June 15, 2024
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Arrow Season 9: Arrowverse Receiving A Major Twist After The Tragic Conclusion?

Arrow Season 9

Arrow Season 9: DC Comics has extended its reach by creating several verses inspired by the superhero characters. One such media franchise is Arrowverse, which created a huge buzz among fans globally. And when discussing it, we cannot neglect the crime drama series titled Arrow, which launched in 2012. The superhero drama even gave birth to a spin-off TV show ‘The Flash’ that later on became a prominent part of Arrowverse. Moreover, Arrow has so far spawned eight seasons, with the most recent one bringing Oliver Queen’s journey to an end. So, with such a finale, viewers are confused as to whether or not there are chances for Arrow Season 9 to happen. Furthermore, reports say that since it is referred to as a pop culture phenomenon, there are possibilities for a potential season 9. So, did the makers say anything about Arrow Season 9? Let us find out!


With Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg as the developers of the show, Arrow is one of the series that opened up to positive reviews. It has established the concept of the respective verse exceptionally well. Not only this, but the series has also managed to maintain an impressive pace over the last eight seasons. Coming to the primary plot, Arrow focuses on the DC Comics character Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy. As per the theories, he was assumed to have passed away but surprisingly returned to the Starling City. Ever since the superhero drama was launched, Arrow has maintained to give a satisfactory performance every time. This is the reason that every aspect of it has earned critical appreciation. Be it action-packed sequences or the storytelling, you won’t feel disappointed by it.

Arrow Season 9

Is Arrow Season 9 Happening? What Is Its Current Status?

It won’t be wrong to say that the Arrow has been a bittersweet celebratory season full of specialties. And hence, it is obvious for fans to inquire about Arrow Season 9. Well, according to the official details, season 8 would be a ten-episode final season. So, this ultimately means that the Arrow has been wrapped up, and the concerned verse has been winded down. While it might be hurting for the loyal fans, many think that the decision was the need of the time. Nevertheless, it is safe to conclude that Arrow Season 9 has already met its fate and is not happening for the time being.

While talking about the same to Variety, the executive producers issued a statement. They said that it was a difficult decision to come up with, but it was the best that they could have done in the favor of Arrow. Furthermore, the showrunners opened up about the universe created and explained that it will be carried for years. Lastly, the team showed their heartfelt gratitude to the writers, actors, and other crew members who kept the crime drama ongoing for seven years. Besides this, the lead actor, Stephen Amell, also turned to Twitter and shared his thoughts on concluding Arrow. He detailed his personal experience and extended his thanks to everyone.

Did Stephen Amell Give A Hint About Arrow Season 9?

While Green Oliver has met his conclusion, Stephen Amell is still interested in moving the story to the future. The actor has gained mainstream recognition and popularity through the offered role and, hence, has no words for it. Even after the complex nature, Amell portrayed it impressively. Recently, he sat down in an interview with Den Of Geek and went candid on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of being cast on Arrow. Stephen confessed to missing Arrow and said that he has no issue with returning to the role.

Arrow Season 9

Not only this, but he also mentioned his interest in essaying Oliver Queen in a limited-run miniseries or a full season 9. In another explanation, Stephen suggested that Arrow could return on a different platform and show blood. Therefore, it is true that even after maintaining a distance from the drama, his interest in playing high-octane characters has not vanished. Furthermore, the actor said that he is ready to offer service to Arrowverse in any way, shape, or form.

Fans Signed A Petition!

It is now confirmed that Arrow season 9 is not happening in the future, and the makers have started giving their time to work on other related projects. In addition to this, Stephen is also committed to his upcoming projects. Hence, in such a situation, Arrow Season 9 will not happen anytime soon. While some are fine with the decision, the cancellation seems to be a disappointment for the fans. So, to tackle the circumstances, fans have created a petition to ‘Save Arrow.’ However, even after such a step, the makers have not changed their minds yet.

But even though the first series of Arrowverse has come to an end, the finale episode opened the door for a potential spin-off series titled Green Arrow and the Canaries. It will have Juliana Harkavy, Katherine McNamara, and Katie Cassidy in the lead roles. These superheroes will take the command to extend the stories, as two of them already have a brief connection with the Arrowverse. However, The CW has yet to confirm whether or not it will greenlight the spin-off. Furthermore, even after years of Arrow’s conclusion, Oliver Queen returned to The Flash.

Arrow Season 9

How Did The Series Come To An End?

After a journey of eight years and 170 episodes, Arrow finally met its destination. The final chapter brought a satisfying conclusion and teased the proposed spin-off. Well, the episode was basically divided into three storylines. Firstly, viewers had heroes of Star City in the Arrowverse, and on the other hand, the series showed Oliver’s son abducted from his grandparents’ home. Lastly, the third part had all the close ones of Oliver mourning his death. So, one can say that Arrow’s finale made every possible effort to keep up with its fans’ expectations.

The final scenes of the episodes showed a funeral ceremony being hosted for Oliver Queen’s memory. The private event attracted much attention and also had heroes who helped in finding William. In addition to them, the funeral marked the presence of Anatoly Knyazev, the Russian gangster. But before the funeral rituals could have started, Mia Queen and Felicity Smoak finally met each other. However, as everyone remained silent at the ceremony, John Diggle decided to go up on the stage and speak, addressing the public. He said praising words to Oliver and explained that he was becoming a better man than before. Adding more to his statement, John called Arrow an inspiration and said that his legacy would continue to shape their world.

Arrow Season 9: Release Date

Arrow Season 9

As already mentioned, the chances for Arrow Season 9 are slim. It is very unlikely that the makers will continue the story with another installment. Given their decision, the makers seem to be firm at it, and hence, fans will have to believe that potential season 9 is not on the cards, at least for now. However, it is true that Stephen Allen mentioned the future of the drama to be explored on another platform; such a probability holds no relevance for the time being. So, fans should accept the fact straightforward. Moreover, if Arrow is revived miraculously, it will take years to complete as Allen has certain commitments. Besides this, The CW is also concerned about other projects in the pipeline.

Nevertheless, fans are expecting Arrow Season 9 to drop sometime in late 2025. Moreover, they are also waiting for an official announcement related to the Green Arrow and the Canaries. This is all about Arrow Season 9. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more updates and interesting content, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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