May 20, 2024
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Moving Season 2: Director Talks About Plans For “Sequel” And “Yoo Seung Ho” Cameo!

Moving Season 2

The curtain has finally fallen on Disney’s smash-hit superhero K-drama Moving. After Netflix’s Squid Games, Korean YA dramas have also been making their way to other streaming platforms. And Moving has proved its worth quickly after its debut. Distinguishing its superhero nature from Marvel, the superhero K-drama has made its fans clamor for Moving Season 2. So, is Disney planning to return with its sophomore run? You never know! After watching its tremendous performance, the series showrunner has finally spilled the beans on its potential next season. So, without wasting much time, let’s head to see what Park In-je has to offer.


Moving is an adaptation of the influential mangaka Kang Full’s webtoon. Well, he’s known for his work in several hit films. But Moving turns out to be his screenplay debut in a web series. As for the storyline, Moving focuses on a group of super-powered South Korean spies who are working to protect their children who have inherited the same powers. While those spies were once a part of the government, they slowly vanished after learning about its dubious schemes. However, after learning about the new villain and the danger surrounding their kids, all these spies return to fight against the system. But did they succeed? Let’s see!

Is Moving Season 2 Renewed Yet?

There’s no doubt that Moving has been a mega-hit series on Disney+ and Hulu. Shortly after its debut, the series topped the streaming chart of the platform, surpassing Disney’s original series The Mandalorian. In fact, within its first week, Moving became one of the most-watched series on the platform. Thus, there’s no denying that the series has been one of the most celebrated series on Disney+. Despite its massive hit, the streaming platform hasn’t yet commented on Moving Season 2. Well, it’s quite early to renew the series.

Moving Season 2
Hulu and Disney+

Typically, the network oversees the viewership count and other parameters before renewing a show. However, Moving has proved its worth over its course of run. In its fifth week, the watch-time of the series increased to 145%, reaching the all-time high of 196 million minutes. Further, the series earned a solid 9.2 out of 10 stars on MyDramaList and 8.6 on IMDb. Not only this but Moving has also been nominated at the Busan International Film Festival in six award categories. Despite that, Disney+ hasn’t yet renewed Moving Season 2.

Boss Hints At Potential Sequel!

While discussing the possibility of potential Moving Season 2, the series showrunner Park told The Hollywood Reporter about his plans to return. Park cited that it was his first time working on such a show, including VFX and the genre of romance and action. So, if he got another chance to helm the series, he would definitely return. He also said if this happens, Moving Season 2 will see a much- upgraded version of everything that fans have seen in the first season. The showrunner also shed light on Kang Full’s other webtoons.

Park revealed that Kang Full has other masterpieces within this universe that run under the titles of Bridge and Timing. Hence, there’s more to offer in the sophomore run. Further, the showrunner revealed that the mangaka is currently working on his latest webtoon called Hidden. Hence, there are chances of Moving Season 2. However, they are currently waiting for the official words from Disney+. Based on the availability of the source material, there’s a high possibility that the show can continue for two more seasons. But the decision is currently in the streaming platform’s hands.

Are There Any Chances Of Moving Season 2?

Moving Season 2
Disney+ and Hulu

Despite being the monstrous hit series on Disney+, it has yet to renew the series for the next season. Fans still determine whether the series will make it to the next season. However, it’s only been a few days since Moving wrapped up its finale. So, Disney+ will soon announce its decision regarding Moving Season 2. And one thing to remember is that the streaming platform hasn’t yet canceled the series. Hence, the chances for its return are pretty high. Further, the pilot season left several signs that indicate the possibility of its sequel. Here is what we have uncovered for you.

Kim Young Tak’s Cameo Hints At ‘Timing’ Arc!

As mentioned above, Kang Full has written two more webtoons within the same universe. And in one of the episodes of Moving, a Timing character made a cameo. The person was introduced as Kim Young Tak, Choi II Hwan’s student. He also possesses superpowers and can stop time. Shortly after his appearance, rumors surfaced that the character would play a pivotal role in Moving Season 2. Besides this, some rumors hint that Yoo Seung Ho will join the team as Kim Young Tak. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

NIS’ New Head

The finale was full of blast. A lot had happened, but finally, the superheroes got rid of their obstacles. The kids eventually joined their graduation ceremony, and Bong-seok started his journey as a superhero. Meanwhile, Dong-geun released Doo-sik and killed the North Korean General who was behind this vicious plan. Following his release, Doo-sik returned to South Korea and killed Mr. Min and Raehyuk. After his revenge, the finale saw a peaceful reunion between Lee Mi Hyun, Kim Do Shik, and Kim Bong Seok.

Moving Season 2
Hulu and Disney+

But just when the audience saw that the story was concluded for good, the finale pointed to the NIS’ new head. After Mr. Min’s death, the organization recruited a new director, agent Ma Sang Gu (Park Byung Eun). Now that he has become the organization’s successor, chances are high that something terrifying will occur in Moving Season 2. Well, it’s because the finale hints at the organization’s new plan to hunt down the gifted ones.

The Undercover NIS Agent Also Has Superpowers

The Moving finale introduced a high-ranking official of the NIS named Shin Hye Won. She was spotted with campus guard Hwang Ji Sung, who served the agency for decades. However, she wasn’t an ordinary officer. It was later revealed that she possessed the ability to keep her from aging. It could be the reason why Mr. Min always respected her. With her arrival, there’s a chance that her backstory will be explored in Moving Season 2. Further, she might play a massive role in helping the superheroes escape the organization’s new plan.

Elias, The New Villain

Not only did the finale introduce several new faces, but it also dropped a hint about the newest villain in town. Following the NIS head, Moving Season 2 will also see a new character named Elias. Well, he looks exactly like Frank. He could possibly be Frank’s twin, who returned to carry out the mission. So, if it happens, the superheroes will face another threat in the next season.

Moving Season 2
Disney+ and Hulu

The finale left several cliffhangers to explore in the upcoming season. Thus, considering all the above cliffhangers, there’s a sign that Disney will return with Moving Season 2. But nothing has been confirmed yet. We will update you shortly after learning the official announcement. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247

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