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Outer Banks Season 4: Releasing This Year? CHECKOUT

The action-adventure series has finally moved the war between Pogues and Kooks out of the Outer Banks. Now fans are curious how things will turn out in Outer Banks Season 4. Well, avid fans know Outer Banks Season 3 is currently on its way and is already prepared to explore the world of the Pogues in the Bahamas. But many want to know the future of the series beyond its third season. Will it return for Outer Banks Season 4? It’s a big question. But let’s see what the future of the show is.

Created by Shannon Burke, Jonas, and Josh Pate, Outer Banks revolves around teenagers living in North Carolina. There, society is divided into several groups. The wealthy seasonal residents are known as Kooks, while the working class is called the Pogues. So a group of Pogues led by John B (Chase Stokes) goes on a mission to find the reason behind his father’s disappearance. However, during this, they discover a buried pirate treasure that has a connection with his father’s disappearance. So to keep their friendship alive, the Pogues fight against the Kooks and deal with drug abuse, money, and romance over the seasons.

Outer Banks Season 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

At the time of writing, Netflix has officially renewed Outer Banks Season 3, hinting the series creators Shannon Burke, Josh, and Jonas Pete will return as the EP and showrunners of the coming-of-age mystery. However, there’s no news about Outer Banks Season 4. As per the source, there has been talking about the fourth season. Perhaps the giant streaming has renewed the show for the fourth run.

But there’s no such official announcement by the creators and the streaming giant. Thus it remains unclear whether the show will return for the fourth run. Besides, there is no news about how many episodes Outer Banks Season 3 will have. It remains a secret. So wondering whether it will return for the fourth run is not a question here. However, considering the previous two seasons had ten episodes each. So it seems like the third season would also consist of ten episodes. But it’s just our assessment. Netflix has yet to reveal the number of episodes of Outer Banks Season 3.

Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks Season 4: Production Update

As of now, it remains unclear whether the streaming giant will return with the fourth season of Outer Banks. However, the series has wrapped up filming Outer Banks Season 3 this September. The filming took place in early February 2022. The majority of the filming of OBX took place on the North Carolina coast. But so far, the show has explored plenty of new locations. In the previous season, the lead characters sailed to the Bahamas, so there’s a possibility the fourth season might continue their filming from there.

Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks Season 4: Cast Details

The main OBX cast features Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline playing Sarah Cameron, and Madison Bailey in the role of Kiara Carrera. Moreover, Jonathan Daviss stars as Pope, Charles Esten appears as Ward Cameron, and Rudy Pankow plays JJ. In addition, in the cast, we have Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron, Charles Halford portrays Big John, and Austin North can be seen as Topper.

Outer Banks Season 3 cast also has supporting actors like Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla Limbrey, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, and Caroline Arapoglou playing Rose. When the show’s third season premieres, we can expect the return of most of the main cast members. Besides them, Andy McQueen, Fiona Palomo, and Lou Ferrigno Jr will also join the third season of OBX. At the same time, Outer Banks Season 3 may also introduce some new characters to the audience.

Outer Banks Season 4

A Quick Recap!

In the second season finale, Sarah locks Ward in a room after arguing with him. Rafe and Kie tried to find a way out of that container. Meanwhile, Cleo was fighting with Pope on the ship. But decided to trust him because of Sarah and John B. Later, John B told the Pogues that Ward was alive. Pope helped the group to defeat Captain Ebrahimi. With his help, JJ, Cleo, and Kie locked everyone in the container except Rafe. Meanwhile, Sarah got access to the lifeboat, where Kie and JJ helped Pope to grab the Cross. But unfortunately, Eberhimi escaped from the trap and freed everyone.

Ward then succeeded in escaping and attacked Sarah. But John B did his best to help his girlfriend. Later the two of them jumped off. Meanwhile, Ebrahimi threw JJ out of the ship, but Kie jumped off to save his friend’s life. The crew then joined Rafe and helped him to regain the Cross before shooting Pope, who jumped on the boat and escaped with Cleo. Later everyone gathered on the lifeboat, and the Pogues also left the place, landing on a deserted island named Poguelandia. Elsewhere, Big John met Limbrey and made a deal with her. He promised to help her if she helped John B.

Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks Season 4: What Would Happen Next?

A lot happened in the second season finale and fans are curious to learn whether John B and Sarah are safe. However, their friends promised to find them at any cost and will continue their quest in Outer Banks Season 3. But it remains unclear what would happen in the fourth run. So before jumping on the fourth season, let’s see how things will unfold in the third season. We can certainly expect it to dive deep into the narrative after the end of the second season. The creator of the series has hinted that after the big revelation of the last season, the complicated father-son dynamic will be a major plot point in Outer Banks Season 3.

John Sr. abandoned his son in pursuit of the treasure, which left their relationship in turmoil. Therefore, there will be an undealt feeling when both the characters share the screen in the upcoming third season. Also, Josh Pate hinted that the return of John Sr. would change their viewpoint on the treasure search since they would finally see how close everything is related to the bigger mythology.

Outer Banks Season 4

Will John B. Sr. Kill Ward?

John B. has been looking for his father, John B. Sr., for a while. He didn’t understand what had happened to his father following his disappearance until he got to know Ward Cameron better. Ward shoved John B. Sr., forcing his head to hit the boat and bleed during an altercation over the treasure that had broken out on the boat. John B. Sr. was believed to have perished after being thrown overboard by Ward, who had transformed from a wealthy, kind man to one of the worst characters on the Outer Banks.

However, season 2 of the show made it clear that John B. Sr. is still very much alive. Instead of being locked up, Ward is now stumbling through the streets. Many Reddit users think John B. Sr. will be the person to murder Ward eventually. It makes sense, given that Ward attempted to murder him, and fans are certain that John B would seek retribution for what happened to him. But when will fans get to see all this? When is Outer Banks Season 3 coming out? Keep reading further.

Outer Banks Season 4

Outer Banks Season 4: Release Date

The second season of Netflix’s teen drama series landed on the streaming giant on July 30, 2021. Meanwhile, thanks to the amazing fan response, the show got renewed for season 3 soon after. Moreover, the production for the season, which began in February 2022, was wrapped up in September. Now, talking about the release date of the season, Netflix has confirmed that Outer Banks Season 3 will premiere on December 31, 2022. However, it remains unclear when Outer Banks Season 4 will return. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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