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Matthew Perry Net Worth: Who Will Inherit The FRIENDS Star’s Will And Estate That He Left Behind?



Matthew Perry Net Worth: Friends is one of the go-to shows for tonnes of people. It was not only an American sitcom but also a worldwide sensation. This is why when Matthew Perry died, the ground beneath us slid away drastically. Chandler Bing has gone forever, and his legacy cannot be replaced ever. In fact, he was one of the most favorite characters among the Friends fans whose humor was something else. Not only this, but Matthew was also best known for portraying Chandler on the hit sitcom. However, following his death, fans are wondering about his assets and will.

As a result of this, the Internet is currently witnessing discussions on Matthew Perry Net Worth. Many people believe that his iconic role on ‘Friends’ has generated a huge portion of his wealth. Apart from his television career, the actor has also starred in numerous films. Here’s everything that you should know!

Matthew Perry Net Worth: How much did he earn from friends?

Chandler Bing was sarcastic and was known for cracking wise jokes. In fact, his comedies on the show had a different fanbase that is still liked by millions. Furthermore, he is said to have invented a new kind of comedy. Therefore, given these facts, it is quite obvious that Matthew Perry’s Chandler character is unbeatable in every aspect. Nevertheless, when discussing Matthew Perry Net Worth, we cannot miss his major source of income, which was from Friends. The 54-year-old spent almost two decades doing the sitcom alongside other prominent actors, including Jennifer Aniston. Therefore, reports suggest that a significant portion of the star’s wealth came from his iconic character.

Matthew Perry Net Worth
Matthew Perry

According to industry insiders, Matthew Perry received $20 million a year in the form of Friends residuals. However, this particular figure has not been confirmed by any of the officials. In fact, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. has also declined to verify facts related to the residual payments. Besides this, none of the representatives of Matthew Perry has commented on it. However, for those who are unknown, the residual wealth is set to be the personal property of the concerned actor after he or she dies. Well, as of now, the residual cash flow stream is most probably owned by his estate.

Per Episode Salary!

Talking more about the same, there’s a huge question regarding the inheritance of the residual wealth related to Friends. Coming to its possibilities, we have three options in hand. Going by the laws in California, there are certain contracts that have a list of beneficiaries for such payments. So, it is quite possible that Matthew Perry might have highlighted a name that can make use of the wealth. Nevertheless, coming to the per-episode salary, the cast of Friends was paid $22,500 in season 1. Now, as the show continued, the figures grew, and they even earned $18 million. On top of that, there were reports that suggested that each cast member reportedly made $2.5 million from the Friends Reunion Special. Isn’t it impressive?

Matthew Perry Net Worth
Rachel and Chandler

Matthew Perry Net Worth: Did He Own Luxurious Real Estate Properties?

Well, apart from having a successful TV career, Matthew Perry net worth was also dependent upon the actor’s real estate investments. He is speculated to have earned millions with the smart use of his business idea of flipping houses. In 2015, the Friends star sold his Malibu estate at $10.65 million and bought another property simultaneously for $11 million. Reportedly, he listed the latter property for sale in August 2020 and wanted to sell at a price of $15 million. But unfortunately, Matthew Perry failed to do so, and it remained unsold for a couple of months. But the actor finally made the selling deal in January 2021 for the same at $13.1 million.

Furthermore, there are certain more property investments that Matthew Perry did when alive. As per the reports, the 54-year-old bought a penthouse apartment in California and paid $20 million for it. However, the same property was sold with a profit of $1.6 million. But Perry wanted to settle it for $35 million but could not find a buyer. So, looking at these facts, it is obvious that Matthew Perry Net Worth had much to do with his real estate investments and other properties. However, if the 17 Again actor owned more properties than the mentioned ones, it is not known in the media.

Matthew Perry Net Worth: The Actor Spend Millions To Get Sober!

