May 29, 2024

Blake Shelton Weight Gain: Is The Voice Coach Cheating On His Wife By Not Losing Weight?

Blake Shelton Weight Gain

Blake Shelton Weight Gain: There is no second thought that Blake Shelton has made himself a different yet impressive name in the country music industry. Ever since he debuted in 2001, the singer has received nine Grammy Award nominations. Well, apart from being in the singing field, Blake is also a renowned TV personality. He has been a judge on a few singing competition shows, including Clash of the Choirs. In addition to this, the 47-year-old even served as a coach on the American singing reality TV series The Voice.


Well, it is not only his professional life that has kept Blake Shelton always in the media limelight. But Shelton’s physique and body weight have also taken a toll on him. We’re saying so as Blake Shelton weight gain concerns are doing rounds on the Internet. In fact, there are a couple of theories associated with these assumptions. Let us explore!

Blake Shelton Weight Gain: Did He Really Put On Extra Weight?

It has been quite a long time since fans have been noticing the apparent change in Blake Shelton’s body weight. People have even noticed an apparent fluctuation in the last few years. Therefore, it was obvious for them to become curious about Blake Shelton weight gain concerns. In an interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, the singer appeared and talked about his body and other aspects. Although the online appearance was meant for his new music video, the 47-year-old also addressed his physical changes.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain
Blake Shelton

The Voice coach opened up about his time during the global pandemic and lockdown. He admitted to putting on some weight while quarantining with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, as they stayed in Oklahoma. In fact, Shelton felt like he gained 117 pounds and could feel that his body had become bulkier than before. However, the next moment, the Austin singer cleared the air that he did not actually gain 117 pounds during quarantine. Blake Shelton explained that he looked younger despite being fat. Furthermore, on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, the renowned TV personality confessed to trying to lose weight following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides the weight factor, Blake Shelton also opened up about how his long-time girlfriend colored his hair. In fact, the singer did not know about his hair being grown grey until he saw a picture of him when Gwen Stefani was trimming it. Well, the 47-year-old didn’t pay much attention to his hair, but after noticing the greyness, he was left surprised. However, Blake is still careless about his hair. But the singer does not oppose Gwen coloring it. Nevertheless, the couple enjoyed the entire quarantine period, and the two remained together during several ups and downs.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain: Is he trying to hide his flab with man Spanx?

Even though the singer has addressed a few aspects related to his change in body weight, Blake Shelton weight gain concerns have shown no signs of being slowed down. Well, according to the sources, The Voice coach is not interested in cutting down extra pounds. Shockingly, the TV personality is more intended to hide the belly that he developed after entering a relationship with Gwen Stefani. Furthermore, the insiders have reported that Blake is not worried about putting on excess flab. In fact, they also claim that the singer is trying to hide his gained weight by wearing male Spanx.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain
Blake Shelton

However, this piece of fact has not been officially confirmed yet. But, on the other hand, the 47-year-old reportedly has a whole collection of Spanx. Be it shorts or bodysuits, Shelton probably wears them all the time. In fact, the collection plays an important role even when the celeb gets ready to walk on the red carpet. If this piece of information turns out to be true, it will definitely prove that Blake Shelton does not want to move his body. Nevertheless, this entire aspect is quite contradictory to the singer’s statement where he admitted to losing weight.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain: Did He Lose Weight For His Wedding With Stefani?

While the netizens are consistently discussing Blake Shelton weight gain concerns, there are certain more theories that are being circulated on social media. As per the media outlets, Gwen Stefani wanted the country singer to lose weight for their wedding. However, what happened in the due course is exactly the opposite of what she expected. Well, in an interview, Blake Shelton was asked whether or not there were chances for him to lose 20 pounds. Replying to the same, the Austin hitmaker admitted that he has readjusted all the mirrors in his house. Not only this, but he also made some efforts for the wedding. But as soon as it was over, Blake walked on the opposite path.

There were instances when he stepped out looking fat and sweaty. Hence, many people wondered if the celeb put on extra pounds. As a result of this, Blake Shelton weight gain rumours again surfaced on the Internet. Many people believe that he started binge eating again and became dependent upon high-calorie foods during snack time. Therefore, even after being slim during the wedding, the country singer gave up on salads and switched to desserts and his favorite carbs. Nevertheless, as per a few online theories, Stefani even discovered snack wrappers hidden in the house. Hence, her worry about Blake’s health and appearance grew to a new height.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain
Blake Shelton

No Change!

Furthermore, there are rumors that Gwen Stefani is so frustrated with Blake Shelton weight gain that she has even given him an ultimatum to reduce excess flab. She has ordered the singer to shed extra pounds, or else she will leave him. But whether or not these details are accurate is not known at the moment. However, many of the media reports have claimed that the TV personality is not really bothered by his weight and physique. The 47-year-old has barely made any efforts so far, as much change has not been noticed so far.

Did Blake Shelton Use Any Pills?

It is common for people to doubt whether an individual, especially a celeb, is dependent upon Ozempic for losing weight. However, in the case of Blake Shelton weight gain concerns, things are pretty different. As per the insiders, the country singer took some supplements named Garcinia Cambogia. In addition to this, they also claim that this particular supplement contains hydroxy citric acid that helps in reducing weight. Besides this, it also helps in raising the levels of the brain’s chemical serotonin. But since the singer has not undergone drastic changes, such details are not likely to be true.

Blake Shelton Weight Gain
Blake Shelton

Therefore, it is quite true that Blake Shelton Weight Gain concerns are associated with many different concerns. Given this fact, we can conclude that the country singer does not pay much attention to his body. Even though Stefani has advised him many a time, the celeb has not taken control of his body weight. This is the reason why a couple of theories related to The Voice’s coach are doing rounds on the internet. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247


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