Dangerous Romance Episode 7

Dangerous Romance Episode 7: From Enemies To Lovers! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

So far, Kang is trying to work on his way to win his best friend Pimfah’s heart. But things didn’t work his way, and when he tried to confess his feelings for her, he learned another jolting news. Well, the previous episode had plenty of drama and trauma for our lead characters to deal with. But Dangerous Romance Episode 7 won’t continue it. So, don’t fret. Things are going to ease up for Kang and Sailom. This is because the episode’s closing moment has already hinted at a new beginning, which will bring closure to their hatred. But what about Pimfah? The love triangle will soon make things more dramatic between the trio. So, let’s head to see what the upcoming episode is cooking for us.

Dangerous Romance Episode 7: How Things Will Move Now?

In the closing moment, Kang finally confesses his love for Sailom. While the pair have shared their first kiss, Kang is unsure about the latter’s feelings. This is because he needs clarification. However, Kang is ready to do anything to amend with Sailom and his friends. Thus, in Dangerous Romance Episode 7, he will try his best to win Sailom’s friends’ hearts. It will begin with shopping with them. Further, in the upcoming episode, the couple will also start spending more time together after school. However, Sailom’s friends aren’t sure about the situation between the two. They will begin to doubt it, and soon, Kang will make a big announcement, followed by a passionate kiss.

Dangerous Romance Episode 7
GMM 25, YouTube

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Kang getting a depressive flashback of Pimfah, where she confessed her feelings for Sailom. However, this revelation bothered the latter as he had feelings for Pimfrah. Back in the present, Sailom was tutoring Kang, but it became hard for the latter to continue his studies. So, he decided to call it off and went outside to breathe some fresh air. But soon, things turned darker as he saw Pimfah with her mother. Well, Kang was least interested to see her. However, after their meeting, they ended up bickering. The following day, Pimfah had a cheerleader announcement, and everyone rooted for Pimfah and Kang to join the team. In fact, Sailom also told Kang to grab this opportunity, and he made sure that they could work on their tutoring session.

But it was later revealed that Sailom had feelings for Kang, and he saw him with Pimfah. So, he was trying to help Kang win Pimfah. Later in the cheerleading class, everyone tried to work on their formation, while Kang appeared quite lost. He later decided to bunk the class and joined his boys for a football game. He finally decided to join the school’s football team instead of the cheerleading one. But following this news, Sailom spoke to Kang, and they later bickered. During a furious conflict, Kang revealed that Pimfah liked Sailom. Following that day, Sailom informed Pimfah that Kang wouldn’t come to the cheerleading practice. Shortly after, she asked him whether he could be her partner. However, he refused, leaving Pimfah heartbroken.

Dangerous Romance Episode 7
GMM 25, YouTube

Dangerous Romance Episode 7: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will be a good start for Kang and Sailom. However, things won’t be as easy for them as they appear. You will learn it in Dangerous Romance Episode 7, which will air on September 29, 2023, at 1.30 pm GMT. The all-new episodes air every Friday. The local Thai audience can catch it on GMM25 and ViuTV, while the global audience can search for the Thai BL drama on YouTube. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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