Castaway Diva Season 2
Netflix, tvN

Castaway Diva Season 2: Gets Early Renewal? Hit Record Ratings Hints At Potential Sequel!

There’s no denying that tvN’s Castaway Diva has been making waves with its sweet yet mysterious nature. That has been captivating the fans’ hearts since the K-drama debuted. While the rom-com has yet to wrap up its storyline, fans want to know whether they’ll see more of Seo Mok Ha. So, is Park Eun-bin planning to return as the lead character in Castaway Diva Season 2? While several questions are running back of people’s minds, the network has teased a little bit about the future of the series. Is the network mapping another season? Perhaps! Keep reading to know what the creator has to say about season 2.

The rom-com K-drama Castaway Diva just aired in October 2023 and soon became the talk of the town. It follows the journey of Mok-ha, who dreams of becoming a K-pop idol. Although she won a UCC competition, her life took a dramatic turn. Due to an unfortunate accident, Mok-ha got stranded on an island and failed to return to Seoul. After several attempts, Mok-ha finally returned to the world after 15 years and found everything had changed, and now she was no longer a diva. But despite losing hope, the girl worked on finding her place in show business.

Is Castaway Diva Season 2 Officially Announced?

Since Castaway Diva aired, fans have seen Mok Ha’s struggle, undoubtedly inspiring everyone. And with time, it has gained immense popularity all around the world after being broadcast on Netflix. While My Dearest has been ruling the charts of Seoul, Castaway Diva has made its way to the top ten list of the most-watched series. The pilot episode only gained 3.450 percent in Seoul. However, the viewership soon increased from the second season, receiving the highest viewership of 9.354 percent in Seoul on November 19, 2023.

Castaway Diva Season 2
Netflix, tvN

Currently, two more episodes are left to air on the network. But the show has done remarkable work by bringing plenty of mysteries to the audience’s table. With such an excellent performance, there is a chance that Castaway Diva Season 2 will return. However, neither Netflix nor tvN has made the official announcement yet. But it doesn’t mean the show won’t make its way to the next season. This is because the network generally takes several months to announce the future of the show.

Further, it’s quite unusual for K-drama to return with an immediate next season. Typically, it takes time to scrutinize the viewership chart. Based on it, the second season is ordered. So, considering that the show is yet to wrap up, we expect the network will soon make an official announcement regarding Castaway Diva Season 2.

Can Castaway Diva Top The Viewership Chart?

So far, we have seen Castaway Diva doing great in viewership. However, the show has seen a slight drop in ratings in the November 25-26 episode. While the series has garnered its highest rating in the eighth episode, the tenth episode only received 8.948 percent. This sudden drop in rating may be crucial to the Castaway Diva Season 2 renewal decision. Although the series still stands strong in viewership, the performance of other shows can shadow its excellence.

Castaway Diva Season 2
Netflix, tvN

This is because JTBC’s Strong Girl Nam Soon has received an average viewership of around 7.937 percent nationwide, with the final episode earning the highest viewership count of 10.420 percent. On the other hand, KBS 2TV’s Live Your Own Life has maintained its position, with 14.9 percent nationwide viewership. Although it remains to be seen whether Castaway Diva reaches this height, the Castaway Diva Season 2 renewal decision is still pending.

Castaway Diva Episode 10: Ending Explained!

The tenth episode began with Kang Sang Doo asking Mok Ha what step they should take. He asked her whether they should continue hiding their family’s identity. However, she told him that a lie would always be a lie. After hearing such words, Sang Doo told Woo Hak that he had already revealed their family secret in front of the police. Bong Wan later learned about this news and attempted to harm them. However, he was arrested, and Bo Geol’s family secret was public.

Meanwhile, Ran Joo agreed to help Mok Ha in achieving her goals. But she had a condition. She asked the aspiring idol to cut ties with Bo Geol’s family. After this condition, the two seemed parting their ways with heavy hearts. However, it made things miserable for Woo Hak. After he learned that Mok Ha had gone, he broke down and confessed his feelings for her. As for the aspiring idol, she worked with Ran Joo to produce an album. On the other hand, Ki Ho quit his job, leaving their family’s future in the air. As for Bong Won, he was wandering freely without any trouble.

Castaway Diva Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

Although Castaway Diva Episode 10 has seen a lot of changes, things will soon turn a bit peaceful for the couple in the upcoming episode. Considering two more episodes are left to uncover the plot details, it remains unclear whether there will be some loose ends to explore in the next season. However, Castaway Diva Season 2 can delve deeper into Bo Geol’s family. Although their secret has been out, the threat is still looming. Bong Wan plans to threaten the family, which will soon take the matter to court. As for Mok Ha, she may fulfill her dream of becoming an idol.

Castaway Diva Season 2
Netflix, tvN

However, the Castaway Diva Episode 11 trailer hints that she will return to Ki Ho as she still has feelings for him. Although the couple will reunite, she will break the promise she has given to Ran Joo. That may affect her career. So, Castaway Diva Season 2 is expected to explore this angle. Further, the upcoming season will likely delve deeper into Ran Joo’s backstory. The latter has a past with Bo Geol’s family, which may play a huge role in the next season.

Besides this, Bong Wan is still plotting his nefarious plans. He wants to take revenge on the family. However, his plans seem to create more trouble for himself only. If the show continues with Castaway Diva Season 2, fans might be delighted with the romance between Mok Ha and Ki Ho. The couple may embark on a new journey, and Mok Ha may possibly leave the limelight for a peaceful life.

Castaway Diva Season 2: Cast Details!

Park Eun-bin has titled the role of Seo Mok Ha in the first season. While her character has met with several ups and downs in the first season, it remains unclear whether she will return. However, Eun-bin still needs to confirm her return. So, nothing can be said at this moment. Besides her, Kim Hyo-jin, Chae Jong-hyeop, and Cha Hak-yeon have also joined the first season. However, their return also stands uncertain. But if the show returns with Castaway Diva Season 2, there’s a chance that fans will see these actors back on their screen along with some new faces.

Castaway Diva Season 2: Release Date

Castaway Diva Season 2
Netflix, tvN

As mentioned above, tvN has yet to announce the second season. So, it remains unclear how much time it will take to drop the official announcement. But if the show gets an early renewal, it will take almost six to seven months to wrap up the production. Considering this, we expect Castaway Diva Season 2 to air sometime in 2025. But nothing is confirmed at this moment. We will update you shortly after learning of an official announcement. Stay tuned! TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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