May 29, 2024

Fat Joe Weight Loss: How Did The Rapper Lose 200 Pounds After Battling Depression?

Fat Joe Weight Loss

Fat Joe Weight Loss: The world surrounding Fat Joe is finally appreciating him for his looks. All thanks to his slimmer appearance, the rapper is embracing a healthy lifestyle. The NYC native began his career in the industry by becoming a member of a vocal group. Later, the young artist embarked on his solo journey, and see him now! Ever since Joe debuted with his album Represent, the hip-hop industry saw something splendid. Well, apart from a successful rapping career, the 53-year-old has also appeared in a couple of films. But what has been more discussed than his work is his appearance. The pop culture artist was never slim, and there was a time when he weighed around 470 lbs. But now things have changed drastically. This is the reason why Fat Joe Weight Loss concerns are doing rounds on the internet. Let us have a closer look at his transformation journey.


Fat Joe Weight Loss: When Did He Decide To Lose Extra Pounds?

Fat Joe Weight Loss
Fat Joe

There are many artists in the music industry who intend to break the societal ideal measurements. But in the case of Fat Joe Weight Loss journey, things were pretty different. The rapper wanted to put down his weight and stand at a healthy number. Explaining the same in an interview, Joe opened up about his depression and getting pushed down into the darker world. It happened after the celeb’s close friend and fellow rapper Big Pun passed away in 2000. That was the time when Fat Joe relied on alcohol to deal with the loss. As a result of this, the 53-year-old started gaining excess flab and became obese.

In another explanation, the rapper elaborated that when one has to fight his mind, there comes no place where he can fly. Further, Fat Joe admitted that his brain did not allow him to get happy, thereby making the depression phase worse. But a few days after Pun’s death, Fat Joe decided to change his lifestyle. The rapper attended the former’s funeral and saw his little daughter there. It was at that moment that the What’s Luv hitmaker got motivated to invest himself in the weight loss process. Hence, he began paying attention to his body and its system, thereby slimming himself. So, this is how Fat Joe Weight Loss journey came into existence.

Fat Joe Weight Loss: How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Fat Joe Weight Loss
Fat Joe

Before getting into the details of Fat Joe Weight Loss journey, let us have a look at his previous appearances. During the early 2000s, the rapper suffered from a high level of depression. Due to excessive drinking and no control over his lifestyle, he started gaining extra pounds consistently. Shockingly, Joe once weighed 470 lbs., which was his heaviest! Ever since he embarked on the weight loss journey, the artist has done everything possible. From running on treadmills to making significant changes to his diet, there are many factors that have contributed positively to Fat Joe Weight Loss.

While discussing his drastic transformation, the American rapper said that he keeps checking his blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly. Besides this, the 53-year-old also keeps an eye on his blood sugar level to ensure it falls in the normal range. Furthermore, the Lean Back singer opened up about getting older and that his metabolism has also started declining. So, this is the reason why Fat Joe keeps trying new ways to maintain proper body weight and take control of it. It is his consistent efforts that fans are so surprised by his dramatic weight loss. Also, Fat Joe did not undergo any surgery or consume Ozempic for more attractive results. And this fact has made Fat Joe Weight Loss even more impressive. Isn’t it?

Fat Joe Weight Loss: What Exercises Did He Do To Cut Down His Jeans Size?

Apart from letting go of his unhealthy habits, Fat Joe lost his excess flab by indulging in vigorous exercises. Among all the workouts, he prefers doing cardio and likes lifting weights. As per the official records, the rapper spent hours lifting weights. In fact, Joe started his day by exercising for 10 minutes and then switched to cardio. After a few minutes, he did strength training to make his bones stronger. Well, according to the experts, such exercises have major health benefits. Cardiovascular exercises are helpful in lowering blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Fat Joe Weight Loss
Fat Joe

On the other hand, the NYC native started taking fresh vegetables and fruits in his diet. In fact, Fat Joe is also dependent upon whole grain and lean meats. In addition to this, the rapper avoided consuming packaged foods and high-carb foods like pasta and pizza. So, given these facts, it is quite clear that Fat Joe Weight Loss journey has been natural and consistent over the years. In 2011, Fat revealed that he had lost about 100 pounds and still has a long way to go. Recently, he opened up more about his journey and explained how he now fits into a slimmer frame than before. Interestingly, in an interview with Men’s Health, the celeb has detailed how losing 200 lbs has saved his life.

Besides this, Fat Joe has realized that a body’s mind is just like a Rubik’s cube. Not only this, but he also learned the science behind the good habits. Well, now is the time when he is quite confident about his body and even promotes body positivity. Lately, the media has witnessed him comparing his transformation to Lizzo’s form of body. Therefore, there is no second thought that Fat Joe Weight Loss journey has ultimately made him learn about body positivity and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Joe Returned As The Host For BET Hip Hop Awards!

Aired live on October 9, 2023, the BET Hip Hop Awards show has been hosted for the second consecutive year by Fat Joe. Before the official announcement of such a happening, sources conveyed that the rapper was already happy to return as the host of the prestigious show. Not only this but the officials were also overwhelmed to have him on board as the host. They believe that Fat Joe is a true hip-hop legend and he knows how to be a leader within the culture. After the formal statement, the rapper expressed his gratitude towards the show for having him back on the stage as a host.

Fat Joe Weight Loss
Fat Joe

On the other hand, since the 2023 show marks the celebration of the genre’s 50th anniversary, Fat Joe wanted to surprise the audience with a special performance of Will Smith. But the Oscar-winning actor was busy somewhere else, and hence, he was unable to mark his attendance on that evening. Even though the actor was absent from the celebration, Fat Joe was happy and proud as he did the BET Hip Hop Awards. Well, it was like a dream come true moment for him!

Fat Joe Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning From His Career?

While everyone is curious about Fat Joe Weight Loss journey, many people are also nosy about his net worth. As per the figures reported by unofficial sources, the American rapper is expected to be earning approximately $4 million. And like many other rappers, his major source of income is his career in the hip-hop industry. Since Joe has also collaborated with many artists, including DJ Khaled and Tony Sunshine, it is quite evident that he has earned himself a popular name. Well, apart from having a successful career, Fat Joe reportedly has assets worth millions. So, we can conclude that he has been living a comfortable and lavish life for a long time.

This is all about Fat Joe Weight Loss journey. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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