As per the details listed in Matthew Perry’s memoir, the actor has opened up about his substance abuse. He explained that it started when he was 14, and drinking began his habit. In fact, the memoir states that the actor’s decision not to try heroin is the only reason that Matthew is alive. There was a time when he faked back injury and migraine headaches. Furthermore, in his memoir, Perry apparently said that he almost died a few years ago when he was forty-nine. He has suffered from a gastrointestinal perforation and was even in a coma for two weeks. Additionally, he had to spend five months in the hospital and used a colostomy bag for nine months.

Matthew Perry Net Worth
Matthew Perry

Now, talking more particularly about his drug addiction, Matthew Perry’s alcohol addiction just started when he joined Friends. But as years passed by, the circumstances became worse, and he was in a lot of trouble. In fact, his drinking habit grew to such an extent that he tried hiding his condition from his fellow cast members on Friends. However, the dramatic changes in his life already reflected the sobriety development in Matthew’s behavior. Well, Matthew Perry went candid about his rehabilitation and talked about it in his memoir. The American actor confessed to going to rehab about 15 times. It was so frequent for him that he was already aware of the tools that could help him to get sober.

Many Surgeries On His Stomach!

However, the 54-year-old never wanted to disclose how long he was sober. Shockingly, Perry had undergone 14 major surgeries on his stomach. Therefore, the actor once said that the surgery marks were enough to remind him to stay sober and avoid drinking. In addition to this, Perry also confessed to something unbelievable in his memoir. The former Friends actor had spent almost $9 million to achieve a state of sobriety. Hence, the figures apparently indicate that a prominent portion of Matthew Perry Net Worth had been spent on the rehab aspect.

Matthew Perry Net Worth: Who Will Inherit His Will?

Matthew Perry Net Worth

As per the different media sources, Matthew Perry Net Worth stands lavishly at $120 million. Although the figures are not so accurate, we cannot deny the fact that the actor has accumulated a lot of wealth. But while people have been nosy about Matthew Perry Net Worth, there’s a major question: Who will inherit his estate and will? Given the fact that the Friends star did not marry someone, he had no spouse. Besides this, the actor had no children as well. So, the inheritance of his earnings and will is pretty unclear. However, as per the law, if an individual has no spouse or children, the concerned estate might be given to one’s parents. Now, since the situation is pretty similar in the case of the 17 Again actor, Matthew Perry Net Worth is likely to be given to his biological parents.

So, if it happens, all of his estate and wealth will be provided to Suzanne Marie Morrison and John Bennett Perry. According to the official details, Matthew‘s mom, Suzanne, is a Canadian journalist who also worked as a press secretary for Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau. She was also a host and a news anchor in Toronto. On the other hand, Perry’s biological father, John Perry, is an actor and even a model. Well, he is known to have appeared in a couple of movies, including Little House on the Prairie, George of the Jungle, and Murder, She Wrote. Nevertheless, Suzanne and John got separated when Matthew Perry was only a year old.

Matthew Perry’s Death Conspiracy

We cannot ignore the fact that Matthew Perry gained immense sitcom superstardom as Chandler Bing. So, after his unexpected death in November 2023, he shook the entire world. In fact, the loyal Friends fandom suffered a huge and irreplaceable loss. Well, as far as Matthew Perry cause of death is concerned, he was found unresponsive and unconscious after an apparent drowning. Furthermore, law enforcement sources have confirmed that no drugs were found at the scene, and there were no signs of foul play.

Matthew Perry Net Worth
Matthew Perry

However, as of now, an autopsy report is pending and is yet to be released officially. In addition to this, a few medical examiners claim that Matthew Perry’s death needs additional investigation before reaching an ultimate conclusion. Even though the autopsy has been performed, examiners are awaiting the results of toxicology reports for a confirmed cause of death. Moreover, Perry was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the cemetery is situated exactly the opposite of the Warner Bros. Studios. Not only this, but the late Friends star was also buried alongside Carrie Fisher and Paul Walker. However, the funeral ceremony was kept private, and only close ones marked their attendance. In fact, Perry’s co-stars from Friends were also spotted at his funeral.

Well, on the other hand, social media is flooded with many theories about Matthew Perry’s recent “Mattman” posts before his death. Well, we will keep updating you about the same as soon as any information drops in. So, this is all about Matthew Perry Net Worth. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!


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