Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode 12

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12: New Looming Threat & Another Exploration! WATCH HERE

After celebrating victory and a relatively peaceful episode, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12 is set to explore a new location. Well, the previous episode has seen the end of the Aura arc. With her defeat, the main characters will head to their next destination. However, this new journey will bring plenty of hurdles and complications in the characters’ lives. But one thing to remember is that this can also initiate a new arc or a change in the narration pattern. So far, the anime has seen plenty of changes. However, it remains unclear what beauty the next episode will bring. Keep reading to know that.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12: What Will Happen Next?

Since the battle is over, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12 will explore the titular character’s next journey. After Aura killed herself, the town finally breathed a sigh of relief. But the journey hasn’t ended, and now the upcoming episode will see Frieren, Stark, and Fren heading to the north. It’s likely that the next episode will also explore a multi-episode arc where the trio fights against the powerful demons. But there’s also a slight possibility that it will follow an episodic format exploring their journey and the character development. Well, the group has seen a lot in the region and will now see what the north is like.

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode 12

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode explored the aftermath of Aura’s death. Fern tried to meet Frieren, who was trying to deal with the souls trapped by Aura’s Scale of Obedience. Graf also thanked the latter for protecting the Northern Lands’ troops, where Frieren mentioned that Himmel would get mad if she had destroyed them. After hearing her words, Fern teased that Himmel had trained her well. It later led to some pleasant exchange of words where Frieren teased Fern for his looks. Amid this, Graf noticed a red pendant that reminded him of his fallen son. After seeing that pendant, he showed his gratitude toward Frieren for her kind gesture toward the dead warriors.

Although the battle ended, many lives were lost. However, everyone later celebrated their victory, and Graf granted the defensive barrier grimoire that had kept away the mighty demons. But Frieren learned that it was a fake grimoire. Graf then explained that it was passed down by word instead of the spell book and had protected the town for years. Despite its fakeness, Frieren collected it. Later, the episode explored her traumatizing past with Eisen and Himmel. This was why she spoke casually, but Graf told her that it could cost her life if she did this again.

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode 12

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12: Release Date

The next episode will explore Frieren’s next destination. Catch it on Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 12, which will air on November 24, 2023, at 7 am PT. The all-new episode airs every Friday on Japan’s local network NTV Networks. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll, where they can also find its English Dub. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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