was 18. Since then, they have shared an incredible friendship.

Pascal further stated that Paulson welcomed him when he first relocated to New York City. He was so lucky that he already had a friend in NYC. In that interview, they also shared that they were too young to believe they would one day make it to this level. However, in the same interview, Pedro called himself a “thirsty daddy,” while Paulson cleared that “I’m mommy, he’s (Pedro) daddy, and we are a happy family with children.” Although it wasn’t the announcement of their relationship, in fact, it was the teaser of their upcoming project. While Pascal only shares a long-lasting friendship with Sarah, the latter is known to be in a relationship with Holland Taylor. So, who’s Pedro Pascal Wife? Well, it remains a big question now. So, let’s unearth it.

Who Is Pedro Pascal Wife?

Pedro Pascal Wife
Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson

Unfortunately, the actor hasn’t yet revealed anything about his dating life. In fact, it remains unclear whether he’s dating someone in 2023. As for Pedro Pascal Wife, it surrounds ambiguity. This is because he hasn’t yet mentioned anything about his romantic partner. But as per the sources, Pedro isn’t married. So, his female fans can now breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy crushing over their favorite actor. But there are also rumors surrounding that the actor has children. Has he? Well, his portrayal of a father figure in several hit series has made many believe he has children.

But that’s not true. He’s still a bachelor in the town with no kids. So, rest assured and simp as much as you can. This is all about Pedro Pascal Wife. Stay with TechRadar247

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