Moon In The Day Episode 12

Moon In The Day Episode 12: So Ri-Bu Returns To End Young Hwa’s Chapter! What’s Next? WATCH HERE



While the previous episode has seen Kang Young Hwa’s fate in the dark, she will face another challenge in Moon In The Day Episode 12. Well, her life is more complex than it seems. This is because of the curse she has been carrying with her. And now her life won’t be at peace after learning about her past sins. No doubt, Young Hwa will hit another rock bottom in Moon In The Day Episode 12. But this time, she will be backed by someone she trusts the most. Who will be this person? You will soon learn it. However, there’s a catch. Someone from the past will return to create chaos in her life. Let’s see what happens next.

Moon In The Day Episode 12: Is Young Hwa Safe? What To Expect Next?

After Joon Oh saves Young Hwa, the latter learns everything about her past life and sins. It later leads to a confrontation where she apologizes for her sins. However, Joon Oh decides to protect her instead of repeating his past mistakes of killing Ha Ri Ta’s reincarnations. Moon In The Day Episode 12 preview also reveals the reason behind the murder spree. Young Hwa learns that Joon Oh goes rogue to protect her, and instead of listening to his side, she betrays and kills him. Hence, she asks him to leave her to her dark fate. But Joon Oh’s love for Young Hwa escalates after learning she knows the truth.

Meanwhile, Moon In The Day Episode 12 will also see the much-awaited reconciliation of Do Ha and his villainous father, So Ri-Bu. He currently possesses Chul-Hwan and reminds his son about his duty. He reveals that he has already killed Ri Ta’s reincarnations. And now, he needs to assassinate the latest reincarnation of her, Young-Hwa. But instead of following his father’s order, he chokes Chul-Hwan to death. However, So Ri-Bu intends to kill Young Hwa and possess someone closer to Joon Oh. He even decides to kill those who come between him and Young Hwa.

After seeing Joon Oh in such a miserable situation, Young Hwa asks him to leave her. She doesn’t want to be a liability for him. Meanwhile, Ri-Bu possesses a girl in Moon In The Day Episode 12, who pushes Young Hwa in front of a truck. While her fate remains dark, the preview clip suggests the couple has a tragic ending.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Young Hwa, Min Oh, and Han Joon Oh camping. But the reality was Min Oh went there to create a problem between Young Hwa and Joon Oh and separate them. The trio spent the perfect time enjoying their evening, eating and singing. But their happy time was short-lived as Joon Oh suddenly went missing. Young Hwa quickly started the search operation to find him, and Min Oh secretly followed her. As for Joon Oh, he woke up at the campsite and was surprised to see nobody there.

Moon In The Day Episode 12

He sensed something wasn’t right and rushed to find Young Hwa. However, the situation worsened when the latter reached the cliff, and Min Oh appeared sternly. He claimed he didn’t want her to be a burden in his brother’s life and stated she was paying her karma from her previous life. Later, Min Oh pushed her before Joon Oh could rescue her. While Young Hwa got a grip on a stone, she lost consciousness. It quickly took the story to 1500 years ago when Han Ri Tae married Do Ha. She exclaimed that she was marrying her enemy while the latter loved her.

Back to the present, Young Hwa recalled the memories and learned that she was cursed to die young. However, Joon Oh rescued her when she was about to fall. The couple then hugged each other, claiming he was her guardian angel. It later brought them closer than before.

Moon In The Day Episode 12: Release Date

Moon In The Day Episode 12

The forthcoming episode will indeed explore this curse theory and how Young Hwa can dodge it. Catch it on Moon In The Day Episode 12, December 7, 2023, at 9 pm KST. The K-drama follows a weekly release pattern, airing two on Wednesday and Thursday nights. You can catch it on Rakuten Viki or Viu. Meanwhile, the local Korean audience can stream it on ENA. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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