Holy Family Season 3

Holy Family Season 3: Netflix Reveals Thriller Drama’s Fate Ahead Of The Sophomore Run!

Spanish drama Holy Family has just wrapped up its second run, and fans are curious to learn the fate of the series. Well, the show’s finale has broken many hearts. However, the series cliffhanger has also left many to believe there is hope for Holy Family Season 3. So, is it happening? Well, the thriller drama is currently the most loved genre among the audience. Since the show has explored a pretty dark storyline, it’s believed it will soon return with another season to give justice to the rest of the characters. But will it? As of now, anything can happen. So, keep reading to know what is aligned next for your favorite drama.

Created by Manolo Caro, Holy Family is set in 1998 and focuses on the life of a group of friends, who are mainly women. The show debuted back in October 2022 and received much love from the global audience for its sweet yet dramatic storyline. Initially, the Spanish drama focuses on a group of mothers and how their friendship forges. However, things soon turn dark when Gloria’s past starts haunting her. That later makes the entire situation more complex after a new neighbor arrives at their place.

Holy Family Season 3: Is It Happening?

The thriller drama Holy Family has recently dropped its second season, which has explored the life of Gloria deeply. While the show’s mysterious nature has gained its success, the show failed to garner great viewership. As per the reception, the show has earned only 6.5 solid stars on IMDb. Although such a rating is fairly enough to renew the show for the next season, it isn’t the same with the Spanish drama. In fact, the future of Holy Family Season 3 is quite dark.

Holy Family Season 3

This is because Netflix has announced that Holy Family Season 2 will be the series’ final season. The announcement came just after the streaming giant renewed the show for the next season. Hence, there’s no chance that Holy Family Season 3 will happen. Despite the series has gained a fanbase all around the world. As per the viewership, Netflix has yet to reveal it. However, the streaming giant hasn’t yet announced the official reason behind the series ending. Hence, it remains unclear whether its performance is to be blamed.

Chances Of Holy Family Season 3!

Since Netflix has already announced that the show won’t return with Holy Family Season 3, it allows the writers to craft a perfect closure to the show. Typically, the show leaves the door open to explore in the next season. But this isn’t the case with the Holy Family. This is because the second season has already provided a perfect ending to Gloria’s story arc. With its neatly written beginning, middle, and end, it becomes clearer that the show won’t return with another season. This is because the show has left with no loose ends or cliffhangers to explore in the next run.

However, several shows on Netflix have been restored after being axed. One such show is Lucifer, which has always amazed the audience with its stellar performance. As for Holy Family, the show’s first season performed incredibly well on the platform. In fact, it was in Netflix’s Top 10 in 37 countries. Despite the first season’s stellar performance, the streaming giant decided not to return after its second season. One of the reasons could be the second season’s poor performance.

Holy Family Season 3

But Netflix announced Holy Family Season 3 wouldn’t be happening before the second season could ever air. Thus, it remains unclear why the streaming giant has canceled the show despite its excellent performance. We will update you shortly after Netflix, or the creators make an official announcement.

Holy Family Season 2: Ending Explained!

While the second season has left a few threads to explore, it has covered the main plotline. Gloria kidnapped her grandson Nico in the first season and fled to Madrid. However, the second season finale saw Nico’s biological mother, Natalia, finally finding Gloria’s location. Now, they both believe they have the right to parent Nico. Their terrible idea of family and reconciliation revealed both could never have a healthy relationship because of their traumatic past. While their obsession grew to the next level, Gloria kidnapped Natalia and drove off a cliff, committing suicide.

Well, Gloria believed that this could help their kids to live a peaceful life. This was because their obsession could unavoidably hurt others closer to them. In fact, their kids couldn’t live a normal life if it continued. It left their kids to leave Spain to live a normal life. However, Aitana was pregnant with Marco’s child. But Eduardo told the doctors that the child was his. Meanwhile, Lorenzo was found dead near the park, which explains the flaws in Blanca’s marriage. However, all the evidence pointed out that Gloria was responsible for his death. But the reality was Lorenzo’s death was accidental.

Holy Family Season 3: What Might Have Happened?

Holy Family Season 3

Since Gloria is dead, there’s no chance she will return in Holy Family Season 3. However, the second season’s ending has teased a new beginning. Aitana has just given birth to a kid. That hints at significant character development. Meanwhile, Eduardo is ready to co-parent with her, which will make bigger changes in the next season. Further, Gloria’s kid has moved out of Spain. The third season might have explored their struggle to live a normal life without Gloria. However, neither the cast members have spoken about their return, so it’s unclear what to expect next from Holy Family Season 3.

Can Holy Family Return With A Spinoff?

Well, the finale has already hinted at the character’s life. After Gloria killed herself, there’s no point in delving deeper into her story arc. But since her kids are embarking on their new journey, many feel Netflix should return with a spinoff series. It might bring new characters to the limelight, delving into an unexplored territory and focusing on Aitana’s arc. However, Netflix has yet to announce the spinoff. The decision is generally based on the series’ performance, and since it has done great in the first season, we expect the streaming giant will soon announce its decision.

Holy Family Season 3: Release Date

Holy Family Season 3

As mentioned above, Holy Family Season 3 is not happening. But one thing to remember is that the series hasn’t been canceled yet. In fact, the show has come to its closure. Thus, the creators may come up with another season if there’s more to explore. But nothing can be said now. We will update you soon. Speaking of the Holy Family Season 3 release date, Netflix has yet to comment on it. This is all for now. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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