May 27, 2024

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17: Min Do Hyuk Gets A Surprise Visit! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17

SBS’s The Escape Of The Seven has drawn the audience’s attention to the core with its mysterious revenge spree. However, the previous episode has already exposed the real culprit behind all the murders. So, is it the end of the murder mayhem? Well, The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17 has recently dropped the latest stills, which already speaks volumes. Matthew is undoubtedly exposed but isn’t weak enough to sit back and watch his empire fall. The finale will indeed bring his evil side back, and it’s believed that he will plot another plan against his nemesis. Now, let’s see what he is up to.


The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17: The Greatest Escape! What To Expect Next?

Matthew Lee has schemed a perfect plan to take his revenge on Chairman Shim Yong. However, Min Do Hyuk learns about his plan and decides to expose his true face. In fact, in the previous episode, Do Hyuk successfully reveals Matthew, aka K’s identity. However, the preview of The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17 hints that things will turn more chaotic now. After the identity revelation, Matthew will turn more devious and work to destroy the Sung Chan Group. He will also escape the conference room and plan to kidnap Do Hyuk.

Meanwhile, The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17 stills tease that Do Hyuk will meet Executive Director Hwang, Chairman Bang Chil Sung’s right-hand man. Well, he is the one who sprayed dirty water on Cha Joo Ran and Geum Ra Hee. However, it remains unclear why he has disguised himself as an older man. But it seems like he has something to tell Do Hyuk. On the other hand, the police department rushes to capture Matthew. He is currently on the run. But the preview teases he will succeed in attacking Do Hyuk.

The clip shows an elevator scene that seems to collapse soon. While everything seems to fall apart, someone tries to save Matthew’s daughter. But it remains unclear who that person is. Meanwhile, the cops finally capture K. But will he give up? Well, The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17 seems to blow everyone’s minds because Matthew is all set to pull off his master plan.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with an explosion where Paeng-hee jumped off with Matthew. Jin-mo returned to his car and saw Paeng-hee’s 17 missed calls and messages asking for help. He tried to call her back, but the latter didn’t answer. So, he used the tracker to locate Paeng-hee’s location and learned she was at Yeoju Movie set. Meanwhile, Chairman Shim learned Min Do-hyuk was his biological son after the DNA test was out. But he refused to believe the report as his son was already dead. As for Matthew, he finally regained consciousness and found himself upside down.

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17
SBS Original

Baek Ik-ho fortunately arrived in time and helped Matthew to climb up. The former also revealed about Min Do-hyuk’s location. Meanwhile, Matthew told Baek Ik-ho to look for Ha-na and send her somewhere outside the country. As for Paeng-hee, she finally picked up Jin-mo’s call and requested to find Ha-na. The mystery started to be uncovered when Mo-ne revealed Matthew was Jun-Seok. He was the one who had killed Song Ji-a. Mo-ne also revealed that Ha-na was actually Jun-seok’s daughter.

Matthew, on the other hand, wanted to take revenge on Chairman Shim and decided to kill his son. But the episode ended with him being caught lying in front of journalists. Meanwhile, Do-hyuk walked to the conference room to witness the scene.

The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17: Release Date

The finale will finally reveal the fate of Matthew. Will he succeed in his revenge plan? You will learn it in The Escape Of The Seven Episode 17, which will air on November 17, 2023, at 10 pm KST. The show airs every Friday for around 70 minutes. You can catch it on the global streaming platform Viu and Viki. Meanwhile, the local Korean audience can catch it on SBS Original. So, don’t miss it. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247

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