Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18: The Petrification Device Gets Activated! Will Someone Die? WATCH HERE

With the Petrification Device being activated, the situation will soon worsen for Ibara and Moz in Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18. Are they ready to witness their loss? Well, the previous episode has seen Ibara devising an evil plan. Surprisingly, he almost succeeded in achieving his goal. However, now he will find himself in an awkward position. This made fans anticipate the Kingdom Of Science’s next move and how Ibara would handle such a daunting situation. Well, one clear thing is that it will indeed focus on another massive battle that will make things more dramatic for everyone. Can they deal with Ibara’s weapon? Keep reading to know that.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18: What Will Happen Next?

After Ibara’s plan failed in the previous episode, he faced some issues while trying to make it a success. Amid this intense battle, Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18 will see Ibara’s main fighters backing off after seeing their plan going in vain. However, he won’t stop here and will work on his way to regain control of the situation. Further, the anime will continue with Chapter 132, where Hyoga and Moz will continue their face-off. However, Moz will finally get the upper hand, forcing Hyoga to escape. The latter will try to reach Senku, believing he has a plan to save him.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18

Although Hyoga has tried to escape, Magma provides a hand to help him return to the battleground. And now, with his preferred weapon, the former once again challenges Moz in Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18. He will overpower the situation with his generation-owned power, ultimately leading to Moz’s loss. Meanwhile, Yo will try to stop the mess and get the Medusa. While he works on his plan, Ibara whispers something that activates the device, creating problems for Yo. Since the device has already been activated, it will start petrifying others on the island, forcing Oarashi to swallow it.

A Quick Recap!

Previously, in Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 17, Senku and Co. were set to deal with Ibara and his forces. However, they were quickly retrieved after learning of the arrival of Moz. After this incident, Senku finally confronted them, saying he had led them to his room for some reason. It later led to a fight between Moz and Hyoga. Although the latter was revived, he decided to support Senku instead of fighting against him. This helped the latter and his troupe to escape the Perseus. After their great escape, the group met Taiju and Yuzuriha’s group on the island.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18

Meanwhile, Taiju and Co. were working on the Master’s statue. As for Moz, he continued fighting with Hyoga. However, the former failed to deal with a blow which knocked him out. The episode then focused on the drama that took place on the island. After Kirisame arrived at the Perseus, Taiju warned everyone to look at the Master’s statue. On the other hand, Ibara shared his plan to use Kirisame to destroy the island. However, to make it successful, he ordered Oarashi to sacrifice himself for the plan’s success. It later led to a flashback of Kirisame’s youth before focusing on Yo, who shot Ibara.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18: Release Date

The upcoming episode will explore a new angle in the story arc. Catch it on Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 18 on Thursday, November 23, 2023, at 10.30 pm JST. The all-new episodes air every Thursday with around an hour-long runtime. For the local Japanese audience, the anime is available to stream on TVA, Tokyo MX, BS11, SUN, and KBS. Meanwhile, the international audience can catch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll. This is all for now. Stay tuned! TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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