Nothing To See Here Season 2

Nothing To See Here Season 2: EP Hints At A Movie Adaptation! Filming Begins?

Netflix has recently added a few excellent shows to its streaming list. Among them is Nothing To See Here. The series challenges the people’s perspective on life when two disabled men embark on a new journey. While the show has just aired, its incredibly unique storyline has made fans wonder about its future. Will Nothing To See Here Season 2 return? What if we tell you that the series creator is already set to make it happen? Indeed! There’s delightful news for the show’s avid fans. So, keep reading to know the future of the series.

Created by Santiago Limon and Big Drama, Nothing To See Here is a Spanish comedy series. The series focuses on the life of a young blind man. He tries to navigate his life in Mexico City after he leaves his parents’ home behind. However, the change in events makes things a bit complicated yet hilarious, reminding him of his true potential. Amid this, his best friend also helps him navigate his life by suggesting he start his career as a standup artist. That soon changes everything for him as well as his friend.

Nothing To See Here Season 2: Renewal Status!

The Spanish dramedy Nothing To See Here just aired on Netflix on November 17, 2023. Soon after its debut, it succeeded immensely, leaving fans clamoring for more. But is Nothing To See Here Season 2 on the cards? Well, the show has just arrived on the streaming platform. So, it’s quite tricky to guess whether the network will return with another season. Further, it’s been only a week since it aired, so it’s early to reveal the series’ viewership.

Nothing To See Here Season 2

Typically, Netflix takes a couple of months to announce the future of the show. The renewal decision is mainly based on the series’ performance vs the cost of making the show. Since the giant streaming platform has yet to announce its viewership chart, it’s safe to assume that Nothing To See Here Season 2 may return. As per IMDb, the show has also performed incredibly well. It has managed to gain 7.5 solid stars out of 10. Considering this, we expect the show may return.

Did Creator Hint At Potential Return?

The streaming platform and the show’s creator have yet to open up about the future of the series. The show is undoubtedly doing great, but an official announcement has yet to be made. Further, the cast still needs to spill details regarding the production of Nothing To See Here Season 2. Since little to no information is available at this moment, it’s hard to guess whether the show will return.

But It’s Set To Return As A Movie!

Earlier in December 2023, Deadline reported that Elizabeth Gabler is set to produce a Nothing To See Here movie. After leaving Fox 2000, Gabler formed a production label based on Sony, 3000 Pictures, which has won an auction for the screen rights. The movie is an adaptation of Kevin Wilson’s released novel. Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter will write and produce the film. Well, the pair has dropped several hit films like The Fault In Our Stars. So, this movie is expected to be a great success.

As per the source, at least four bidders were present in the auction that took place on the weekend. Kevin will also play the exec producer of the series, and the deal is finalized with mid-to-high six figures. The filming has yet to begin. However, this movie isn’t a sequel to the Spanish drama. So, it won’t serve as Nothing To See Here Season 2. In fact, the narrative of the story is different from the dramedy. While the movie follows the same name as the drama, they don’t share any connection with each other. So, it means the creator hasn’t yet announced anything, and the show still stands uncertain.

Nothing To See Here Season 2
Elizabeth Gabler attends the GLSEN Respect Awards

What Is The Film All About?

Kevin’s Nothing To See Here follows the relationship between roommates Lillian and Madison at an elite boarding school. However, their lives change after drugs are discovered in their place. To save his kid, Madison’s wealthy father seeks Lillian’s help. He pays her to take the blame on himself. This incident later shuns their relationship as the two become estranged. However, their life becomes entangled again when Lillian sends Madison a letter asking for help.

Lillian is now working as a caretaker of her twin step kids. But the kids have an unusual condition: they combust when agitated. However, Lillian needs the job to escape from her home. This demanding job makes things more challenging for her as she needs to stop those kids from bursting into flames. Meanwhile, Madison is now a secretary of state after marrying a senator. So, the entire novel follows how the two friends navigate their lives when they reconcile.

Chances Of Nothing To See Here Season 2!

It’s safe to say there are pretty high chances for Nothing To See Here Season 2. This is because of the show’s stellar performance. Meanwhile, the first season left some dangling threads open. Although the show has a perfect ending, it has yet to reveal what the future holds for Alexis and Charly. At the end of the first season, Alexis finally gets back with his group after apologizing to Azul. Further, the end credits hint that Alexis is doing great in his career while Charly becomes a good manager.

Nothing To See Here Season 2

Now, they have finally made a world for themselves. But there’s a catch! In the finale, the group is still looking for Chocho. Well, the latter has a problematic story arc. Her club meets with a disaster because of money. But Alexis knows he can save her. However, the finale teases things turn more complex. Despite the group reunites, they need to find Chocho because of their signed deal. Considering this unexplored arc, we can expect Nothing To See Here Season 2 to return. In this way, it can reveal the fate of Chocho and her club.

Still, it remains unclear what the future holds for the next season. But we will update you soon. This is all about Nothing To See Here Season 2. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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