March 2, 2024

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 Finale: Shi Oh Gets The Final Blow! Is It The End? WATCH HERE

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16

As Strong Girl Nam Soon inches closer to its end, the situation gets tighter as Shi Oh prepares for the final battle. He is undoubtedly the most dangerous villain in the series, and it will be challenging for Nam Soon and his gang to stop him. In fact, Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 hints that the latter will face a life-threatening situation. Well, the previous episode has already hinted at Nam Soon’s fate, which has raised the bar high. However, the upcoming episode promises to bring the most-anticipated characters on board. Can they help in saving the female lead’s life? Keep reading to know that.


Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 Finale: What Will Happen When Shi Oh Plans Succeed?

Although Shi Oh’s plan has almost succeeded, Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 hints that the tables will turn. Nam Soon survives despite being injected with the deadliest and most powerful drug. She is safe but has no energy to fight against the evil. Thus, she starts searching for her adoptive mother to take her to a safe place. Fortunately, the mother-daughter duo will make it out safely while Geum Ju is headed to save her child. In such a tough situation, Hee Sik feels hopeless as he fails to save the love of his life.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16
Netflix, JTBC

But after Nam Soon saves herself, the drama escalates as Geum Ju maps a plan to capture Shi Oh and teach him a lesson. The investigation team will soon take the matter into their own hand, causing more loss to Doogo company. Further, Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 hints that Joon Gan will devise her plan to end this battle. After the situation turns normal, the finale is expected to see the most-anticipated entry of Do Bong Soon and An Min Hyuk.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Nam Soon discovered that Shi Oh had learned about her true identity and awaited his next move. He promised to kill her for playing with his trust and destroying his empire. It quickly led to a massive battle between the duo. However, Nam Soon wasn’t alone in this fight, as Geum Ju and Hee Sik joined her to capture Shi Oh. Soon, the episode saw Geum Ju fighting against the gangsters as she beat a few bodyguards. She was later joined by Song Bread, whose identity was finally revealed, leaving Geum Ju startled.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16
Netflix, JTBC

Meanwhile, Nam Soon’s adoptive mother arrived in Korea. But unfortunately, Shi Oh learned about her arrival and kidnapped her. It later appeared as his master plan as he texted Nam Soon about the kidnapping, inviting her to test the deadliest drug. To save her mother, Nam Soon agreed to get injected. But the drug affected her system, leaving her crying for help. Shi Oh then recorded the entire scene and sent it to Geum Ju. The latter then felt hopeless as she cried seeing her daughter dying. After watching her family in such a position, the matriarch decided to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16 Finale: Release Date

Finally, the show has come to an end. And now the next episode will reveal Shi Oh’s fate. Is he captured? You will learn it on Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 16, which will air on November 26, 2023, at 22.30 KST. The show follows a weekly release pattern, airing on weekends, with the finale set to release on Sunday. You can catch it either on Netflix (for the global audience) or on a local Korean network such as JTBC. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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