Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11
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Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11: Will Yi Joo Die Again? Do Guk Spills The Truth! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Since the K-drama Perfect Marriage Revenge has entered its final phase, things will become more apparent now. So far, fans have seen Yi Joo’s journey to make her name in the world. The previous episode hinted that she has finally succeeded in it. But Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11 teases that the challenges aren’t over yet. She will soon be hit by another complication when Do Guk’s true identity gets exposed. Is he conning her throughout the time? Well, the situation seems a bit tense here, especially when Yi Joo’s fate is up in the air. Did she dodge her stepmother’s murderous plan? You will soon learn it. Keep reading to know that.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11: A Truth To Be Told! What To Expect Next?

In the closing moment of Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 10, Jung Hye and her partner drive toward Yi Joo as they plan to kill her. However, the situation will be different. While the episode ended with Yi Joo’s fate up in the air, the following episode preview hints she is safe. This is because everyone is seen at the police station, indicating that Do Guk arrives in time to save his wife. Not only is Yi Joo rescued, but Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11 also hints that the assailant will confess his crime.

He will reveal that he has been following Jung Hye’s orders throughout the time. It will create panic among people. Meanwhile, Jung Hye loses her calm and starts behaving indifferently. She even orders to bring her daughter into the picture. Meanwhile, another lady wishes Yoo-ra could see that scene. After dodging this, Yi Joo succeeds in exposing Jung Hye and heads to live a fresh life with her husband, Do Guk. However, Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11 teases that he’s hiding something from her.

According to the preview of Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11, Do Guk tells his friend that he wants to confess something. But unfortunately, he fails to do that. Meanwhile, Yi Joo reminds herself that a year has passed and it’s time to end her marriage contract. But on the dining table, she notices a similar mark on Do Guk’s wrist and learns the latter is also a time traveler. It will indeed bring some new angle to this story.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened at the shareholders’ meeting scene, where Woon-ja’s arrival saved everything. He announced that he was giving his shares to Yi Joo since he held the majority of the shares. The board members were impressed by this decision, and later, Yi Joo announced she planned to bring some changes in the management responsibilities. However, Jung Hye was frustrated to see Yi Joo succeeding and later vented her frustrations to her husband, Jin Woong. However, Yi Joo had already told him the truth, making the patriarch kick Jung Hye out of the family.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11

Soon after, the latter tried to withdraw her funds. But she failed to do that as all the company cards had been restricted. Despite that, she visited the assailant and made a request. Meanwhile, Yoo-ra tried to reach Jung Wook. But her calls remained unanswered. Amid this, she discovered she was expecting a child but was frightened by this news. Meanwhile, the assailant visited Yoo-ra, who suspected Woon-Jae was her baby’s father. As for Jung-hye, she started selling artwork secretly. Yi Joo soon learned about this and mapped a plan to expose her.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11: Release Date

Now that Do Guk lacks time, seeing what he will do in Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 11 will be interesting. Catch it on December 2, 2023, at 8:05 pm KST. The show airs every Saturday and Sunday night with a runtime of around 1 hour and 10 minutes. So, don’t miss it. The local Korean audience can catch it on MBN, while the global fans can turn into Viki or Wavve. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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