Undead Unluck Episode 9
Hulu, Disney+

Undead Unluck Episode 9: Is Victhor The Enemy? What Will Shen Do Now? WATCH HERE

With an intense battle put to rest, Undead Unluck Episode 9 is all set to bring the biggest-ever battle between Shen and his alter ego, Victhor. In the previous episode, his alter ego managed to knock down their enemy, Spoil. However, he doesn’t want to return to his original self. It will undoubtedly lead to the perfect setup of the next arc. The audience has already seen how Victhor has become a rogue in the last week’s episode. But the upcoming episode will soon reveal the true intention behind his action. Is he really the world’s biggest enemy? Keep reading to find this out.

Undead Unluck Episode 9: Shen Vs. Victhor! What’s Next? 

Although Victhor has defeated Spoil, the threat is still looming. However, this time, our hero is the biggest threat that the Organization has ever seen. Nobody knows Victhor’s true powers and how far he can go to accomplish his mission. However, Undead Unluck Episode 9, entitled “Returns,” suggests that he will go to any length to stay in this form. And unfortunately, Shen won’t be a good help. This is because Victhor has already defeated his original self, and now Shen will try to use another trick to return to his original self.

Undead Unluck Episode 9
Hulu, Disney+

But he needs Andy and Fuuko’s help to make this happen. Since Victhor is Shen’s alter ego, he knows about the latter’s tricks and tries to kill his group members. It will soon create panic among the trio. But Undead Unluck Episode 9 hints that this new villain knows the hidden truths of the world. He also knows about the God The Union and what they plan to do next. This will play a significant role in the anime as Victhor will answer several mysteries around the world. So, should Shen stop him?

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with the continuation of Shen, Fuuko, and Andy’s fight against Spoil. However, the latter had reached his phase 2 form, and it became challenging for them to deal with him. But Shen finally caused damage to Spoil after learning that the latter’s range of ability was somewhere around his body. Andy also tried to help to cause another explosion with Fuuko’s Unluck. But he fell into a chasm during his attempt, failing to hit Spoil.

Unfortunately, it allowed the latter to distract Shen using a cloud of dust. Surprisingly, he succeeded and later used a laser attack to kick the group. After the attack gravely damaged them, Fuuko suggested sending Spoil into space. Shen quickly agreed to this suggestion and attempted to convince Andy to launch both himself and Spoil into space. The former wanted Andy to use the Nyoi-Kinko staff to make this happen. Shen also asked the latter to remove the object stuck in his forehead. This gave birth to a more powerful alter ego, which he called “Victhor.”

Undead Unluck Episode 9
Hulu, Disney+

The latter then easily defeated Spoil in space and then returned to the Earth. He then asked Mei to teleport their greatest enemy’s core away using the spaceship. However, the threat was still looming. This was because Victor refused to let Andy regain control of their body. He even defeated Shen and tried to kill Fuuko. But his original self summoned the Round Table to stop this.

Undead Unluck Episode 9: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, entitled “Return,” will finally reveal the fate of Shen and his team. Will things ever return to normal? You will learn it on Undead Unluck Episode 9, which will air on December 1, 2023, at 1:28 am JST. The anime is available for the local Japanese audience to binge-watch on MBS/TBS Networks. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Disney+, Hulu, and Bahamut Anime Crazy. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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