June 17, 2024

The Fire Hunter Season 2: Finally Gets A Release Window! Finale Hints At Next Battle!

The Fire Hunter Season 2

The Fire Hunter Season 2: There’s a common practice of adopting novel series into an anime. Following the same pattern, the industry received a new addition in the form of The Fire Hunter. Premiered in March 2023 with a 10-episode-long season 1 created much hype among the audience. Besides this, its global release on Crunchyroll gifted it a second life. Not only this, but fans were also on the moon when Touko killed the Fiend in the finale. While they were overjoyed with the anime, fans also wondered if The Fire Hunter Season 2 would come into existence. Considering the cliffhanger, there is potential for the next season. But will the anime return with a sophomore season? Will Touko return to the screens? Let us have a look at the details!


Directed by Junji Nishimura, The Fire Hunter was released on January 14, 2023. The anime series has been adapted from a novel series, releasing episodes on a weekly basis. The project was officially announced in 2020, but it took almost three years for the makers to release it officially. Talking about its official premise, The Fire Hunter is set in the future, where humanity has become fearful of fire. The protagonist of the story is Touko, who is a young girl living in a remote village. Furthermore, The Fire Hunter is also popular for its other characters that provide strong support to the entire series.

The Fire Hunter Season 2 Is Happening! What Is Its Current Status?

It has been a few months since the first season of The Fire Hunter was released. Still, fans are already missing their favorite characters on the screens. But not anymore! We have a piece of good news for all those who are eagerly waiting for an update on the sophomore installment. The anime has been renewed for the second season, and hence, The Fire Hunter Season 2 is happening for sure. It was sometime after the final episode of the first chapter that the fantasy drama was greenlit for a new batch of episodes. So, isn’t it exciting?

The Fire Hunter Season 2

Talking about its production status, there are no concrete details. However, as per the sources, the project seems to be in the post-production phase. Well, the officials are yet to drop a formal statement concerning its development. Nevertheless, The Fire Hunter Season 2 will continue to adapt the story from its source material. Besides all these facts, you will be overwhelmed to note that a new teaser trailer for the upcoming chapter has already been dropped. The short clip available on YouTube shows much action and fierce drama. In addition to it, the protagonist is back with her heroic spirit and is ready to slay by defeating the villains after an apocalypse war.

What Will Happen Next In The Fire Hunter Season 2?

Let us get a quick recap of the previous season’s finale episode to speculate on the future incidents that can happen in the coming chapter. In the tenth and final episode of The Fire Hunter Season 1, Hinako was suffering from a high fever and visited a doctor. In the meantime, Kanata suddenly acted aggressively toward the doctor, and the behavior was quite unexpected. Well, the latter wanted the doctor to shift Kanata to a different room for the treatment. Kira then entered the scene and learned that the doctor was already keeping an eye on her condition, so she confronted him. But, at the same time, Hibana did the unexpected.

She drugged Kira but was attacked by Hinako. It was completely unbelievable as she was extremely ill, but it was revealed that the girl received inhuman speed and strength. Nevertheless, she was about to kill Hibana before leaving the place. However, she did not do so; instead left her lying on the floor in an unresponsive condition. Further, Hinako was being consistently chased by Kanata, and then the scene changed. The episode featured how Touko and Akira reached the Divine Palace and also met Hibari.

The Fire Hunter Season 2

The three of them analyzed the entire situation, and then Touko and Akira decided to find Flickering Flame to avoid the rise of the Lord Of Fire Hunters. Now, in the last scenes, a battle took place between the two and Hibana. That was when Hinako saved them. On the other hand, the Capital saw the emergence of the Fiends, making the circumstances even more complex. Well, in the closing scenes, we saw that one of the Fiends attacked her, but Touko suddenly gained combat strength and killed it with Haijuu’s scythe.

What’s Next?

Well, writing down a proper storyline for The Fire Hunter Season 2 is quite difficult. Even though the makers have released an official teaser trailer, we lack an exact plot. However, it has already been confirmed that The Fire Hunter Season 2 will take up its inspiration from its source material, i.e., the novel series. Since there is an ample amount of material in hand, the markers have several options to frame the future story.

The Fire Hunter Season 2 Cast

The Fire Hunter Season 2

According to the official announcement, The Fire Hunter Season 2 will have its 16 main cast members back to their place. All of them will be reprising their respective roles for the upcoming season of the fantasy anime series. Besides this, the studio has also confirmed the entry of two new voice artists, Manaka Iwami as Yururuho/Sennen Susei and M.A.O joining as Ruri Matsuri. Furthermore, talking about the crew, Junji Nishimura has returned to the director’s seat. In addition to him, Mamoru Oshii is back for overseeing and writing the scripts for the series.

The Fire Hunter Season 2: Release Date

It is true that ever since The Fire Hunter Season 2 was announced, fans cannot resist themselves. But the makers haven’t announced an exact date related to its release. However, they have confirmed that the second installment is all set to premiere in January 2024. So, this means that our faith is finally going to be over after a few months. So, this is all about The Fire Hunter Season 2. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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