May 29, 2024

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17: Special Episode!? Is It Happening? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17

Since the time-travel and romance drama Twinkling Watermelon debuted, fans have been rooting for Eun Gyeol to save his father from the fatal accident. However, the previous episode suggested that something could never be changed. While the finale gave a glimpse of the characters’ lives, fans demand Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17. They are eager to explore Eun Gyeol and Eun Yoo’s love story. Will they ever get a perfect episode dedicated to themselves? Is it happening? Besides this, fans hope to see whether Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 will happen. Keep reading to know that.


Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17: How Things Will Move Now?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17

The closing moment witnessed the reunion of Eun Gyeol and Eun Yoo. After returning to their present timeline, Eun Gyeol learns that his band is the most successful band. While performing, he saw Eun Yoo, and they are back again. So, if Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17 happens, it will explore their budding romance. Throughout the season, the couple has worked on perfecting their parents’ lives. And they have yet to focus on their romantic life. However, if the next episode happens, then it will see them sharing a close bond.

Twinkling Watermelon Ends On High Note

The K-drama aired its final episode on November 14, 2023. While the pilot episode garnered only a 3.144% average nationwide viewership rating, the finale garnered 4.46%. Although the overall rating was excellent, the show’s rating dropped from the fourth episode. However, the finale ultimately approached its personal best record that the show had achieved on October 3. Considering this, the show may return for Twinkling Watermelon Season 2. However, the network has yet to make an official announcement.

Is There Any Possibility Of Twinkling Watermelon Season 2?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17

Since Twinkling Watermelon Episode 16 has provided a perfect conclusion to each character’s story arc, there’s a slight chance that the show will return. Eun Gyeol and Eun Yoo finally succeed in their mission despite failing to prevent the accident. The couple finally reunited, too. Meanwhile, Cheong Ah and her father finally get on better terms, which further positively changes her life. On the other hand, Yi Chan also gets what he desires. Thus, it doesn’t seem like there is a possibility for Twinkling Watermelon Season 2. However, based on its reception, there’s a chance that tvN may make an announcement soon. That may lead to the possible renewal of the hit K-drama series.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Ji Mi’s son appearing disappointed by his mother’s failure. It led him to develop more hatred toward Eun Gyeol. Hence, he drove the car toward him when he saw the latter on the street. However, Yi Chan was there to save Eun Gyeol and got in an accident instead. Just then, Eun Yoo also appeared and noted the car’s number. Later, they rushed Yi Chan to the hospital while Eun Yoo met her grandfather and requested him to amend with her mother before it got too late. However, the entire incident was so disturbing that she decided to walk away.

Eun Gyeol then learned that Yoon Joo Yeob was responsible, and when the chairman learned this news, he decided to pay the hospital bills and Yi Chan’s tuition fees. As for Ji Im, she tried to escape the country but got caught by the police on time. Meanwhile, Eun Yoo and Eun Gyeol received a call from the master, who told them they had to leave. While the former packed her bags, Eun Gyeol met Se Kyung’s father and told him to reconcile with his daughter. He then bid farewell to Yi Chan, who lost his hearing abilities, but asked him not to worry about the future.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17

Finally, Eun Gyeol arrived at the shop and was surprised to learn that his band had become highly successful. His father owned the guitar department store, while his mother was a successful businesswoman. Yi Chan finally realized that Eun Gyeol was the one from his past, while the latter saw Eun Yoo performing on stage. He then followed her, and they reunited again.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17: Release Date

The K-drama has already wrapped up with Twinkling Watermelon Episode 16. However, fans hope the show will return with Twinkling Watermelon Episode 17. As of now, there’s no official news regarding the special episode. But if it returns, it will air on tvN at 20.50 KST. We will update you soon. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247

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