Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2
Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: Releasing In 2023? Who Will Return This Time?

Fox is known for bringing unique shows to the audience, and this time again, the broadcaster returned with a unique reality baking competition, Crime Scene Kitchen. The viewers seemed pleased by the investigative nature of the show and now wanted to know when Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 will return. Rejoice, fans, as your wait is over now because Fox has granted your wish. If you still need to get what we are talking about. So keep reading.

The reality TV show hosted by Joel McHale focused on bakers who have to recreate the desserts from scratch. Each episode consists of two rounds- the dessert round and the showpiece round. The contestants have to guess the correct dessert in the dessert round, and whoever identifies the right one gets an extra clue for the showpiece round. But those who fail to identify the right dessert have to face elimination.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Of course! The first season of Crime Scene Kitchen aired in May 2021, and fans have been curious about its fate since then. Finally, after a year-long wait, Fox announced that Crime Scene Kitchen would return for the second season. Well, the show gained incredible support and popularity. It garnered a 7.4 out of 10 positive scores on IMDb and 86% by Google users. So the renewal came out as no surprise.

Besides this, Rob Wade, Fox’s Head of Reality, talked about the show before its debut last May. Rob said that Crime Scene Kitchen is different from other cooking show out there. It’s a new and original format with stunning baking creations. It’s an amazing play-along guessing game for the entire family, and Joel is ready to bring hilarity to the show.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

When Will Production Begin?

Unfortunately, there’s no news regarding the production of the second season. Fox renewed the show a few months ago, so it’s quite early to start filming. But the previous season was announced on April 27, 2021, and debuted in May 2021. So deeming this, filming will begin sooner than later. But the show could be on a contestant hunt right now and will undergo production soon.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: Cast Details

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

After the success of Crime Scene Kitchen, fans are eager to know who will return. No doubt, Joel will return as host, and now he’s also credited as a producer. However, whether Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp will continue judging the show remains uncertain. There’s speculation that Curtis won’t return because of his busy schedule. He was working on his new Netflix project Iron Chef: Quest For An Iron Legend. But the show premiered on June 15. Thus, Curtis may return to judge the second season.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

New contestants will join Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2. But this time, the challenges will be tougher than ever. They will ask to team up to guess the correct ingredients. Whichever team guesses the correct ingredients will promote to the next round. Again, they must identify the right ingredients to secure their place in the show. However, the unluckiest team will face elimination.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2

A Quick Recap!

The first season’s finale featured four final teams- Leslie and Emma, Luis and Natalie, Lorie and Jason, and Thomas and Cathy. The competition began with a high-stakes dessert round. The worst-performing team would be eliminated. Lorie and Jason’s mistake landed them at the bottom as they made chocolate napoleons instead of traditional puff pastry. Leslie and Emma’s had a structural issue, while Lorie and Jason secured fourth place.

Later, the final showpiece round saw the team making a birthday cake for Yolanda. Instead of replicating the dessert, the team was allowed to bake and design the cake as they wanted. Luis and Natalie came up with a pink fondant cake with multi-flavored tiers. Lorie and Jason baked a white and blue marbled cake with various flavors. Thomas and Cathy made an austere chocolate cake with white frosting. Luis and Natalie’s cake won Yolanda’s heart, and they ended up as the show’s winners, taking $100,000 prize money at home.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2: Release Date

As of now, the show has yet to undergo production. Due to Curtis’s busy schedule, the show is currently on hold. But it will soon start filming. Apart from this, the show will air in the winter of 2023. Till then, stay tuned with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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