June 15, 2024

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl: The Heinous Murder Case That Shook The Society! Where Is Daniel Now?

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl: Games are always fun to play, but with the arrival of online games, things have changed much. While it can be a source of pleasure for some, it could also prove to be life-threatening for others. Gabriel Kuhl belongs to the latter category. The little boy suffered a gruesome death after his fellow gaming partner murdered him brutally. Well, people commonly call it a Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case! Although it has already been a long time since the incident happened, there are still unanswered questions. The murder case chills down the spines of millions even today, but people also repent of the negligence that persisted for years. Well, the world is still curious about the whereabouts of Kuhl’s killer. What happened to him? Where is he now? Such queries are still to get a concrete answer. Let us have a closer look!


Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: From Where Do They Belong?

Gabriel Kuhn reportedly lived in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and developed a fascination for video games at a young age. His educational background or family details have never been unveiled. But the way he was brutally murdered by one of his close friends, Daniel Petry, would still give you scary goosebumps. Shockingly, Gabriel was only 12 when Petry killed him. On the other hand, the latter lived in his neighborhood, and the two became friends over an online game, Tibia. Petry was born in 1991 and was always an aggressive kid who indulged in a couple of violent acts. According to the reports, his short-tempered nature and rebellious behavior also led him to get psychiatric therapies.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl
Gabriel Kuhl

Not only this, but there were also times when Daniel used to run away from school. Nevertheless, the common interest of Gabriel and Daniel in the online game made them friends. You will be shocked to know that Petry was only sixteen when he killed his gaming partner. It is since then, the fatal consequences of online games have begun raising the temperature of the world. Well, it has been more than a decade since Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case took place. Yet, it feels so gruesome and unbelievable even today!

What Actually Is The Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case?

Before diving into the exact details, let us warn you of the heinous criminal act committed by Daniel Petry. In 2007, the two teenagers enjoyed playing Tibia with each other and became a part of the gaming community. Now, since Daniel and Gabriel lived in the same neighborhood, their friendship took no time to grow. However, one day, the 12-year-old’s body was found covered in blood with multiple cut marks on it. The reason behind this most talked about murder case was actually 20,000 Tibia‘s currency, which roughly amounts to $1.75. It was a kind of digital currency used in the online game to buy some royalties and other requirements.

Kuhl borrowed the currency from Petry but denied returning it. The former was reluctant to talk to the 16-year-old and hence got disconnected from every electronic link. This was the reason why Daniel was frustrated, and his anger touched the sky. Since he already had an aggressive nature and behavior, Daniel could not handle the denial. He went to Gabriel’s house and entered his room. However, before doing so, Petry called his mother at 9:30 AM on the day of the crime to know the exact timing of her arrival. Further, after entering Kuhl’s room, Daniel locked the door and attacked him. After beating the younger teenager for a while, he started abusing him sexually. In fact, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case reports say that Gabriel Kuhl was actually raped, and he could not do anything but suffer.

Daniel Sliced The Victim’s Body!

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl
Gabriel Kuhl

Later on, the 16-year-old decided to kill Gabriel, and so he brought up some electrical cords. He forcibly wrapped them around Kuhl’s neck and strangled him until the boy was unable to breathe and became motionless. However, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case did not stop there. The former wanted to hide the body, and hence, he found a small space where he could place it. And what Daniel did next is completely horrific! He located a saw and began slicing the dead body to reduce its size so that Daniel could place it in the small crawl space. But as he was doing so, Gabriel woke up and screamed loudly!

However, the scream did not act as a panic factor for the killer. In fact, Daniel was oddly satisfied with such sounds, and this fascinated him to continue cutting Gabriel’s body into slices. Well, even after doing so, the dead body was unable to be stuffed in the space. So the 16-year-old decided to leave the body as it was, but he made sure to make Tibia symbols in it. Quickly after killing Gabriel, Petry fled the scene. After some time, the victim’s brother returned home and found Kuhl’s body lying on the floor. He gathered neighbors for help, and then the police arrived at the crime scene, thereby sealing the entire area.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl Case: Was The Killer Taken Into Arrest?

Soon after, the cop discovered the entire online argument between the teenagers regarding the Tibia currencies. Daniel Petry was eventually taken into arrest. However, unlike other criminals, he confessed to having murdered Gabriel. Not only this, but he also gave details about every single act without any guilt. Lastly, winding up his words, the murderer accused the victim of being a crook who tricked and cheated him. Later on, Kuhl’s autopsy report confirmed that the 16-year-old sexually violated him. So, the police officers asked Daniel if he pursued a homosexual orientation, to which he reacted very aggressively. The boy denied being so and did not talk about this fact much.

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl
Daniel Petry

After the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case grew popular in the world, everyone demanded justice. In fact, the story was a matter of national attention in Brazil, and the public wanted a just decision from the judiciary. But unfortunately, Daniel Petry did not suffer much, even after committing a heinous crime. The 16-year-old was charged as a minor, and as a punishment, the court announced him to spend three years in a juvenile correctional facility. According to the media report, Petry was released from the juvenile camp in 2010 after serving three years of jail sentence.

Where Is Daniel Petry Now?

It is since his childhood that Daniel Petry has developed violent tendencies. In fact, his parents have taken him far away for psychiatric tests, but the teenager always discontinued his treatment. In fact, Kuhl’s murderer did not like going to doctors and even developed immense hatred for them. The 16-year-old also stopped going to school but found his comfort in playing Tibia. Daniel even interacted with other fellow online players, thereby establishing a distant friendship with them. Hence, the Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case never brought any changes in him.

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Talking about his current whereabouts, Daniel Petry has disappeared after completing his juvenile detention in 2010. He has stopped coming out before the common people, thereby hiding his current identity and location. This is the reason why there are several speculative theories about his existence. Many people believe that Daniel might be living quietly in Brazil by adopting a new identity and career path (because of the Reddit post). Besides this, a certain population claims that the guilt of killing Gabriel would have made him take his own life. In addition to this, a few netizens suggest that the criminal could have fled the country and might be living in another place. Now, what’s the truth? Well, the disappearance is still a mystery and an unsolved puzzle that does not seem to receive an answer soon!

Well, this is all about Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl case. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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