Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality

Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality: GUTS Suggests She “Come Out” After Gushing “Gay Men!”

Olivia Rodrigo, the pop culture diva, is all set to set fire with her sophomore album, GUTS. She is undoubtedly one of this generation’s most popular singers, and people have admired her since her days at Disney. However, her latest track has left her fans split, especially the queer community, when the singer decides to set the sapphic group ablaze. Not only did it spark Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality rumors, but a debate left everyone to wonder what the lyrics of her song, “Lacy, meant. Did she hint at her sexuality? Or did she come out of the closet? Well, it isn’t the first time that such rumors surrounded Olivia.

She received massive limelight after dropping her sophomore album. The album has mainly shed light on her interests and desires. While it’s common for celebrities to use queer readings in their songs, it’s quite unusual when it comes to Olivia Rodrigo. Hence, her fans are curious to know about Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality. Is Olivia Rodrigo gay, for real? Well, who knows? But stay with us to get all your answers. Keep reading!

Fans Doubted Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality: But Why?

Gen Z’s pop princess, Olivia Rodrigo, is undoubtedly known for her dramatic and vibrant music. While her fans have loved her music, it made headlines for its controversial yet subtle taste. And now the Deja Vu fame is once again the talk of the town after dropping her latest album, GUTS.” Her music is undoubtedly evolving, and the catchy lyrics of her latest song, Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl, are buzzing on the internet. But the lyrics have also left her fans split as many started doubting Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality. Is Olivia Rodrigo gay?

Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality
Olivia Rodrigo

The first thing to remember is that the singer hasn’t yet opened up about her sexuality. Thus, whether she indirectly tried to come out of the closet is unclear. However, the lyrics of that song made her fans believe that she somehow pointed at her interest. Meanwhile, others thought she only shed light on her relationship with her ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ co-star Joshua Bassett. Well, the two dated for a year before parting their ways. While the reason behind their split remained unclear, many believed that Joshua Bassett sexuality was the reason behind the split.

Further, Olivia’s Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl lyrics also reflected the same. The song is a tale where Olivia narrates the story of a straight girl falling for a gay boy. The track goes like this: “Guess that he was making out with boys. Everything I do is tragic. Every guy I like is gay.” While the song never addressed Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality, people still seek more clarification.

A Look At Joshua Bassett Sexuality!

Joshua Bassett and Olivia met at the set of Disney’s ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ and soon their offscreen romance sparked. However, the infamous relationship didn’t last long, as Bassett left Olivia for another Disney persona, Sabrina Carpenter. But hold on! Their split was actually messier than it appeared. While many believed Sabrina was the woman Olivia mentioned in Drivers License, her debut song, others speculated that the reason behind their split was Joshua Bassett sexuality. Recently, Bassett announced that he was a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

In an interview with Clevver News, the singer revealed his crush on Harry Styles. It quickly sparked several gay rumors. While many devised their weird theories, Bassett shunned them all. He took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and said he was still figuring out his sexuality. Although people had shamed him for that, he loved them all. Bassett also asked his fans to act like this generation, and instead of spreading hate, it’s better to love and grow. But what it has to do with Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality? Well, people think that Olivia opened up about picking gay men as a part of her dirty little secret.

The Moment She Comes Out: Is Olivia Rodrigo Gay?

Olivia has recently been the talk of the town, and all the credit goes to her sophomore album. The sassy and euphoric lyrics have undoubtedly made her fans go gaga. But it has also attracted controversy. One such song, Lacy, has been making the waves since it is associated with the singer’s feelings for a woman named Lacy. The second she dropped the single, people quickly took to social media to discuss Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality. Some started speculating that Olivia came out through GUTS, as the lyrics hinted at her feelings for the woman.

The entire track focuses on the “sweetest torture,” where Olivia admires, worships, and envies a girl wearing ribbons with all the angelic features. The song quickly became a subject of debate as many started focusing on the queer lines and how much Olivia was jealous of Lacy (but in a platonic way). While some believed she hinted at her sexual orientation, others claimed that she sang the song from a male perspective. The song debate is ongoing, and Instagram is bombarded with theories suggesting Olivia Rodrigo likes women. So, is Olivia Rodrigo gay?

Well, the singer hasn’t yet revealed her sexual orientation. In fact, she hasn’t addressed the rumors surrounding Olivia Rodrigo sexuality. Thus, it remains unclear whether or not Olivia is interested in the same-sex relationship. However, she has gushed about Taylor Swift plenty of times, but the lyrical description hints that she has dedicated the song to Sabrina, as all the features resemble her. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below!

But Olivia Rodrigo’s Dating History Tells Another Story!

While Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality has been in buzz, the singer has dated men only. Well, she’s currently single. But her recent relationship was with Zack Bia. He’s a music exec, co-owner of Delilah, and DJ. Well, he’s also the former boyfriend of Madison Beer. As per People, Olivia dated Zack for the first few months of 2022. The couple rarely made public appearances but officially separated in August 2022. Before Zack, the Good 4 U singer had dated producer Adam Faze. They confirmed their relationship in July 2021 after they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles.

As per the source, their friends set their meeting, which later led to a romantic affair. But unfortunately, it didn’t last long, as Olivia unfollowed Adam in January 2022. Although she didn’t reveal the reason behind their split, she gave a break-up advice while speaking to British Vogue. How can we forget Joshua when discussing Olivia Rodrigo’s dating life? Well, she got a career breakthrough after their split. However, their relationship was a messy one. The pair started dating in 2020 and ended a year later.

Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality
Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett

While it was believed Sabrina Carpenter was the one to be blamed for their split, the reason behind their split remained unclear. Besides this, a few know that Olivia Rodrigo had also dated Ethan Wacker. He was her first love, then met on the set of Disney’s Bizaardvark and started dating in July 2018. But their relationship only lasted a year, and they eventually unfollowed each other on IG.

This is all about Olivia Rodrigo Sexuality. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates. And don’t forget to tune into Olivia Rodrigo’s YouTube channel to see her intimate one-off performance of GUTS.


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