May 25, 2024
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The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5: Mr. Paul’s Return In “Love Island!” WATCH HERE

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5

Although Stella’s attempt to crack the deal immensely helped Cory, things wouldn’t work his way. It’s indeed that Cory’s relationship with other decision-makers may affect his company status. And now UBA Upfront will see another gloomy night in The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5. Well, it isn’t the first time. Since the beginning of the third season, the network has seen plenty of hurdles, making things challenging for them to deal with. Now, with the new anti-hero in the town, it seems like the problems will escalate for Cory. But wait! Cory has Mr. Paul! Is the latter a good help? You will learn it soon. So, keep reading!


The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5: How Things Will Work For The UBA?

Stella did her best to handle everything with those two guys. While she finally made a contract, the revelation that Fred Micklen- one of the two scrummy guys- would still be a part of the financial decision startled her. So, Stella and Cory need to find a way to get the ad revenue. But Paul’s arrival will make things better in The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5, “Love Island.” Alex tries to get Paul into the business. However, it’s not entirely in Alex’s hands. In fact, Cory needs to work on his relationship with Paul. This is because the latter is the only option left to keep the network alive.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5
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Meanwhile, Laura and Bradley will continue to work on their relationship. So far, things weren’t good for them. But now that they are together, it seems like The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5 will see some drastic changes in them. Not only this, but people around them will also notice the same, which will spark their dating rumors again. On the other hand, Mia will be relaxed after finding that Andre is safe. But her actions will hurt him. No doubt, it will test their romance. As for Stella, she will face a traumatic situation again. But this time, it will help her map her rebellion plan.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Cory’s manic stroll backstage of UBA Upfronts. The leaked emails

made things quite challenging for the UBA and The Morning Show. And now they couldn’t take more risks by losing more financial assets. Cory knew that Upfront was now a do-or-die situation for him as well as UBA if he couldn’t generate revenue from the ad. Well, he had already lost Paul Marks, and now he couldn’t afford to make more losses. But amid this, he decided to throw a party for the VIPs at the Hamptons.

However, he knew how to get his job done, so he asked Stella to pitch the ad execs. But things didn’t work their way. Because the two guys Stella had to win were smarmy and scummy. Thus, it became challenging for her, and to get the deal in their hands, she decided to play dirty. She made a deal with the waitress to bring water for her instead of gin. Eventually, the guys were too drunk to deal with the situation, but despite that, they continued humiliating others around them.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5
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They even asked Stella to call the waitress to lick up the spilled drink, and in return, they would give her the ad contract and a tip. Although Stella was close to breaking down, she played along. Eventually, she got the deal, plus the trauma to endure. But it wasn’t over yet, and the situation soon turned darker. However, Paul’s last-minute help made things better for the UBA. But he’s not entirely into the company. So Cory needed to work a little to get Paul back.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5: Release Date

The upcoming episode will be a big game-changer for most cast members. Will they end up losing more than they asked for? You will learn it in The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 5, which will air on October 4, 2023. It airs every Wednesday at midnight, with a runtime of around 54 minutes. Fans can exclusively catch the series on Apple TV+. This is all for now. For more such updates, stay with TechRadar247.

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