Michael B. Jordan Siblings

Michael B. Jordan Siblings: Says “Super Proud” Of His Siblings! Are They Really Close?

There’s no denying that Michael B. Jordan is a well-known Hollywood personality. While he made his acting career in 1999 with The Sopranos and Cosby, Jordan received a breakthrough for his brilliant performance in Black Panther, Creed, and Fruitvale Station. No doubt, these movies have changed his life. While the actor is known for his versatile acting and modeling career, Michael B. Jordan has spoken about his family several times. This is why his fans are curious to learn about Michael B. Jordan siblings. How many brothers and sisters did Michael B. Jordan have? And what does his relationship look like with his siblings?

Well, there are several questions that keep hitting fans’ minds. But do you know how they become curious about Michael B. Jordan siblings? It all started when Jordan made his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There, he opened up about his lifelong dream to buy a house for his family. That Michael B. Jordan finally did in 2016 as he purchased a house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. He even stayed for two years with them. But he surprisingly revealed his relationship with his siblings on that show. So, let’s see what their relationship looks like.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings: How Many Siblings Did He Have?

The actor’s fans are undoubtedly curious to know about Michael B. Jordan siblings. This is because there are various theories that suggest the actor has several estranged siblings. While it’s particularly not true, the rumors took shape after some people got confused between Michael B. Jordan and Michael Jordan (the legendary NBA player). As far as the speculation is concerned, Michael Bakari Jordan was born to Michael A. Jordan and Donna Jordan on February 9, 1987. And he has no connection with the legendary MJ.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings
Michael B. Jordan

However, the actor also had a passion for basketball. In fact, he played basketball in his high school years in Newark Arts High School. While his parents weren’t a part of the entertainment industry, Michael’s mother encouraged him to start modeling. He worked as a child model for several brands, including Toys “R” Us and Modell’s Sporting Goods. But later, he shifted his focus to acting. Do you know it not only opened the door for the actor but also paved the way for Michael B. Jordan siblings? How? Let’s find it!

Jamila Jordan-Theus

Jamila is the oldest child of Michael A. and Donna. While little is known about the oldest of Michael B. Jordan siblings, her LinkedIn profile suggests she’s also in the entertainment industry. Despite not having roots in Hollywood, Jamila carved her way out. She’s known as a multi-talented film producer, creative director, and actress. She has served as the Head of Motion Picture at Genius Entertainment. Not only this, but Michael’s sister has also worked in several big companies. She was a Creative Executive at SpringHill Entertainment, a Story Producer at Boardwalk Pictures, and Director of Development at Sirens Media.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings
Michael B. Jordan’s Family

Besides this, Jamila Jordan has also worked as a Development Consultant at Endemol Shine Group. Do you know she has won an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Producer category? Thus, there’s no denying that Michael B. Jordan siblings are as talented as he is. Speaking of Jamila Jordan’s education, she graduated with a Bachelor Of Arts in broadcasting from Temple University in 2006. Her education undoubtedly worked as a stepping stone for her in the Hollywood industry. Her expertise has also helped her co-found Outlier Society Productions, a production firm with a huge name in Hollywood.

Khalid Jordan

Khalid Jordan, the youngest of Michael B. Jordan siblings, was born on October 9, 1992. Not only is he the youngest sibling of the famous personality, but he is also known for his athletic status. While Michael was passionate about basketball and dreamt of becoming a basketball player, Khalid was into football. In fact, Khalid was a college-level athlete and wrote down a history after becoming the first art student of his high school to receive a full athletic scholarship at Howard University. The scholarship helped in shaping his future.

Khalid later played football for the Malcolm X. Shabazz High School. But later, the youngest of Michael B. Jordan siblings decided to follow his brother’s step. After graduation, he landed as an intern at BET and Sesame Workshop. He had also done internships with other Viacom-owned companies. All his experiences helped him shape for the better. As per the source, Khalid is now a part of the entertainment industry. He worked as a director at the Macro Television Studios. Well, it is a global brand, and as per Variety, Khalid and Ahmadou Seck were brought on board to shape the studio.

Michael B. Jordan Siblings
Michael B. Jordan with Khalid Jordan

With their help, the studio expanded its domain. It focused on developing the scripted space and orchestrated the launch of reality and unscripted programs and podcasts. Khalid previously worked as a creative development executive at Warner Horizon. Later, the youngest of Michael B. Jordan siblings worked at Mass Appeal as a manager. As per the source, he had also worked for companies like Endeavor.

Michael B. Jordan Said He’s Proud Of His Sister

Although Michael B. Jordan Siblings remain on the back side of the camera, their journey is as impressive as his. Last year, his sister Jamila Jordan’s movie Fantasy Football was released. Although it received a mixed response from the audience, Michael said he was proud of his sister. During the movie screening, the actor told ET Online he was excited to see how the movie performed on Paramount Plus. It was Jamila’s Hollywood debut as a producer.

While the storyline and cast’s performance touched many, some believed it followed a messy approach. Despite everything, Michael B. Jordan said he was proud of her and encouraged her to return with such a powerful performance. Meanwhile, the other cast members also shared their experiences while filming the movie. Marsai Martin, who played Callie, said she always wanted to be a part of a father-daughter film, and luckily she got that chance. Omari Hardwick also talked about the beauty of the movie.

How Is Michael B. Jordan’s Relationship With His Family?

Michael B. Jordan Siblings
Michael B. Jordan’s Family

Although the family shares fewer pictures on social media, it doesn’t mean they aren’t that close. In fact, Jordans are super close to each other. They are like a close-knit group where Michael loves to share his time with his family. They even go on vacation together. Michael even loves to spend his time with his younger sibling, Khalid. They are pretty close, and they used to enjoy discussing their athletic approach. Hence, it’s pretty clear that he and Michael B. Jordan Siblings frequently meet and are proud of everyone’s success.

This is all about Michael B. Jordan Siblings. While the actor is famous for his acting career and dating life, his siblings share less limelight. Despite that, they are famous and love to hang out often. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247 for more exciting news.


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