April 22, 2024
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Pact Of Silence Season 2: Series Fate In Limbo! Why Netflix Isn’t Taking About A Sequel?

Pact Of Silence Season 2

After watching an exceptional performance of Pact Of Silence, fans are craving more. But will they ever get Pact Of Silence Season 2? The series has undoubtedly performed incredibly well in engaging the audience with its thriller mystery to the end. With each passing episode, it took the audience to an unexplored land. However, with the series ending on a conclusive note, fans worry about the Mexican drama’s fate. Is it the end? Things are currently uncertain. But one thing is clear: the creator might have planned something bigger. Keep reading to know what made us say this.


Netflix’s Pact Of Silence is a Mexican telenovela that follows the story of Brenda, a social media influencer. She was abandoned soon after her birth and had no idea about her family. While she had lived a traumatizing childhood, she went on a revenge spree after learning about her mother. However, her investigation took things to the dark when she discovered that four powerful women were involved in her birth. But it remained unclear who her mom was. Well, the entire pilot season focused on her quest for vengeance and how she found out the truth.

Is Pact Of Silence Season 2 Officially Renewed?

Mexican telenovela Pact Of Silence just hit Netflix in October 2023 and soon became the talk of the town. Well, the mystery thriller series has created its own fanbase with captivating and intense storytelling. However, after watching the eighteen-episode series, fans can’t wait to see more of it. But is it officially renewed? Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed Pact Of Silence Season 2. But it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the series. This is because the streaming giant generally takes a few months or more to make an official announcement.

Pact Of Silence Season 2

So, it is still early for the giant streaming platform to scrutinize the data and viewership chart to greenlight the series for Pact Of Silence Season 2. There’s hope that the next season may return. However, one thing to remember is that the show only gained 6.8 stars on IMDb. Although it doesn’t count as a poor reception, the show has failed to gain significant viewership. This is because, per the source, the series receives a drop in rating. It has been noted that Pact Of Silence received a 1265 drop in viewership count.

Despite that, the series has been doing great in terms of performance. This is because the final episodes received nine stars on IMDb. Hence, it hints that there’s a chance for Pact Of Silence Season 2. However, fans still need to wait for Netflix’s words. This is because the renewal decision is based on the viewership vs cost chart. So, it will play a huge role in deciding the future of the series.

Chances Of Pact Of Silence Season 2!

Despite receiving moderate response from the audience, the show has managed to be on the most-watched list. However, Netflix has yet to reveal the official viewership count and whether the series entered the top ten list. While several details have been kept under wraps, the chances of Pact Of Silence Season 2 are quite thin. This is because of the nature of the series. Pact Of Silence had a perfect beginning, middle, and end. In short, the series has come to a natural conclusion.

Pact Of Silence Season 2

Thus, it hinders the chances of Pact Of Silence Season 2 return. Well, several characters’ storylines come to an end. It further slims down the chances of the second season. Besides this, the finale has seen Brenda learning about her biological mother and father. She even learned about her extended family and managed to heal herself from the past trauma. That later concluded her quest for vengeance. Not only this, but the finale also sees Brenda learning about her mysterious birth. So, there’s nothing left to explore. This may be the reason why Netflix has been keeping things under wrap. But nothing can be said at this moment, especially when there’s no official announcement about the next season.

What Might Have Happened In Pact Of Silence Season 2?

Although Netflix has yet to renew the show for the second season, many wonder what it will look like if Brenda returns. While the pilot season hasn’t left any dangling threads open, the second season can explore more about the lead character. She has already forgiven her family and the four women responsible for her birth. But it won’t be that easy for her to deal with the trauma, especially when she starts seeing her extended family. It will bring a new angle to this show, leading to explore the dramatic changes in Brenda’s life.

She will also find herself in a twisted web where her siblings will try to take her down. There’s further speculation that Pact Of Silence Season 2 will focus on the main character’s love life. Brenda may focus on working on her romantic life. If this happens, the next season can focus deeply on her career and future. This is because she will work on herself to live a peaceful life with her partner. But considering the thrilling nature of the story, the second season can bring another twist, forcing Brenda to return to her vengeance quest.

Pact Of Silence Season 2: Cast Details

Pact Of Silence Season 2

As of now, Netflix has yet to confirm the cast roster for next season. While the show hasn’t yet been confirmed, we expect Camila Valero to return as Brenda Rey. Besides her, the first season has seen Adriana Louvier as Fernanda Alarcon, Marimar Vega as Martina Robles, Litzy as Sofia Estrada, and Kika Edgar as Irene Bustamante. Jorgue Luis Moreno as Manuel Torres joined Juan Pablo Fuentes Acevedo as Tomas Duran in the first season. The first season also featured Erick Chapa, Martin Barba, Farah Justiniani, Rodolfo Salas, and Jose Manuel Rincon. Although there’s no news regarding the following season, the main star cast can return with a brand-new storyline.

Pact Of Silence Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, the streaming giant has yet to reveal the series’ fate. But if it gets the green light, it will take almost a few months to wrap up the production. Since it isn’t a sci-fi series, it won’t take much time to finish the post-production work. Considering this, we expect Pact Of Silence Season 2 to be released sometime in 2025. However, we will update you soon. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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