Is MrBeast Dead

Is MrBeast Dead? Popular YouTuber’s Death Rumors Debunked! Know More

People are getting insane after hearing about MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson’s death news. American YouTuber MrBeast famous for his videos that focus on expensive stunts. He has recently reached a milestone, and fans love to see his dangerous yet entertaining videos. But his death news shocked everyone. It quickly leads his subscribers to the question: is MrBeast dead? Well, his fans dodged the same news a year ago, and now again, they are left on the edge after this devastating news resurfaced. Is this death news real or just a hoax? Here’s everything you need to know.

Fans Doubted: Is MrBeast Dead?

Recently news surfaced that the Original MrBeast died after celebrating his last birthday. Soon it shocked the subscribers as he just reached a milestone of 130 million subscribers, becoming the fourth-most-subscribed on YouTube. Several reports surfaced about the tragic death of the Original MrBeast. But soon, it was discovered that Jimmy Donaldson, the real person behind the MrBeast tag, is still alive. The person who died a year ago wasn’t Jimmy at all. In fact, he was a 57-year-old YouTuber famous for creating similar content to MrBeast, known as Apetor. Well, it was a relief for his fans that he is still alive. However, the news shook everyone to the core. But do you know it wasn’t the first time this news surfaced?

Is MrBeast Dead

It All Started In 2021!

Back in 2021, several rumors surfaced that everyone beloved MrBeast died, leaving fans wondering- is MrBeast dead? While the internet was chaotic, some fake news clickbait stories hinted that he was shot to death. It terrified everyone. The panic escalated when a Twitter account TheAnything_Bot shared a tweet about MrBeast’s death. However, some eagle eye fans debunked it. It was later revealed that the Twitter account mentioned above was just a joke account, as its description asked people not to believe them. Soon after this news, MrBeast uploaded some of his pictures to assure everyone he was still alive.

Twitter users then called shenanigans to stop this MrBeast death rumor. After this incident, he appeared on a chat show. He appeared on a Jimmy Kimmel show where they talked about donations and how he helped everyone to get rid of trash on the beach. It suggested MrBeast wasn’t dead. As soon as the show was broadcasted, Twitter users started commenting that he looked perfectly alright and there was no sign of physical injuries, hinting that the rumors of him being shot were also fake.

But, MrBeast Do Have A Near Death Experience!

Well, MrBeast is infamous for dodging death rumors. But do you know he faced a near-death experience while returning home? While speaking with Minecraft gamers Sapnap and Karl Jacobs on their podcast, Banter, MrBeast revealed his horrific experience. He said he had a midnight film shoot, and after finishing it, he and two of his friends went to sleep. Although they had a good sleep and remained sober, their trip went south. After two hours of driving, Andrew felt tired and decided to stop at a gas station. But when Jimmy looked over at Andrew, who was driving, he learned Andrew had just passed out.

They were on the highway. MrBeast didn’t know about his friend’s heart condition and didn’t fall asleep while driving either. After trying to wake him up, they learned that he was out cold. So MrBeast quickly rushed to grab the steering wheel. But the car continued to speed up as Andrew’s foot was still on the gas. Now they were going 85 miles per hour and didn’t know how to take Andrew’s leg off the accelerator. But unfortunately, things didn’t go well as they crashed into a concrete wall. But luckily, they all survived and only sustained some bruises.

Is MrBeast Dead

How MrBeast Rose To Fame?

Born on May 7, 1998, in Wichita, Kansas, MrBeast graduated from Greenville Christian Academy and later attended East Carolina University. But he soon dropped out of the university and started his YouTube channel. Soon in 2016, he started gaining popularity, and a couple of years later, he rose to fame. He continued to create playful and stunt videos and did some commercials that aired during 2023’s Super Bowl LVII. Apart from his YouTube channel, Jimmy also owns a one-time multiplayer mobile game, “Finger On The App.” He also owned a channel named MrBeast Burger before launching his chocolate bars brand, Feastables. It shows MrBeast isn’t dead.

MrBeast isn’t dead, and his fans don’t need to panic at all. But many believe that the stunt he performs can be dangerous and might cause his life. So should he decrease the severity of his stunts? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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