May 29, 2024
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Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1: Veterans Meet The Orlando’s Newbies! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1

Jennifer Williams, with her sisterhood, is back on the court for Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1. Well, the last season was full of drama, unresolved conflicts, and mental breakdowns. But our ladies are all set to take the insanely perfect drama to the next level when Basketball Wives: Orlando joins them. So, now get ready to see how Jackie Christie and others react when they have to share their limelight with the newbies. Will it be the learning experience for Orlando’s Basketball Wives? Well, one thing is clear: things won’t be peaceful at all, as our beloved veterans have already announced the upcoming tug-of-war. Keep reading to know how things will move in Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1.


Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1: What Will Happen Now?

So far, the show has featured the OGs in Basketball Wives LA. However, for the first time, things will change. Per the official synopsis of Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1, the veterans will meet the newbies. Now is the time when the former will take the newbies under their wings. But will they help them and throw the limelight on them, or will it be a tug-of-war? Well, the sisterhood’s fate is currently up in the air, and now only the ladies will tell what will happen next in this season. Besides this, the promo clip hints that Mehgan James, Ashley Snell, Lyndzie Marble, and Danielle Miller will appear.

Nikki Nicole, Nique Brown, Mulan Hernandez, Morgan Bledsoe, and Mackenzie Hyatt will also join the next season. James also says in the promo clip that people have yet to see many layers of her. But they will get the chance to see that in Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1. Meanwhile, the other women are happy to join the team. On the other hand, Shaunie Henderson has announced that it will take a lot of work for the newbies to fit in. Since the conflict has already been resolved and they almost share a high bond, it will be challenging for the new cast members to join the group.

A Quick Recap!

Basketball Wives Season 10 finale opened up with Brooke and Jackie’s blowup at the restaurant. The latter was fed up with Brooke’s attitude and called Malaysia to deal with it. She revealed she was done with her and didn’t want Brooke to ruin her peace. On the other hand, Jennifer received a surprise from Jelani. He was happy to be with her and popped a serious question on their trip. Jelani confessed he was serious about this relationship and was glad to learn that Jennifer was on the same page. In fact, she agreed to get married again.

As for Malaysia, she struggled to ask her ex-husband, Jannero, for money for their children. While a lot happened on the trip, Jackie decided to focus on Brandi instead of fussing about her fight with Brooke. She planned the event to celebrate the big moment, and even Malaysia shared some encouraging words with Brandi. However, Jackie’s incredible speech made the latter burst into tears. Jackie said she would always be with her. The event later ended on a peaceful note as Jackie and Brooke decided to hash things out. They also agreed to take baby steps to rebuild their bond.

Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1: Release Date

The time has come when the OGs will meet the newbies in the upcoming episode. You can catch the drama and flare in Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1. It will be available on October 9, 2023, at 9 p.m. EST/PST. Basketball Wives LA is produced by Shed Media and This Way Out Media. It is exclusively available to stream on VH1. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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