May 21, 2024
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Brian Laundrie Cause Of Death Will Leave You In Shock

Brian Laundrie

The mystery behind the disappearance of Gabby Petito and her finance Brian Laundrie, the name that took the internet by storm late last summer, has finally been revealed. Earlier this year, the officials finally discovered Brian Laundrie’s cause of death. Well, the couple was on their trip when this mystery behind the disappearance occurred, and soon after a few months, they unfolded this mystery. But before digging into the actual cause of his death, let’s peek at who’s Brian Laundrie.


Early Life

Brian Laundrie was born on November 18, 1997, on New York’s Long Island. Christopher and Roberta Laundrie raised him and his sister Cassie Laundrie. Later he joined Bayport-Blue Point High School. He met her fiancee Gabby Petito there. However, the rest of his education details remain under wrap.

Brian Laundrie


Well, Brian Laundrie wasn’t a public figure. But his family owns various businesses. One of their main business is Juice Services Inc. It involves vegetable, wheatgrass, and orange juicers. They run this business from their home. His family also owns another beverage vending machine business in their hometown Bayport, Long Island. Brian was quite often spotted there working at an organic juice bar.

Brian Laundrie

Net Worth

Although Brian is a free spirit, Laundrie’s family is rich enough to deal with his expenses. He sometimes works in their family business of beverage vending machines and other businesses too. So, all in all, his entire net worth is around $5 million. It sounds like a lucrative business for his family, as they manage to earn millions each year.

Brian Laundrie

What Happened In 2021?

Brain Laundrie and his fiancee Gaby Petito (Gabrielle Venora Petito), had decided to go on a four-month trip in their Ford Transit Connect Van across the US. As per Gabby’s YouTube channel, their trip went well. But her sudden disappearance took the internet by storm. Weeks before her disappearance Utah police found them having trouble in their relationship. Though everyone shared different stories, the officials stated that Brian had slapped Gabby, and she had struck his arm. She cried during interrogation, so police sent Brian to sleep in a hotel while Gabby stayed in the van.

However, the police mentioned that she didn’t want to leave Brian, but he was pushing her away. Later on September 1, Brian returned home alone, so her family reported Gabby missing. But his parents suggested not to comment on her case. This is because he was the suspect and brought their lawyers to deal with it. Soon on September 19, 2021, police found a corpse whose description matched Gabby’s. Her body was found in Wyoming.

How Brian Laundrie Died?

Gabby’s fiance Brian Laundrie disappeared late last summer while Gabby’s missing investigation was going on. Earlier this year, the officers found the cause of Brian’s death. An autopsy report by the Medical Examiner of Sarasota, Florida, claimed that he died from a headshot wound. They found his skeletal remains in a thickly wooded area in October in Carlton Reserve.

As per the report, he had been underwater almost three feet, and more before his body reached Carlton Reserve. According to officials, Brian’s skeleton faced extensive carnivore activity like scavenging. The report also mentioned that they found Brian’s remains like a backpack with flares and a tent, a notebook and photos, a piece of paper, and a red hat. Brian wrote in the notebook that he was responsible for Gabby’s death. Stay with TechRadar247 to get more such updates.

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