May 25, 2024

The Killing Vote Episode 10: Gaetal Gets One Step Ahead, Another Murder! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

The Killing Vote Episode 10

Following Seok-joo’s escape, the situation gets intense in The Killing Vote. Mu-chan and his investigation team must find a way to deal with the murder mayhem. Otherwise, the case will get out of their hands. However, The Killing Vote Episode 10 hints that the police force will face another setback that will doubt their caliber. Are they good enough to fight against Seok-joo? Indeed! The audience will get all the answers in the upcoming episode. The Killing Vote will become more intense and dramatic as it explores the deeper roots of the criminal mind. Now, seeing how Mu-chan and his team deal with it will be interesting. Keep reading!


The Killing Vote Episode 10: What Will Happen When System Gets Hacked? 

Hyun’s team is trying their hands to get into Gaetal’s business. While Jo-dan and Hyun try to hack the Gaetal’s server, they learn that Seok-joo is one step ahead. Soon, in The Killing Vote Episode 10, the investigation team learns the jolting news. Their server gets hacked, and now everyone’s entire details are accessible to Seok-joo. After learning this, Mu-chan goes undercover to extract more evidence against Seok-joo. Meanwhile, the latter proposes an offer to Do-hee for her new episode.

The Killing Vote Episode 10
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He asks her to let him host the show with her, where he drops that new voting will take place a week later. However, it remains unclear who’s the next victim. As for the investigation team, they pull up their socks to find the mole. Mu-chan focuses on the grandmother, while Hyun works solely to get her hand on Ji-hoon in The Killing Vote Episode 10. But it won’t be that easy. As for Seok-joo, he enjoys a lavish meal with some influencers, hinting that some high-profile people are also involved in Gaetal’s business. But who will be they?

A Quick Recap!

Previously on The Killing Vote Episode 9, Do-hee told her audience that they decided to open a message board to the public to discuss the injustice incidents on the show. At the police station, Jung Jin-wook heard a song that hypnotized him. After that, he left the station and held a man at gunpoint. The fight later led them to the terrace, where his frustrated senior shot him. On the other hand, Hyun confronted Seok-joo and asked about the missing letter from Number One Fan. While she was doing that, Mu-chan called her and revealed that Seok-joo was Gaetal. It startled her. While she was recovering from this big revelation, a water truck broke the prison wall, and Seok-joo escaped.

Hyun and Mu-chan chased the water truck, but when they got close to the vehicle, they saw Seok-joo escaping on a bike. Soon, the episode featured a flashback of Seok-joo revealing the first letter from Number One Fan. It also explored Ji-hoon’s connection with Seok-joo. Back to the present, the investigation team found themselves in hot water. While the seniors believed they should continue the search operation in private, Mu-chan thought they could find him faster if they made a public announcement. On the other hand, everyone doubted Jin-wook’s intention, while Mu-chan revealed that he trusted his team members.

The Killing Vote Episode 10
tvN, Amazon Prime Video

Just then, Jin-soo informed someone on call that the professor’s picnic was over. As the episode progressed, some of Hyun’s team members went undercover and discovered about the app. It was a weather app that was collecting everyone’s information. The team asked the public to delete it. Despite that, another murder occurred, and Hyun realized it had become fun for everyone. And that was why they hadn’t deleted that app.

The Killing Vote Episode 10: Release Date

The next episode will make things more dramatic when the investigation team starts losing to Seok-joo. Will they ever take him down? You will learn it in The Killing Vote Episode 10, which will air on October 26, 2023, at 9 p.m. KST. It consists of 12 episodes, so only two more are left to uncover this murder mayhem. The 70-minute-long episode airs every Thursday night on SBS TV. However, the global audience can enjoy the K-drama on Amazon Prime Video in selected regions. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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