The Boys Season 4

The Boys Season 4: The Superhero Drama Set To Return In 2024?

Very few shows have become pop culture phenomena in the past few years. However, with The Boys Season 4 around the corner, it is evident that the action-packed and thrilling show has created a significant impact. Following the end of the third season, the creators added a spin-off titled Gen V. As a result, The Boys’ universe expanded. How will the events that took place in the spin-off affect the next season? When is Homelander returning? And what will happen in the next season? Read on to learn more.

The Boys is a superhero TV series, but it features a twist. The show features a group of superheroes, known as supes, who have a good public image but are corrupt behind the scenes. Consequently, a vigilante group called The Boys is created to combat the corrupt supes. Moreover, the Gen V spin-off featured students training to be supes. The events that unfolded have set things up perfectly for The Boys Season 4. With several aspects coming into play, the next season is bound to be as exciting as the previous one. But when will it be released? Let’s find out.

When Was The Boys Season 4 Announced?

Following the third season, fans were excited to know when the next season of The Boys will be announced. Seeing the reciprocation and momentum the series received, Amazon was quick to announce The Boys Season 4. The producer announced the renewal in June 2022, but fans got more good news. Additionally, the creators of the boys announced a spin-off series called Gen V, which premiered in September 2023. Although there were several fans eagerly waiting for the next season of The Boys, the addition of the spin-off gave the audience more to binge-watch.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys

The Boys Season 4 Production Status

Following the show’s renewal in June 2022, it is unsurprising that fans want to know how far the show is in its production cycle. Moreover, several fans are concerned about any possible delays that might have occurred due to the large-scale strikes staged by SAG-AFTRA. Luckily, the cast commenced filming for The Boys Season 4 on August 23, 2022, and the shoot was wrapped up on April 12, 2023. There were no major delays since the producers managed to complete the filming before the strikes. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, explained how the team has almost completed editing the upcoming season. Further, he added how they are now working on the music and visual effects. This is excellent news for fans, as the timeline indicates that the next season will be released soon.

The Next Season And Gen V’s Connection

One of the most exciting facets of the upcoming season will be the connection to Gen V. Although it is evident that both shows are part of the same universe, the audiences are yet to see how big of an impact the spin-off has. The end of Gen V’s first season saw some significant events unfolding. This has paved the path for The Boys Season 4. The spin-off saw some of the supes joining Homelander. Meanwhile, a revelation about a deadly virus intended to kill the supes has upped the stakes for the next season of The Boys.

Moreover, the mid-credits scene saw the appearance of Billy Butcher, who is now aware of the virus. This event is a clear hand-off to the next season of The Boys. However, Kripke gave a recent interview in which he explained how they have created the story so the audience can watch The Boys Season 4 without watching Gen V and vice versa. The inclusion of Gen V has made things more interesting by adding new characters and an important plot device.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys

What Will Happen In The Boys Season 4?

Many fans are curious about what lies ahead for Homelander and Billy Butcher. However, with the events of Gen V, the fans can get a rough idea of what they can expect in the forthcoming season. Eric Kripke teased how Homelander’s group, The Seven, will see the addition of some new members. Since season 3 ended with only three members, a few spots are open, which will likely be filled up by God U students Sam and Cate. Additionally, Ryan’s relationship with Homelander is bound to take center stage in the upcoming season.

Moreover, a plotline involves the presidential election, and Homelander and Billy Butcher may have essential parts to play as this event unfolds. Apart from this, the newly found secret virus will be a matter of concern for The Seven and The Boys. So, fans have a lot of things to look out for in The Boys Season 4.

Cast Details For Season 4

Since The Boys’ Universe has seen multiple deaths and additions in the main show and its spin-off, the cast changes regularly. However, some of the most prominent actors, like Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso, and Karen Fukuhara, will return in the upcoming season. Despite Black Noir’s death Nathan Mitchell will be returning to play a replacement Black Noir. Additionally, we will probably see some cameos and crossovers from actors of Gen V. Actors Rosemary Dewitt, Rob Benedict, and Elliot Knight will also appear in The Boys Season 4.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

The highly anticipated superhero show has fans eagerly awaiting an update about the release date. Amazon has yet to announce the official release date; however, The Boys Season 4 is expected to release in 2024. Eric Kripke mentioned how they are waiting for the SAG-AFTRA strikes to officially end before moving on with the release schedule.

Things are about to get exciting, thrilling, and undoubtedly brutal in The Boys Season 4. There are multiple directions that the show could go in, and fans eagerly await to see what is in store for them. For more updates about The Boys, follow Techradar247


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