Matt Big Brother Weight Gain

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain: The First Ever Deaf Contestant Reveals Being Bulkier In His College Days!

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain: It has been a long time since Big Brother has been running on television. However, there’s no doubt that the show has provided fame to many personalities, and Matt Klotz is one of them. But he gained another level of fanbase because of being the first-ever deaf contestant on the show. Isn’t it surprising? However, despite such circumstances, Matt has managed to be on Big Brother for a significant period. But, for the last few months, the reality celeb has been on the radar for his appearance and physique. In fact, the internet is consistently discussing Matt Big Brother Weight Gain concerns. This is why one can find a couple of hypotheses related to such assumptions. People who have been following Matt for a long time might have noticed prominent changes over the years. So, did he really put on extra pounds?

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain: How Much Did He Put On And How?

Big Brother is such a reality show that has spawned various seasons. When talking about the 25th season, it was full of twists and drama. Besides this, the presence of Matt Klotz has been surprisingly exciting. This is why the loyal fanbase believes that the individual has the potential to create dramatic storylines on the show. Nevertheless, even after such a performance on Big Brother, netizens are more interested in talking about his body shape and physical appearance. Hence, as a result, there are certain theories related to Matt Big Brother Weight Gain that are doing rounds on the internet. Let us explore!

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain
Matt Klotz

While Matt has enjoyed being on the premises of Big Brother, fans are overwhelmed by his hotness, too. Meanwhile, the celeb also talked about his weight gain and went candid. While addressing ‘Matt Big Brother Weight Gain’ speculations, the personality revealed that he unintentionally put on 15 pounds. Hence, with such an increment in his weight, Matt Klotz went to 200 from 185 pounds. However, one of the media outlets claims that weight fluctuation is common when on Big Brother. Since the contestants are not allowed to do any workout sessions, it is quite possible that Matt might have gained excess flab. Also, the participants are not exposed to any vigorous physical activity, so there’s no means of burning extra fat.

No Gym Sessions

Furthermore, in another explanation, Matt also revealed that he used to be fat during his college days. The Chicagoan confessed to drinking excessively and eating fast food every time. However, since then, he has maintained good shape. But after entering the house of Big Brother, Matt has undergone noticeable changes. So, it might be pretty natural for him to have become bulkier than before, as Matt Klotz has no access to a gym or workout equipment.

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain: Is He Suffering From An Illness?

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain
Matt Klotz

It is true that social media has been flooding with Matt Big Brother Weight Gain concerns. At the same time, people are wondering whether or not he is suffering from an illness. Well, there are no reports that suggest him to be struggling with a severe medical illness. All he deals with is his deafness! However, Matt is not reported to be completely impaired. In fact, he can address the gossip and other talks by using a hearing aid. This particular fact is pretty evident as the Big Brother contestant has been seen participating in daily conversations with other housemates. Well, on the other hand, Klotz has also admitted that the continuous whisper has affected his mental health badly.

Did He Cry Over Matt Big Brother Weight Gain Concerns?

There are a couple of instances when fans had Klotz discussing his appearance and talking about his physique. This is the reason why Matt Big Brother Weight Gain assumptions showed no signs of being sidelined. However, he was seen crying in the house before fellow contestants. But the reason was not his apparent fluctuation in his weight. Matt opened up about his opinions on Big Brother’s rituals of gossiping and throwing tantrums. He revealed how Felicia Cannon was rude to him when he cried before her. Not only this, but she also expressed having pride in herself.

However, Klotz was so badly affected that he shared his feelings with Jag Bains and America Lopez. In addition to this, the partially deaf athlete also talked about being tired of hearing the whispers. Furthermore, Matt Klotz also admitted to being offended by such whispers. Well, there was an instance when the swimmer said that he often suffers from headaches as he tries to read the lips of other contestants who speak slowly. But as you know, one cannot avoid gossip and chitter-chatter in the house. While it is apparently impossible, the contestants should try to maintain a balance. In fact, other houseguests also emphasize the fact that the contestants must not take advantage of someone’s disability.

What Is The Current Status Of Matt In Big Brother?

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain
Jag Bains and Matt Klotz

As Big Brother Season 25 is approaching its end, the drama is diving into more and more intense zones. So, while fans are not tired of talking about Matt Big Brother Weight Gain, they cannot sideline his participation on the show. Well, going by the current status, Jag Bains and Matt Klotz have formed an alliance. These two houseguests have reached the Final 2 Alliance and named themselves Minutemen. So, it was common for the viewers to see them together and favoring each other. But no more! It seems like Big Brother Season 25 has bigger plans to turn Jag and Matt against each other. For those who are unknown, the two are strong contestants, having different strategies. While Bains pursues a strong and wild competitive spirit, Matt plays the game socially.

Well, going by the latest episode, we had Jag evicting Felicia. In episode 40, Bains voted for the latter, thereby becoming one of the three survivors on the show among Bowie and Matt. For the uninitiated, Jag Bains had an option to vote either for Klotz or Felicia. However, viewers expected that he might go for Matt, such a move would have almost guaranteed his win against Felicia. But the reality is pretty different. Whatever the case, it has now been proven that Jag and Matt share a close friendship. However, on the other hand, Felicia stated that she was honored to have made it to the final four.

Matt Klotz Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning?

Matt Big Brother Weight Gain
Matt Klotz

Many people believe that the celebs who are invited to Big Brother already hold assets worth millions. But it is not so. The officials of the show decide how much to offer an individual. Interestingly, the amount depends upon one’s popularity and fame in the outer world. Now, since Matt Big Brother Weight Gain concerns are one of the trending topics on social media, it does not prove his global recognition. Well, according to unofficial sources, Matt Klotz Net Worth does not have an exact figure. But a few media outlets claim that the reality celeb earns within a range of $300-$500K. Since the numbers are not exact, we cannot confirm its actuality.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Matt Klotz from Big Brother has pricey real estate properties. However, a confirmation on the same is awaited. Moreover, if the individual wins the 25th season of the American reality show, it will be extremely incredible. Since he won the first part of the Head Of the House, his chance to lift the trophy has apparently increased. However, Klotz’s biggest competitor is his close friend and partner, Jag Bains.

So, this is all about Matt Big Brother Weight Gain speculations. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. For more updates and such content, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247!


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