Catfish Season 9

Catfish Season 9: Release Date Out? Check Out Here

MTV flagship Catfish: The Show has been on air since 2012 and has gained immense popularity over the years. The network has recently dropped special episodes, leaving fans clamoring for Catfish Season 9. But will it return? Well, fans have been eagerly waiting for the answer. But we have bittersweet news for you. Before jumping on it, do you know the series presenter has recently talked about her potential future projects? So, is Catfish Season 9 among them? Let’s see!

Based on the 2010 film of the same title, Catfish is a reality TV series. Nowadays, Catfishng is a common internet fraud where people deceive themselves as someone else to find love. The producer faced the same situation before creating the series. In each episode, MTV and the series producers Schulman and Joseph help people to learn more about their relationship. They investigate whether the participants in the virtual relationship are genuine or they are catfishing their partner. So will they return with Catfish Season 9 to help other people? Let’s see!

Catfish Season 9: Is It Happening?

Catfish Season 8 has just wrapped up, and fans are curious whether the show will return with another great season. But there’s a catch. The eighth season has been on air since 2020. It has recently dropped some special episodes, which wrapped up on March 7, 2023. But it remains unclear whether the eighth season has completely concluded. The showrunner has been stretching the season for indefinite episodes. Thus fans are curious to learn whether MTV will return with new episodes of season 8 or will return with the next season.

Speaking of Catfish Season 9, neither the creators nor MTV has dropped any official announcement regarding its renewal. But the show has been on air since 2012. It generally takes a few months to return with another season. Further, the popularity of the reality show continues to grow, hinting the creator will soon return with the following season. Considering the timeline, we expect the series creator will soon drop the official announcement about Catfish Season 9.

Catfish Season 9

Catfish Season 9: Cast Details!

The series showrunner, Nev Schulman, will definitely return if the show returns with another season. Besides him, Kamie Crawford will also return as the series’ co-host. Initially, the show was hosted by Nev and Max Joseph for seven seasons. But Max suddenly left the show in the middle of the run. Soon many guests appeared to co-host the show. While fans doubted Joseph and Nev’s equation for his exit, Joseph revealed that he struggled to manage both his projects. He was also working as a filmmaker on another project. So he decided to continue filmmaking and quit hosting.

Catfish Season 9

Catfish Season 9: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming season will focus on many participants who want to get help to showcase their love. Our beloved host Kamie will help them to find out whether their partner is genuine or catfishing them. It will lead to a series of investigations and revelations, which will help the person to decide their next move. Meanwhile, some seek help to learn about their partner and get another chance to be with them.

Catfish Season 9

Catfish Season 9: Release Date

As of now, the creator has yet to speak about the renewal of Catfish Season 9. But we expect they will soon make an announcement. Further, the show takes six to seven months to wrap up production. Thus deeming the timeframe, we expect Catfish Season 9 to release sometime in early 2024. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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