February 29, 2024

Elite Season 8: Is It Really The End? Boss Says Otherwise! CHECKOUT

Elite Season 8

Spanish teen drama Elite has been on air for almost six years and met with critical acclaim. While the series has shown the dark side of the Spanish elite high school, it has been entertaining its fans by exploring several mysteries. With the hype for Elite Season 8 at its peak, the showrunner has recently announced bittersweet news. Is the eighth season not on the cards? Well, the case is quite different. The creator has recently revealed the fate of the series, which doesn’t sound in the audience’s favor. Further, the series will take time to return to your screen. So, does that mean it’s going on a hiatus? Well, keep reading to know the exact answer.


Netflix’s series Elite follows the life of ordinary high schoolers who try to blend with high society norms. However, as the show progresses, it delves deeper into the dark side of society. The series begins with Junior year, which follows the wealthy students’ lives and how they are intertwined in a clash of sexual attraction, envy, lifestyles, and resentment. But soon, things get darker than expected when envy forces the students to take things into their own hands. It later leads to a murder spree and pushes one of the students’ futures into the dark.

Elite Season 8: Is Finally Back!

Earlier in October 2023, Netflix dropped surprisingly delightful news. The streaming giant revealed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Elite Season 8 is happening. Well, the announcement came as a teaser trailer highlighting who would return for the next season. Besides this, the renewal news was made just two days ahead of the seventh season premiere. This showed Netflix’s fate in the series. Well, there’s no denying that the Spanish drama has ruled its fans’ hearts. It has received positive reception throughout the year.

The show secured a 93 percent strong reception on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb. Hence, with such an excellent performance, it’s no surprise that Netflix looks forward to returning with Elite Season 8. However, there’s a catch. While fans were amazed by the news, they were left stunned when the streaming giant revealed the eighth season would be the final season. But that doesn’t mean it will mark as the series end. This is because, in the post, the eight turns into an infinity symbol that hints the universe will return in some other form.

The Creator Discussed The Reason Behind Ending With Elite Season 8

In a press conference, the series creator, Carlos Montero, discussed his plans for Elite. He said he, co-showrunner Jaime Vaca, and Netflix thought it was the best time to end this. However, Carlos regretted saying that the series was ending because they had met several wonderful cast and creative team members. In fact, it was an incredible journey where they got a chance to work with Maribel in the last two seasons. He further added that the series had changed everyone’s life. Those actors who had their debut with Elite had now become world stars. Although the show was ending, the creator confirmed that it would end on a “high note.”

Elite Season 8: Production Status

As per the official announcement, Elite Season 8 underwent production in July 2023. Well, Netflix confirmed this news while announcing the following season. It wasn’t confirmed that the next season would be the final season back then. However, Netflix confirmed this news later this year. As of now, the series is in production. Well, the show generally takes six to seven months to wrap up filming. Considering this timeframe, we expect the next season to undergo post-production earlier in 2024.

Elite Season 8: Cast Details

Following the death of Samuel Garcia Dominguez in the fifth season, it is confirmed that Itzan Escamilla won’t return. However, his death marks the biggest return of Mina El Hammani’s Nadia Shanna, who returns to help her brother, Omar Shanna (Omar Ayuso), deal with Samuel’s death. Besides her, Valentina Zenere will return as Isadora Artinan Goldstein, Andre Lamoglia as Ivan Cruz Carvalho, and Carmen Arrufat as Sara Gallegos. Nadia Al Saidi will also join Ander Puig as Nicolas “Nico” Fernandez as Sonia Naranja Xec and Ivan Mendes as Dalmar Feliz.

Well, the seventh season has seen a whole new cast. And the creator has already confirmed their return. So, fans will see Fernando Lindez back as Joel Huesos. Mirela Balic as Chloe Silva, Gleb Abrosimov as Eric Viveros, Alejandro Albarracin as Luis Marin, and Maribel Verdu as Carmen will also return. Besides this, Netflix has also announced the eighth season will see newcomers Nuno Gallego as Hector and Ane Rot as Emilia. Apart from them, Carlos and Jaime will return as the series showrunners, and Zeta Studios will return to produce the series.

What Will Happen In Elite Season 8?

Well, the seventh season was a rollercoaster ride. The finale saw Eric seeking Sonia’s help to deal with the insult. At the same time, Sara tricked Raul and captured a video of them having sex. After Chloe saw that video, she bickered with Raul, who tried to attack her. However, Carmen arrived in time and saved Chloe, eventually pushing Raul off a balcony. That quickly changed everything. While everyone believed it was a suicide, Dalmar knew that Carmen was a killer as he had witnessed the incident. Besides this, the former also had a video that could prove that Carmen was a murderer.

Elite Season 8

While the season left the mystery up in the air, Elite Season 8 is expected to explore this angle. Chloe and Carmen will work on their way to protect each other. However, Dalmar has a video that can play a significant role in the next season. Now, it remains unclear whether the former will use it against Carmen. But one thing is clear: the latter’s fate is currently in the dark. On the other hand, Joel is expected to join Ivan on the South Africa exchange program. Although the former has decided to work on himself, he will soon change his mind.

Amid this, Omar will face more issues, and the trauma will reach greater heights. This is where Nadia will play a vital role in helping her brother. She may take him with her to a recreation center. Omar needs to get out of Samuel’s death. But can he do that? Elite Season 8 will complicate things as it is about to wrap up each character’s arc. However, how things will end in the next season remains to be seen.

Elite Season 8: Release Date

Elite Season 8

As of now, Netflix hasn’t yet announced the Elite Season 8 release date. But considering the final season is still in production, we expect the series to undergo post-production earlier in 2024. If it follows the past season timeframe, it is expected to return sometime in mid-2024. However, we will update you shortly after the streaming giant drops an official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates. 

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