Dark Gathering Episode 22

Dark Gathering Episode 22: Yayoi Vs. Otogiri! Will Yayoi Win? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

With an exciting and dark previous episode, the avid fans are eager to learn Otogiri’s fate. Well, in the last episode, she has leveled up, which may create problems for everyone. However, Dark Gathering Episode 22 promises to bring an intense showdown between Otogiri and Yayoi. No doubt, the latter isn’t that powerful to deal with the cursed spirit, especially when she’s just a Pokemon Master. But it seems like Yayoi has some tricks hidden in her sleeve. What will be her next move? Whatever it will be, it will indeed push the battle to the dangerous zone. Let’s see how far she will take this fight.

Dark Gathering Episode 22: How Will Yayoi Deal With Otogiri?

In the closing moment of the previous episode, the mirror triggers Otogiri, forcing her to enter the third stage of her curse. Well, she has already set the place on fire. So, it won’t be easy for Yayoi and her party to deal with the upcoming threat, especially when the boy spirit continues to create chaos. Now, the team only has one chance to knock him down through Otogiri leveling up. While doing this, the spirit may recall some of her traumatizing memories in Dark Gathering Episode 22. It will also shed light on her backstory and lover.

As for the boy spirit, he is all set to end Otogiri. But with the latter in her third stage, it will be challenging for him to stop her. It will ultimately lead to a massive clash between the two in Dark Gathering Episode 22. Whether Otogiri wins remains unclear, but there are stills hints that Yayoi will enter the battle to calm things down. Hence, the woman’s spirit may win. However, to stop her, Yayoi may summon another cursed spirit to end this chapter. There’s also a possibility that she may free Otogiri up and try to catch another dark Pokemon.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Yayoi informing others to keep their guards up after watching the boy spirit eating Shami’s remains. She also told everyone that the spirit was an S-rank and warned Eiko and Keitaro about his curse and its danger. Although they were cursed, Yayoi suggested eliminating the sketchbook to stop this battle. However, several spirits appeared when they tried to steal it, pushing the trio into danger. Eiko and Yayoi tried to save Keitaro. However, the former was sent to an enclosed area where the woman and man spirits surrounded her. But her doll saved her.

Dark Gathering Episode 22

Finally, the duo managed to save Keitaro and stole the sketchbook from the boy’s spirit hands. But it provoked him, and he attacked Yayoi. However, she summoned Otogiri, which led to a massive battle between the two. She realized the boy’s spirit was more troublesome as the battle progressed. So, Otogiri summoned butterflies to attack the spirit. Yayoi then told Eiko and Keitaro to stay away from the butterflies as it could make things ugly. It then helped Otogiri to drain the boy’s spirit life force. However, to get rid of Otogiri’s spirit, the trio showed her a mirror showing how ugly she looked. It then forced the spirit to go to her third stage.

Dark Gathering Episode 22: Release Date

The forthcoming episode is likely to reveal Otogiri’s backstory. Will they get free from the curse? You will learn it on Dark Gathering Episode 22, which will air on December 4, 2023, at 2 pm JST. The anime is available to stream on local Japanese networks such as AT-X, BS Asahi, Tokyo MX, and Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, viewers from the Asian regions can stream it on HiDive. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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