One Piece Episode 1085

One Piece Episode 1085: The End Of Wano Arc & Yamato Makes A Decision! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

It’s been almost four years since fans have been glued to their seat to see the end of Kaido in One Piece. And finally, the Wano arc is about to get over. But One Piece Episode 1085 hints that it will delve deeper into the friendship instead of focusing on the violent arc. No doubt, the Wano arc is an emotional journey for everyone and has been the longest arc of the anime. However, it is now all set to say goodbye to the land as Straw Hats set to sail to their next destination. Will it explore the greater danger ahead? Will Luffy find himself in a challenging situation? Keep reading to know that.

One Piece Episode 1085: Manga Hints What To Expect Next! 

Since the previous episode ended with Luffy setting sail, the upcoming episode will likely focus on Kin’emon and Momonosuke. As per the manga-canon events, the two will rush to see Luffy for one last time. The two will race through time to meet their favorite person. One Piece Episode 1085 will also feature some sequences of flashbacks from the pair, delving into their time together. These flashbacks will also focus on the Onigashima Raid and how its success helps the duo start a new friendship journey. It will also provide a better picture of the pair’s actions.

One Piece Episode 1085
Fuji TV, Crunchyroll

This is because Kin’emon and Momonosuke are rushing to see Straw Hats because they are furious and want to show their gratitude. It will indeed lead to the shift in narration for One Piece Episode 1085, as it will feature Yamato’s decision to join Straw Hats. Although it remains unclear whether she will join the pirates, the upcoming episode teases she will meet Luffy. Since everyone’s heading to see Luffy, the trio reunion will likely be at Wano’s harbor.

Like the manga, One Piece Episode 1085 will also see the trio fighting as Luffy leaves without saying goodbye. But their fight will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, Yamato will make her final decision. She will likely say goodbye to Momonosuke and Kin’emon before joining the pirates, leaving them behind.

A Quick Recap!

As per the manga, One Piece Episode 1084 would have been Wano’s arc’s final episode. However, the anime came up with its original filler that hints at the emotional moment between the characters. Before the Straw Hats could depart, the episode saw a flashback of Luffy wandering around the land of Wano. While strolling around the place, he recalled his time there: the good old days and the memories he had created, although some were bitter. On the other hand, the Akazayz Nine were grateful to Luffy. They also showed gratitude for everything the latter had done for them, and they couldn’t forget it.

One Piece Episode 1085
Fuji TV, Crunchyroll

As the anime progressed, it featured an emotional segment focused on Luffy and Tama. They both had red bean soup in the Kuri. Zoro also showed his respect to the rest of the warriors who played an important role in the war. Including them were Pedro and Yasuie, who also showed their respect for him. Further, Zoro was also interested in drinking with them. Soon, the most disheartening scene appeared when the Straw Hats prepared to sail, and Luffy went out to leave the island. However, the rest of his troupe asked him whether he would say goodbye to Kin’emon and Momosuke.

One Piece Episode 1085: Release Date

The next episode is all set to explore the ending of Wano’s arc. But is it the end? You will find it in One Piece Episode 1085, which will air on November 26, 2023, at 9.30 am JST. The anime’s translated episode also airs on Saturday on the local Japanese network such as Fuji TV and TV Asahi. The 90-minute-long episode also airs on Crunchyroll and Funimation for a global audience. So, don’t miss it. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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