May 30, 2024
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Glitch Season 4: Renewed? Finale Opens The Door To Another Mystery!

Glitch Season 4

It’s almost been nine years since James Hayes found himself trapped in the mysterious case. The award-winning cult series stunned fans with its third season, and now avid viewers look forward to learning more about Glitch Season 4. Is it happening? Well, it’s almost been over two years since the last season aired on Netflix. Is there any chance the giant streaming platform will return with the fourth season? Well, the show ended on a cliffhanger note. So, perhaps there is more to come. Keep reading to know more.


Created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox, Glitch focuses on James Hayes, a small-town policeman. Once, he was called to the local cemetery as something unimaginable happened. He learned some people had been raised from the dead and seemed perfectly healthy but had no memory of their past. Now they seemed determined to uncover the mystery behind their lost memory. But James decided to keep this mysterious case hidden from his family, colleagues, and the rest of the world.

Glitch Season 4: Is It Happening?

Australian TV series Glitch debuted in 2015, and fans have been craving more since then. The show gained an enormous fan following shortly after its debut, and the audience loved it a lot. The mysterious plotline and protagonist love story was the one that left fans grooving for more. However, the third season failed to impress the audience. The third season gained only 6/10 on IMDB, while the first two seasons garnered 7.2/10 on IMDb. The series enthusiast also didn’t much appreciate the ending. However, it has nothing to do with the series cancelation. In fact, the creator had announced that the third season would be the last before it went on filming. Although the reason behind the cancelation remained unclear, the third season’s low reception isn’t the reason behind the series cancelation.

Glitch Season 4

Will It Ever Return?

Although the third season wasn’t that remarkable compared to its two seasons, fans hope that Netflix may return with another season. The giant streaming platform is known f or reviving some famous series. However, Cindy Holland once mentioned that renewal of the series is primarily based on its reception and cost required in the making process. Thus it remains unclear whether or not Netflix will return with another season of Glitch. Despite this, fans are still rooting for the next season.

Glitch  Season 4

A Quick Recap!

The third season continued to explore the mystery behind the risen. It turned out that everyone close to Kate might die, including the remaining risen people. It was because the resurrection of Kate and others had caused the natural balance and started catastrophic reactions. So James and others were assigned to balance the situation. However, James didn’t want to kill Kate or anyone. So he allowed himself to get arrested for showing too much restraint. Ultimately, Kate killed Willaim after witnessing what had happened with Phil.

Meanwhile, Charlie, Chris, and Kirstie sought refuge. Kirstie later went to Noregard. Chi and Belle warned her sister about the upcoming fire. Soon things turned wilder when Noregard’s staff tased Kate and others, but James and William appeared on time to deal with the situation. However, it all ended at the cemetery from where it began, and the blazing fire surrounded everyone.

Glitch Season 4

Glitch Season 4: What Might Have Happened?

Well, the final season had plenty of loopholes. It never explained the mystery behind the resurrection and what Kate had to do with it. If the show returns with the fourth season, fans can hope it will explore the mystery behind the resurrection and its connection with Kate. The previous season explored a scientist raised from the dead and created a solution that could bring back people from the dead. So the fourth season may explore the backstory behind this scientist. There’s also a possibility that the fourth season may explore James’ life after dealing with this daunting case.

Glitch Season 4

Glitch Season 4: Release Date

As of now, neither the creator nor the streaming giant has commented on the Glitch Season 4. Netflix has yet to revive the series for the fourth season, and considering the loopholes, the show may return with another season. Considering this, Glitch Season 4 may return sometime in 2025. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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