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Finding Nemo 3: Boss Talks About Potential Sequel & Pixar Plan!

It’s been seven years, and the Finding Nemo craze still makes people insane. The first two movies of the Nemo universe turned out to be a huge box office success, leaving fans to wonder about the possibility of Finding Nemo 3. Will Pixar return with the third movie? Could the third film appear profit-proven to the Nemo universe? Well, plenty of questions are running back of its fans’ heads, and now they are looking for the answers. But what if we tell you that its director-writer has already opened up about the future of expanding the Nemo universe? Indeed! You read it right. Now let’s head straight to see what the creator has to offer.

Disney media franchise and CGI animated film series Finding Nemo, which debuted in 2003, turned out to be a massive successful Pixar project. The film focuses on the story of a clownfish named Nemo who gets trapped in a giant fish net and later ends up in a dentist’s office aquarium. He tries to get out of the place, unaware of the fact that his over-protective father, Marlin, has already begun his search operation with amnesiac regal tang Dory. Soon Pixar came up with another movie named Finding Dory that revolved around Dory’s journey to find her long-lost parents. Now, will Pixar return with Finding Nemo 3? Keep reading!

Finding Nemo 3: Is It Happening?

Do you know the 2003 film globally earned $936 million during its run in the same year? It later became the highest-grossing Pixar film until 2010. Despite this, Pixar took 13 years to return with its sequel. However, Finding Dory, the second movie of the franchise debut, raised the bar as its weakened opening earned $186 million worldwide. Soon after its success, everyone questioned whether Pixar would return with Finding Nemo 3. Well, it’s been over seven years, and the animation studio has yet to open up about the possible third movie of this franchise. But the director/writer Andrew Stanton discussed the possibility of a third movie.

Finding Nemo 3

Andrew Stanton Opened Up About Pixar Plans

Following the release of Finding Dory, Stanton said that Pixar had no original plans to renew Nemo for the sequel after its fantastic opening weekend in 2003. He revealed that Pixar didn’t follow the commercial success model- if they get a hit, they’ll do another one. The sequels depend on the story and whether they feel expanding the franchise is better. Stanton explained this with an example that although Toy Story 3 was a success, it taught his group that they should be treading carefully. He added they shouldn’t approach any movie for commercial reasons. A kernel of an idea should inspire it. That was why the Nemo universe took a decade to return with Finding Dory.

Finding Nemo 3

Will They Return Soon With Finding Nemo 3?

Finding Dory’s marvelous performance did raise fans’ expectations. The success of Finding Dory demanded a different response: Would the team return with the Finding Nemo 3 narrative sooner or later? Or will the project be shelved for another decade? However, Stanton revealed that he wanted to expand the universe as there are plenty of potential characters whose backstories they want to explore. Finding Dory opened the world full of mysteries and how things would move now. 

There are plenty of questions which are remained to be answered. Stanton also said all these extended journeys and stories were part of the canon. He believed it was inevitable as it was meant to be explored. Stanton also talked about him returning to work and spending more time learning about all these characters and how it will help them grow and expand the universe. So indeed, there’s a chance that Finding Nemo 3 will soon return. But as of now, Stanton has yet to reveal whether they are working on the next sequel of Nemo. So fans have to wait until Pixar makes the official announcement.

Finding Nemo 3

This is all for now. We will update you as soon as we learn the official announcement of Finding Nemo 3. But fans can stay relaxed as the filmmaker is already looking forward to returning with the third movie. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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