June 15, 2024

Hotel Portofino Season 3: Already Renewed! Gears Up To Undergo Production

Hotel Portofino Season 3

The show about the hotel-running British family successfully transported fans back to the 1920s. Following the end of an impressive second season, fans are now searching for any information regarding Hotel Portofino Season 3. The second season chronicled the journey of Bella Ainsworth as she continued developing her resort despite several challenges. But what lies ahead for the hoteliers? Is the show renewed for a third season, and when will it be out? Read on to learn more.


Hotel Portofino is a British TV Show that first aired in 2022. Initially, the period drama was telecasted on BritBox, but it later aired on the American broadcasting network PBS. Additionally, the show’s producers aired it in multiple European countries as well. As a result, the show has gathered a small yet dedicated fan base worldwide. Moreover, fans can’t wait for more episodes following the finale of the second season. So, let’s find out what are the updates on Hotel Portofino Season 3

Hotel Portofino Season 3: Renewal Status!

One of the biggest concerns for fans stems from the uncertainty about a show getting renewed for an additional season. But guess what? Fans are in for good news as the producers officially announced a Hotel Portofino Season 3. Following the release of the second season, the British show also managed to get a green light for a third season. Since the show is available in more than 70 countries, it is no surprise that there are fans worldwide who would be filled with joy on hearing that Bella Ainsworth and Hotel Portofino will appear on their screens again.

Hotel Portofino Season 3
Hotel Portofino

Has The Filming For The Third Season Started?

Hotel Portofino is known for its high production values. A lot of credit goes to the team and the stunning locations where they filmed the show. The show’s initial concept was penned in the autumn of 2020, following which principal photography took place in Crotian cities like Rijeka, Lovran, and Rovinj. Moreover, a small part of the first season was also shot in the Italian town of Portofino.

The second season followed suit, and the show was shot in Croatia once again, making it one of the biggest TV projects for 2021. As a result, fans are curious to know if the third season is under production and what the locations are. Well, Hotel Portofino Season 3 will be returning to the locations of the second season, and the team has multiple reasons to do so. Since the show prominently features a resort in an Italian Riviera, the city of Rijeka is appropriate for the period drama. Majorly the show has been shot in Primorje-Gorski County as it strikes a strong resemblance to Portofino. Additionally, the crew has been shooting in the European country since June 2023, indicating that the show is on track.

Miodrag Sila and Nebojša Taraba are in charge of the production company Drugi Plan. Recently, the two highlighted the project’s significance, emphasizing the successful filming of three seasons as a significant achievement. Sila explained how the project was unique as it had a predominantly Croatian crew instead of foreigners. Tanja Ladović Blažević, the head of the Department for Encouraging Investment in Audiovisual Production at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, expressed pride in the project’s success and emphasized the centre’s support through a 25 per cent financial incentive for filming in Croatia. Additionally, the Deputy Mayor of Rijeka thanked everyone involved in the project, as it has helped develop other industries, tourism, and the economy.

Hotel Portofino Season 3
Hotel Portofino

What Happened In Hotel Portofino Season 2?

Recently, the sixth and final episode of the second season aired on PBS. It is safe to say that the second season ended with a bang and a cliffhanger. The sequel to the engaging first season saw the show’s protagonists continue building their hotel in Portofino. However, things are more challenging than they seem due to significant corruption, politics, and adversaries. The final episode culminates with the opening of the casino.

Additionally, Bella receives a letter from Jon Bertram, who says he will write a positive review for the hotel, putting an end to the season’s mystery. Unfortunately, a heartbroken Rose takes her own life in the finale as well. The happenings in the second season have upped the stakes and have made fans more excited for Hotel Portofino Season 3.

What Can You Expect In Hotel Portofino Season 3?

It is a given that fans have many questions after the nail-biting finale of season 2. The episode saw Danioni allegedly shooting Anish and Gianluca. However, the fate of the characters is still not sure. Will they make a return to Hotel Portofino Season 3? Moreover, Victor is a wanted man, and we will see him deal with various challenges in the upcoming season. Finally, we see Bella break off her marriage with Cecil, and how that plays out in the next season will also be interesting to see.

Hotel Portofino Season 3
Hotel Portofino

Cast Of Hotel Portofino

Adam Wilpenny is the director of Matt Baker’s Hotel Portofino. The British show features a wide array of characters portrayed by talented actors. Hotel Portofino Season 3 will see most of the prominent cast members, like Natasha McElhone and Oliver Dench. However, Rose, played by Claude-Scott Mitchell, might not appear. Additionally, whether the actors who portray Gianluca and Dr. Anish Sengupta return is still up in the air. This is because the show’s producers are yet to announce the cast details for the next season officially.

Hotel Portofino Season 3: Release Date

Although the show’s creators are yet to reveal the release date of Hotel Portofino Season 3 officially, there is some good news for the fans. Since the show has already begun filming for its third season, we can expect the next six episodes of the series to be right around the corner. Hotel Portofino is an enigmatic show with a unique and refreshing storyline. Its characters and plot have a lot of potential, and fans eagerly anticipate seeing Hotel Portofino Season 3 on their TV screens soon. For more updates about Hotel Portofino, follow Techradar247


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