Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5: Finale Hints At A Sequel Film! Renewed Already?

Canadian mysterious period drama created a buzz around the world after its debut. The incredible storyline managed to hook the audience through its entire run. It also gained positive acclaim from the critics and the audience. However, the finale left everyone devasted as it revisited the mystery from the past, leaving fans to wonder how things will unfold now. But will Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5 will return? Well, it’s been two years, and there’s no word about the fifth season. Now let’s see what the network has planned for its audience.

Created by Michelle Ricci and Carol Hay, Frankie Drake Mysteries is a Canadian drama focusing on a female private detective service. The series is set in the 20s when Frankie is the first female private detective. Her crime-solving partner, Trudy Clarke, who ran a female detective service, supports her. The pair are often assisted by a morality officer in Toronoto’s police force Mary Shaw and a morgue attendant Flo Chakowitz.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5: Is It Renewed Yet?

Since the fans last saw the fourth season of Frankie Drake Mysteries in 2021, they have been clamoring to know more. The finale left everyone devastated, as plenty of stories remained unexplored. However, it’s been two years, yet the network hasn’t returned with the fifth season. Soon after its debut, the series generally gained positive reviews from critics. It also gained 6.8/10 on IMDb and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Apart from this, the show also received Canadian Screen Award nominations for Best Darma and Best Actress in supporting roles. Despite this, the network decided not to visit the show for the future run. In February 2021, CBC announced the show wouldn’t return for the fifth run.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5

Is It Happening?

Well, the finale left several loopholes suggesting more to come in Frankie Drake Mysteries. However, the network’s decision left the viewers in shock. Everyone wants to know how Frankie and her fellow mates deal with the impending threat. But it remains unclear when the fans will learn about the mystery behind the gunshot. However, the closing moment did hint at a follow-up movie, suggesting that CBC and Ovation TV will soon explore Trudy’s story arc. But the network still needs to confirm the follow-up movie.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5: What Could Have Happened?

Fans last saw Frankie losing her calm after witnessing her dad’s death. While she tried to find comfort in Sebastian’s arms, she heard a gunshot. However, the fourth season never explored who was the victim of the ominous gunshot. Many speculated that the person could be Trudy. She might have fallen victim to the shady insurance business she joined, or she would be helping the fake doctor lady. Whatever the reason, fans believe that Trudy is in danger and Frankie should go and find her. Further, the fourth season didn’t show the end of the Brothers of the Crooked Dagger. So there’s a slim chance that Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5 may explore Frankie’s attempt to stop this ring.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5

A Quick Recap!

In the finale, Frankie’s younger half-brother, Jack, discovered their dad Ned Drake was alive, as they saw his photo in a newspaper. Confused by the news, she reached out to one of the witnesses. As per the police report, the man saw Ned get murdered. But he later admitted that he lied to the cops because Ned paid him for this. Heartbroken, Frankie then visited Desmond, Ned’s old friend, and informed him that her father was alive. However, she appeared suspicious of Desmond’s behavior and later discovered that Ned and Desmond had a connection with a shady and thieving secret society, Brothers Of The Crooked Dagger.

While trying to stop Desmond from killing her father, she meets with Ned, who tells her about his motive. He shared that he was determined to steal a very valuable telescope from the ring that Sir Francis Drake owned. But for this, he needed Frankie and Jack. The siblings embarked on the journey. But Jack got arrested amid the mission. Meanwhile, Ned and Nora rekindled their spark. Soon Frankie, Ned, and Nora figured out how to lead them to the lair. However, Jack betrayed them. Sadly, it led to Ned’s death.

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5: Release Date

As mentioned above, the network has officially canceled Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 5. So there’s no way that the series will return with the next season. However, considering the unexplored plotlines, there is a slim chance that suggests sometime in the future, the show will return either with the next installment or a follow-up movie. Currently, there’s no word about the next installment. But we will update this section as soon as we learn an official announcement. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247 to know more.

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