May 30, 2024
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My Happy Marriage Season 2: Gets Early Renewal Just After Finale!

My Happy Marriage Season 2

There’s already much more for Miyo after leaving her parental childhood home. Fans are speculating that she will face more difficulties but will also learn to control her powers. With such future visions, fans are already curious about My Happy Marriage Season 2. The pilot installment of the anime series had many intriguing factors, and thus, it was obvious for the viewers to turn peculiar about its future. Touted as a fantasy series, My Happy Marriage is all about finding a purpose in life. Well, by the season finale, the anime had already amassed a significant fanbase. It is not only in Japan, but the overseas performance is impressive, too. In such a case, the Internet is brimming with expectations concerning the series’ second installment. Are you also the one looking for similar details? Here’s what we know!


Originally a light novel series, My Happy Marriage has also been serialized into a manga. It was then greenlit for an anime adaptation. Interestingly, like many other novel series, My Happy Marriage was developed into a live-action film that premiered in March 2023. Talking about its story in brief, the fantasy anime series is set in the Meiji Restoration era. Well, the plot revolves around a 19-year-old girl, Miyo, the eldest daughter of the Saimori family. Sadly, she grew up in a traumatic surrounding where her stepmother and younger sister treated her poorly. Later on, it was discovered that she belonged to the Usuba family, and that was how the story became more intriguing. Directed by Takehiro Kubota, My Happy Marriage was also dropped on Netflix, other than Tokyo MX.

My Happy Marriage Season 2
Tokyo MX

What Is The Current Status Of My Happy Marriage Season 2?

The first season of My Happy Marriage was released on July 5, 2023, on Tokyo MX. Each episode of the series was dropped on a weekly basis. Well, it has been only a few days since the first installment wrapped up, and the hype for the second season is already touching new heights. Talking about its current status, My Happy Marriage Season 2 has been officially announced. Hence, it is the time for the fans to rejoice and celebrate their excitement. So, there is no denying that the anime series is returning for its second season very soon.

The makers took to social media and posted the formal statement before the season one finale. Not only this, but the voice actors also opened up about their excitement on YouTube. As far as the production status is concerned, details are kept under wraps. But fans are speculating My Happy Marriage Season 2 will be in the initial stages of pre-production. Moreover, it is possible for the upcoming chapter to be at the scripting level. Further, coming to its production, the crew members can start the work by this year’s end.

Even before the official announcement, fans believed that the makers would definitely renew the series. It was because of the impressive rating and convincing viewership. Hence, it was quite evident that the first installment of the anime was a proven hit. So, if the studio had not renewed it, people would have referred to it as a crazy decision. But in contrast, the team followed the trend of announcing the next season before delivering the final episode. So, aren’t you excited about the upcoming new batch of episodes?

My Happy Marriage Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happened In The Finale Episode?

Before diving straight into the ending explained, let us have a quick recap of the appeal and premise of the series. As already mentioned, My Happy Marriage follows the adventures of a teenage girl, Miyo. Although she was born into a rich family, her life was not as easy as we all think. Her family consists of her stepmother, younger sister, and her own father, and all used to abuse her. In fact, Miyo is treated like a slave and has to deal with several troubles alone. Further, her life witnesses another issue after she is forced to marry a soldier, Kiyoka. He is such an intimidating man that every woman he tries to marry runs away whenever they get a chance. So, fans believed that Miyo and Kiyoka had no march together and must not get married. But, unfortunately, they end up tying the wedding knot.

My Happy Marriage Season 2
Tokyo MX

In the last episode, Miyo found herself in a dream world. In the meantime, she discovered her other self before her, thereby convincing Miyo not to run away. After that, Miyo restarted her search for her husband but failed. But, with the help of Kiyoka’s kumihimo, the teenager found him in a battle against the Grotesqueries. At the same time, the emperor was alarmed about her arrival as she came to save Kiyoka. So, he tried different ways to stop them but failed. Surprisingly, Miyo and her husband’s power came together, and they defeated Grotesqueries in the dream world.

Did Miyo And Kiyoka Separate?

Further, the two escape the dream world and gain consciousness. That was when Arata arrived and explained Miyo being a part of his family. On the other hand, Kiyoka mentioned being a match someday to Miyo! Well, things were going in the right direction until Prince Takaihito showed up with a revelation. He disclosed how the Emperor’s deeds led to the Grotesqueries’ release. Lastly, the Prince accepted his father’s crime and assured the General about taking full responsibility. In the closing scenes of the finale episode, Miyo and Kiyoka returned to their places peacefully. Finally, after a few days, both attend a party together, indicating an apparent happy ending.

My Happy Marriage Season 2
Tokyo MX

What Will Happen In My Happy Marriage Season 2?

It is true that the finale episode had a happy ending, but things are different from what it seems. My Happy Marriage just begun showing Miyo’s powers. So, it would be an injustice if the makers decide not to continue diving deep into her powerful abilities. Well, the probability for My Happy Marriage Season 2 to pick up from the final events is higher. In addition to this, there’s enough source material in hand to develop interesting storylines in the future. Moreover, since the makers haven’t spilled beans on the plot, nothing confirmed can be said at the moment. However, we will get a clear idea following the release of an official trailer.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of The Next Season?

Since My Happy Marriage is an anime, the cast consists mainly of voice artists. So, as far as the voice cast of My Happy Marriage Season 2 is concerned, we can expect the return of Reina Ueda (Japanese) and Miranda Parkin (English) for Miyo Simori. Damien Haas (English) and Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese) might also return to voice the character of Kiyoka Kudou. In addition to them, Kotaro Nishiyama, Ayane Sakura, and Kana Ueda can be back to lend their voice to Kouji Tatsuishi, Kaya Saimori, and Kanoko Saimori, respectively. The same speculation goes for the other main voice cast members.

My Happy Marriage Season 2
Tokyo MX

My Happy Marriage Season 2: Release Date

As per the official announcement, the team has only green-lit the arrival of My Happy Marriage Season 2. Talking about its release date, details are yet to see the light of day. However, fans are expecting the second installment to be released by late 2024 or early 2025. If the production goes smoothly and does not get halted by any sort of delay, fans will receive the second chapter very soon. Till then, you can enjoy watching the previous episodes if you haven’t. Meanwhile, we will update the section as soon as any development news shows up!

This is all about My Happy Marriage Season 2. Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment box. For more such details and updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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