Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 2
Netflix, JTBC

Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2: JTBC In Talks To “Continue” Hints At A New Villain In The Franchise!

Netflix’s Strong Girl Nam Soon has just dropped its finale, and fans can’t resist seeing more of Lee Yo Mi. While fans wonder whether they will get Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2, JTBC has recently dropped the most delightful news. Are they planning for the next season? Well, we do have bittersweet news for the series fans. Besides this, the series cliffhanger hints there’s more to come. However, it’s unusual for K-drama to expand its universe with more than two seasons. So, is the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon universe all set to break the norms? Keep reading to find this out!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s spinoff Strong Girl Nam Soon focuses on the Gang Nam Soon family and their involvement in the drug ring. The show begins with Gang Nam Soon searching for her biological mother in South Korea after being separated from her as a child. Fortunately, with the help of Hee Sik, she manages to find her mother, Hwang Geum Joo. She later realizes that her mother is a billionaire businesswoman. However, the more she learns about her family, the more she discovers about her incredible strength and mission.

Is Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2 Officially Renewed?

The crime family drama Strong Girl Nam Soon just aired its finale on Sunday and shed light on Doogo’s involvement in drug distribution. With a dramatic season finale and epic cliffhanger, fans wonder whether the show will return with another season. Typically, K-dramas take several months to get an official renewal. In the case of Strong Girl Nam Soon, things are quite different. JTBC recently revealed its plans to expand the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon universe. So, is Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2 renewed?

Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 2
JTBC, Netflix

Well, the network hasn’t yet officially renewed the show for the next season. But it has plans to expand the universe. Recently, the news surfaced that the project is currently in the talking phase. JTBC wants to delve deeper into the Strong Girl universe. Hence, the network is interested in returning with another mind-blowing spinoff. However, Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2 is currently in the planning stage. A rep told Soompi that they have plans for the next installment, but currently, they are working on another project.

This piece of news has already made the series’ fans’ day. However, remember that the first spinoff took almost six years to return to the screen. Based on the timeframe, it’s expected that the next spinoff or Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2 will take more or less time to return. But the network is already planning to return, so it may return soon.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Broke All The Records!

Since the series is the spinoff of the most-watched series, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, it’s fair enough to expect it to receive such watch hours. While the pilot episode received 4.296 percent nationwide (as per Nielsen Korea), the finale received 10.420 percent, breaking all the records. In fact, the series has witnessed an increase in viewership per episode. Well, it isn’t enough! Strong Girl Nam Soon has been topping Netflix’s non-English top ten list for almost seven weeks since its debut. So, there’s no doubt that the show has been a hit series on Netflix.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 2
Netflix, JTBC

Besides this, the series has been viewed for 23,700,000 hours on Netflix. However, Criminal Code had beaten the series in the week of November 13-19 with 60 million watch-hours. Despite that, Strong Girl Nam Soon has performed well and received 70 percent solid ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.1 stars on IMDb. Thus, there’s no brainer as to why JTBC is planning for Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2. In fact, social media has been flooded with the second season speculation. It has also received a fairly positive response on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2: Has Production Begun?

Although JTBC plans to return with Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2, the show will take time to produce. The network has recently revealed that the show will soon undergo a writing phase. Considering the show has already left on a cliffhanger, it’s believed the writing part has begun. However, the network has yet to make an official announcement. But considering all the parameters, it’s safe to say that the next installment will start filming sometime in 2024.

Finale Hints What To Expect From Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2

After Shi Oh drugged Nam Soon, Hee Sik managed to save her by injecting the antidote into her body. However, the former fleed and returned to the boxing ring. There, he brought Pavel to train him. But the investigation team succeeded in tracking the villain, forcing him to flee again. But during this process, Shi Oh learned that the one whom he thought was his friend was actually planning to kill him. So, he asked him to kill him right away as he wanted to die with dignity. After his death, people involved in the drug distribution went to prison.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 2
Netflix, JTBC

While everyone celebrated their victory, Geum Joo discovered that Song Bread was actually a Saint Paulus devotee. The former then learned about Nozh’s identity and was shocked to see Song Bread was the mafia boss who had the upper hand in the drug ring. With such revelation, it’s expected that Song Bread will play a crucial role in Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2. Hence, it’s speculated the show will focus on why Song Bread has shown interest in Geum Joo and what he is planning for the family. The second run may focus more on the characters’ lives.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2: Cast Details

As of now, JTBC has yet to announce the cast roaster of Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2. However, the cliffhanger hints that Jang Chung Dong will take the male lead in the next run. But the details of the other cast members have yet to be disclosed. There’s a chance that Kim Jung-Eun may return as Hwang Geum Joo. Well, the first season has seen Lee Yoo Mi as Gang Nam Soon and Ong Seong Wu as Gang Hee Sik as the main lead. But it remains unclear whether they will return for the next season.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2: Release Date

Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 2

At the time of writing, JTBC has yet to announce the second outing. Since the network has been busy with other projects, it seems like the series will take time to undergo production. Considering this, we can expect Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 2 to be released sometime in 2025. But nothing is confirmed at this moment. We will update you as soon as we receive the official announcement. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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