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Pluto Season 2: Naoki Urasawa Says “Will Never Do It Again!” Why It’s Unlikely To Return?

Netflix has never disappointed its audiences when it comes to anime. Whether it’s One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, or Death Note, the streaming giant has always catered to its subscribers’ needs. And with Pluto being the new addition to the streaming list, anime enthusiasts are eager to learn about its future. Will there be Pluto Season 2? Well, the story arc of the robot killing humans has created a massive buzz on the internet, especially its visuals, which have been highly praised. With such a performance, there’s no denying that fans want to watch it more. Surprisingly, the creator has already hinted at the anime’s future. So, without wasting time, let’s head to see what is aligned next for us.

A brief about Pluto: It is an adaptation of Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki’s superhero manga. After its huge success, Studio M2 announced its anime adaptation in 2017. That follows the story of Europol robot detective Gesicht, who finds himself in the most challenging situation. However, things turn dark after discovering a robot is responsible for human deaths around the world. His attempts to solve the case later lead him to the killer’s next target, the seven of the great robots of the world. While the mystery continues to grow, the killer becomes more dangerous with time.

Does Netflix Renew Pluto Season 2?

Netflix just dropped the most awaited anime, Pluto, in October 2023. Surprisingly, the anime has received massive popularity within the first week of its debut. In fact, it has been touted as the best anime on the streaming giant in 2023. However, with such an incredible performance, fans are curious to know about the future of the series. But sadly, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed Pluto Season 2. Typically, the streaming giant takes almost a couple of months to announce its decision.

Pluto Season 2

Since two months have already passed, it remains unclear whether Pluto will return with another season. Well, in its debut week, the anime managed to make a great impact by securing its place in the global top ten lists. The anime was in the top ten lists of 18 countries, including Japan. Thus, it gave fans hope that it would return with season 2. Besides this, the series has performed incredibly well in terms of reception.

It has gained 8.3 stars out of 10 on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it has broken all the records as it gained 100 percent solid response. So, undoubtedly, Pluto has been loved by audiences and critics. However, Netflix has remained mum about Pluto Season 2. But one thing to remember is that the series hasn’t been canceled. So, there’s hope for its return.

Chances Of Pluto Season 2!

Pluto has undoubtedly performed exceptionally well. The captivating story has left fans on the edge of their seat. While the series has a dark premise, it has been loved by all demos of people. In fact, many called it an absolute pleasure as each episode was a banger with stunning visuals. Although the theme was heavy, it didn’t stop them to binge-watch the show. In fact, a whole new audience who weren’t aware of Naoki Urasawa’s work craved to see more of Astro Boy-themed story in Pluto Season 2. Well, Reddit is also flooded with such inspirational words.

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In fact, Netflix keeps the craze for Pluto alive by dropping several of its clips on Netflix’s Anime. It recently dropped a video where the creators discuss the incredible craftsmanship of adapting Pluto. With such a move, many believe that Netflix is eyeing to return with Pluto Season 2. However, nothing can be said at this moment, especially when Urasawa has something else in his mind.

Naoki Urasawa Refuses To Return!

In the early 2000s, Naoki and Takashi Nagasaki pitched a plan to adapt Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. While the pair seemed optimistic about their idea, the former originally didn’t intend to create the series himself. Initially, he planned to let someone else use his idea. However, after further brainstorming, he decided to make Pluto his own original series. While manga became a hit and soon received a TV adaptation, Naoki voiced his concern for Pluto Season 2.

In a press release in 2019, he advised not to adapt Astro Boy to the aspiring artist. He recalled when he wanted to quit the series as he felt the immense pressure. While sharing his experience, Naoki revealed that he wasn’t planning to return with Pluto Season 2. He said he won’t do it again. He has already dealt with intense struggle and pressure and doesn’t want to face it again. While Netflix has yet to renew the series, Naoki’s words hinder the chances of its return.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Pluto Season 2

As mentioned above, Pluto is an adaptation of Naoki’s manga series of the same name. The manga was serialized from September 2003 to April 2009 in Shogakukan’s Seinen manga magazine Big Comic Original. So far, it has eight Tankobon volumes with 65 chapters, of which 8.5 million copies have been sold. While the manga and the anime did remarkably well, the chances of Pluto Season 2 are thin. This is because of the scarcity of the source material.

At Anime Expo 2023, Studio M2 founder Masao Maruyama revealed that the first season of Pluto would cover all eight volumes, leaving no room for the next season. While this announcement created panic among the audience, their worries were soon alleviated. This is because the anime covered the entire manga brilliantly, leaving no dangling threads. So, with no story left to explore, chances of Pluto Season 2 are little to none. Fans will only get another season if Naoki plans to return to the writer’s room. Since he has already announced he won’t do it again, it doesn’t seem like fans will ever get season 2.

Studio House Behind Pluto!

There are numerous studio houses out there that have produced several top-notch animes. However, Pluto was animated by Studio M2. The animation company was founded in April 2016 by Masao Maruyama. Since then, it has dropped a few big projects. But among them, Pluto has performed incredibly well. Since the studio house is still considered new in the animation business, it might have hindered the chances of Pluto Season 2. This was why Studio M2 decided to wrap the entire story in the first season.

But Pluto Can Return With A Spinoff

Pluto Season 2

After the series wrapped itself with the first season, there’s nothing left to explore in Pluto Season 2. However, our Robot Boy can return with a spinoff film in the near future. As per the source, Illumination and Universal Pictures acquired the rights to the manga series in 2010. It was expected to return with a live-action/CGI film. While it created a buzz among the people, the production houses haven’t yet discussed any details about the filming. In fact, there’s no news regarding its production. Thus, it remains unclear whether the film is still on the cards.

Pluto Season 2: Release Date

Although all the directions point towards its end, Netflix has yet to renew Pluto Season 2. The anime may return with another season since the official announcement hasn’t been made. However, nothing is confirmed at this moment. But if the show returns, it will take almost a couple of years to finish its production. This is because the first season took almost seven years to complete its production stage. But season 2 can return sooner rather than later. We will update you soon. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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