May 29, 2024
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Single Parents Season 3: Show Returning In 2023? Who Will Be Coming Back?

Single Parents Season 3

‘Single Parents is such a series that has a limited audience.’ Well, this is not actually true. Often mistaken as a parental guide, this drama is actually very different. Focused primarily on several single parents, the series has a funny take on parenting. Be it the father’s or mother’s take on parenting, the story stands extraordinary. Moreover, it was in 2019 when the second installment premiered. Since then, we haven’t heard anything concerning Single Parents season 3. Following the finale episode, fans have been missing the cast and on-screen chemistry of the characters. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of Single Parents season 3.


However, Single Parents received positive reviews from critics. Besides the ratings, fans were much obsessed with the central character, Will, who was so dedicated to raising his daughter. The viewers also enjoyed watching the entire show. Before moving on to the release date, here’s what you should know about the show.

What Might Happen In Single Parents Season 3?

Single Parents Season 3
Single Parents Season 3, ABC

Both seasons of Single Parents focused primarily on Will and his daughter. He is a divorcee and hence, is raising his daughter alone. Moreover, Will was so into parenting that he sacrificed all his wishes and other happiness. Soon he came across a group of single parents that opened up new thinking capabilities for him. To take care of all the things, the other single parents make him realize other aspects of his life. The entire group observed how Will thought of nothing and identified himself only as a father.

If the creators plan to continue in the future, the events related to Will’s life will take new turns. In addition to this, the viewers may find more characteristics of parenthood. Also, the fans might receive an official synopsis for the same.

Who Would Return In Single Parents Season 3?

When the drama’s second season was restored, the entire main cast was returned to the screens. In the same way, fans also expect the characters to return in Single Parents season 3. If everything goes as expected, Taran Killam might appear as Will Cooper. Since he is the central character, the story cannot move further in his absence. In addition to him, Brad Garrett, Jake Choi, and Leighton Meester might reprise their roles of Douglas Fogerty, Miggy Park, and Angie D’Amato, respectively. Further, the other pivotal characters might be back as well. Nevertheless, Single Parents season 3 has little chance for the new faces to join in.

Is Single Parents Season 3 Canceled?

Single Parents Season 3
Single Parents Season 3, ABC

Both seasons of Single Parents were pretty long, as they comprised 22 and 23 episodes, accordingly. The first season was released on September 26, 2018, while the other installment premiered on September 25, 2019. The creators didn’t take much time to restore the second season’s drama. But this time, it has been more than three years, and fans didn’t receive Single Parents season 3. Here’s why so?

In May 2020, the creators officially canceled the future seasons. However, the exact reason behind the abrupt cancellation was not stated. Hence, Single Parents season 3 is not happening.

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