Destined With You Episode 14

Destined With You Episode 14: Sin-Yu’s Past, Another Murder Case! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Now that the K-drama Destined With You has reached halfway, things are getting more dramatic. The murder angle is something that fans haven’t expected. But it seems like it will help uncover the curse-related mystery in Destined With You Episode 14. So, will Sin-yu learn about the cure in the upcoming episode? Well, it doesn’t look like he will learn about it right away. However, the audience will see some events that help in unearthing this mystery. Fans will also see more rituals, drama, chases, and life-threatening situations in the upcoming episode. As for Hong-jo, she’s all set to witness another heartbreaking news. Keep reading to know that.

Destined With You Episode 14: What Will Happen Next?

Joong-beom is still behind Hong-jo, complicating things for the couple in Destined With You Episode 14. Sin-yu is afraid for Hong-jo’s safety. But he is more bothered by his past life. He has a vision that he has killed Hong-jo in the past life, which continues to haunt him. This is why Sin-yu becomes more interested in digging deeper into his past. As for Hong-jo, she tries to deal with the visions. But amid those visions, she is more keen to help Sin-yu escape his curse. Can she be a good help? On the other hand, Sin-yu’s former girlfriend will keep creating a miserable situation for the couple.

Destined With You Episode 14
JTBC, Netflix

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Hong-jo fixed a meeting with the Shaman to learn more about Sin-yu’s curse. She was optimistic that this meeting could help them to find a cure for his illness. But instead, things took a dark turn. This was when Hong-jo started having visions of her past life, entangled with Sin-yu. So, she sought the Shaman’s help to learn more about those visions. But the discovery devastated her, and she later left Sin-yu for good. Hong-jo blamed herself for Sin-yu’s pain and decided to stay away from him.

However, this wasn’t Sin-yu expected, and he tried his best to make her stay. But sadly, he failed. Meanwhile, Jae-kyung was glad to learn about Hong-jo and Sin-yu’s breakup. He decided to check his chances. Jae-kyung did his best to comfort Hong-jo. However, the latter still had feelings for Sin-yu, who worked on his way to win back her heart. On the other hand, Joong-beom’s obsession went to the next level. He was all pumped up to kill Hong-jo. His action became more dangerous when he tried to kidnap her. While the situation intensified, Nayeon mapped a plan to start her revenge spree on Hong-jo and Sin-yu.

Destined With You Episode 14
JTBC, Netflix

Destined With You Episode 14: Release Date

The fourteenth episode is expected to deal with Sin-yu’s curse. You will learn more about their past lives in Destined With You Episode 14, which will air on October 5, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. It consists of 16 episodes, and now only two are left to uncover the mystery. So, don’t miss it. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday night only on local Korean network JTBC. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it an hour later on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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