Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10

Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10: Japan Vs. Italy Tournament Part 2! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

With Tsubasa aiming to defeat the Italian team in the first game of the tournament, Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10 hints at the beginning of the Junior Youth Arc. Well, the Japanese youth team is all set to show their strength in the tournament. However, their opposition thinks they aren’t a match for them. In fact, the previous episode has seen our team in a tough spot. But things will soon change when Tsubasa returns to the central place. Does he have a plan? Well, fans have been rooting to see him in action. And guess what? The new stills hint in that direction. So, let’s see how things will move in the next episode.

Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10: Stills Reveal Tsubasa Will Return! Who Will Be The Winner?

While last week’s episode featured the first half of the match, Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10 will continue with this friendly match. Although the opening minutes appeared to be a game-changer for the Japanese team, the Italian team’s defense seemed unbreakable. But now things will be different as Tsubasa is all set to take things into his hands. And the recently released stills also hint in this direction. Our protagonist seems to be mapping a strategy to break free from the Italian defense. But to do this, he needs his team’s help, who seems a bit scared of letting their opposition score a point.

However, Tsubasa suggests a complex move that can only help them prove their worth. While the Italian team believes they are doing their best, the leader returns with full force. He will manage to snatch the ball, changing the flow of the game at the last minute. While it will be a head-to-head match, Tsubasa and his team will score points against the Italian team, provoking their captain. It may lead to an intense game as both teams fight to maintain their position. However, Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10 stills hints that the Japanese team will win the match and gift their signed football to their opposition team.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode featured the grudges between the Japanese and Italian national youth teams. Well, both teams qualified for the tournament in France. However, the Italian team saw the Japanese football team as a weak opponent. They even made fun of them and disregarded them as a strong opponent. This created problems between them. However, the Japanese team was determined to prove their opponent wrong in the friendly match before the tournament. Tsubasa clearly showed the desire to show their strength in the match. The team had taken this match quite personally and showed who was the boss in the opening minutes of the match.

Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10

Tsubasa dribbled past the opponent to prove his strength. Meanwhile, the Italian team was shocked to see such a display of teamwork and strength. Initially, the team wasn’t excited about the match as it wouldn’t give them an experience. However, everything changed. Despite Tsubasa’s dynamic performance, the game took a U-turn when the Italian side man-marked him, siding him for the first half of the match. Even the latter’s team was afraid to pass him the ball, quickly creating problems for them. To rub salt in the wound, the team struggled to break the opposition’s defense.

Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10: Release Date

Now, the forthcoming episode will reveal the fate of the Japanese youth team. Will they win the match? You will learn it on Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc Episode 10, which will air on December 3, 2023, at 5:30 pm JST. The anime is available on its original Japanese network, TV Tokyo. Meanwhile, the global audience can binge-watch the show on Crunchyroll. The series airs every Sunday. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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