June 16, 2024

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15: The Final Battle Begins! Is Nam Soon Safe? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15

After the massive revelation, Strong Girl Nam-Soon finally approaches the final battle. Shi Oh is aware of Nam Soon’s scheme and wants to take proper revenge. While his feelings for her remain intact, his revenge plan leaves Nam Soon on the edge of dying. Will she die? Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15 hints that things will soon become complicated in Gangnam after the drug ring is exposed. However, after the death of Justice Lee, the judiciary system will face more setbacks. That may significantly affect the Gang family, especially Nam Soon. No doubt, fans are excited to see what lies ahead for her. And things will indeed become more dangerous. Keep reading to know that.


Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15: Will Nam Soon Die? The Trailer Hints At Shi Oh’s Evil Plan!

After learning about Tsegtseg’s true identity, Shi Oh goes on a killing spree. However, in the closing moment, Nam Soon learns that her cover has been blown. So she must be careful around Shi Oh, who is preparing for the final blow. But learning about the latter’s trick will take a lot of work. Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15 preview hints that Nam Soon, Geum Ju, and Hee Sik will work together to capture Shi Oh and seize his drug company. Geum Ju is determined to stop the drug business, where Song Bread may help her. The upcoming episode will also reveal the latter’s true identity.

On the other hand, Nam Soon vows to stop Shi Oh, even if it costs her life. But Hee Sik asks her to promise that she won’t die as he knows her mission. However, Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15 hints that Shi Oh kidnaps Nam Soon’s Mongolian mother and threatens to kill her. After learning about her adoptive mother, Nam Soon heads to the location, only to be tricked by the villain. He then injects the former with the powerful drug and sends Geum Joo the video of her daughter dying.

After watching that video, Geum Joo cries in fear and feels helpless. While she and Hee Sik fail to save Nam Soon, Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15 sheds light on another hero. The matriarch, Gil Joon Gan, prepares to save her granddaughter and vows to protect her entire family from danger, even if it costs her own life. But surprisingly, the preview shows Nam Soon is safe.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Shi-oh finally learned that Tsegtseg was Nam Soon. It quickly left him heartbroken. But instead of crying, furious Shi Oh devised an evil plan against Nam Soon. Meanwhile, Na Young returned to Geum Ju’s TV station and seemed perplexed. Geum Ju noticed and quickly helped her save her little sister. Meanwhile, Nam In and Nam Soon learned that their father was spending time with the bodyguards and was about to leave for Busan. So, the latter headed there and told Hee Sik to upload the video of Shi Oh’s lab even if it blew off her cover.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15
Netflix, JTBC

As for Hee Sik, he had received the Doogo VIP clients list. Shockingly, the judge handling the CEO’s case was also Shi Oh’s client. After the news broke, he was replaced by Justice Lee. Meanwhile, Hee Sik and his team leaked the video evidence that caused chaos in South Korea. At Busan, Nam Soon met with her Mongolian mother and had a great time with her. As for Geum Ju, she learned about Song Bread’s troublesome past. However, Bong Go misinterpreted the situation and thought she was seeing someone else.

So, he left the place and cried on his son’s shoulder. But the episode saw another heartbreaking moment as Shi Oh killed Hwa Ja. After learning about Justice Lee’s news, Shi Oh again consumed the drugs and killed the former. Later, he used Hwa Ja’s cell phone and messaged Nam Soon about the murder. After receiving the text, furious Nam Soon waited for Shi Oh’s next move.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15: Release Date

Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15
Netflix, JTBC

The forthcoming episode will witness Shi-oh’s revenge as he hatches a plan against Nam Soon. Is she safe? You will learn it in Strong Girl Nam-Soon Episode 15, which will air on November 25, 2023, at 22.30 KST. The hour-long episode follows a weekly release pattern, airing every Saturday and Sunday night. Since the 15th episode will be the penultimate episode, don’t forget to watch it. It is available on the local Korean network JTBC. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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