Absolute Beginners Season 2

Absolute Beginners Season 2: Netflix Plans For Sequel Despite Being A Limited Series!



Netflix is undoubtedly working on expanding its YA collection. So far, it has brought various genre series that have managed to captivate the viewers’ hearts. And this time, it has brought another teen romantic drama, Absolute Beginners, to the audience’s plate. As expected, the series has broken all the records, and now fans are craving for more. But with such hype for Absolute Beginners Season 2, it remains unclear whether the series will return. Is the streaming giant planning to surprise its audience? Well, hold your horses because we have pleasant news for you. So, stay with us to know about Netflix’s decision.

Created by Nina Lewandowska and Kamila Tarabura, Absolute Beginners follows the journey of two friends, Niko and Lena. It begins with a dream to get enrolled in a film school. The two friends head to the picturesque Polish seaside to film their movie to fulfill their dream. But since it’s romantic, things turn a bit awkward for Niko as he doesn’t feel the same way as Lena. While he grapples with his thoughts, another boy’s entry creates problems between them. It later tests their friendship and how far they can go to achieve their goal.

Absolute Beginners Season 2: Is It Officially Renewed?

Polish teen drama Absolute Beginners debuted in October 2023 and soon made huge headlines. There’s no doubt that the series has been receiving huge appreciation from the audience as well as critics. In fact, the drama has been making waves for portraying the autism spectrum. With such a fantastic performance and storytelling, the show has exceeded the coming-of-age-esque standards. While the series has amazed the global audience, Absolute Beginners Season 2 stands uncertain. This is because Netflix hasn’t yet officially renewed the series for the next season.

Absolute Beginners Season 2

However, some sources claim the series has already been renewed for another season. According to them, the series was announced as a two-part series. The first part has already been aired on the platform, leaving room for the next part. But the series’ official page doesn’t provide such information regarding Absolute Beginners Season 2. In fact, the streaming platform hasn’t yet mentioned Polish drama on any of its social media pages. Thus, it remains unclear whether the streaming giant has officially renewed the series.

But there’s no doubt that the series did incredibly well in terms of cinematography and narration. It has beautifully portrayed the trouble between the teens and how they deal with it. In fact, the series has gained 7.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb, marking one of the highest reception for Polish drama. Thus, there’s a chance that Netflix will soon make an official announcement. Again, at this moment, there’s no confirmed news on whether Absolute Beginners Season 2 is happening.

Chances Of Absolute Beginners Season 2!

As of now, there’s no official announcement regarding Absolute Beginners Season 2. Well, the streaming giant generally takes a few months to announce its decision. But when it comes to the Polish drama, it has wrapped up the characters’ arc. The series has a proper beginning, middle, and end. That means the show has reached a natural conclusion. According to IMDb, Polish drama is a mini-series. So, it hinders the chances of its return. But nothing is confirmed yet. This is because some source suggests the series on the cards. So, it may return to the streaming platform.

Absolute Beginners Season 2: What Might Have Happened In The Next Season?

Absolute Beginners Season 2

The series is a rollercoaster ride. It has seen a lot throughout the season. Niko and Lena, who have autism, decided to work on a film project. While Lena’s story was all about intense love, Niko felt awkward shooting some intimate scenes with her. It later revealed that he didn’t feel the way she did. However, their story took a new turn when Igor entered the picture. He was determined to join the national basketball team. While he had high hopes, his fate was in the dark as he drowned to death. But fortunately, Niko spotted him and saved his life. Lena then recorded the entire CPR scene and decided to introduce Igor to their movie.

Initially, he hesitated to join them. But later, he began a part of a love triangle. While everything went smoothly, Niko and Ignore realized they had feelings for each other. As the series progressed, it witnessed some epic love scenes between them. In fact, Igor decided to stay true to his feelings and ditched his chance to enter the national basketball team for Niko. The latter did the same for his love. Meanwhile, Lena faced some challenges. She wanted to keep Niko and Igor’s sex scene in her movie. But the latter wasn’t comfortable with that.

It led to a bickering moment where Lena decided to walk away. She then started living with her mom while grappling with her thoughts about using that scene. In the closing moments, she decided to cut those scenes from her movie and eventually enrolled in her dream school. With such a narrative, the chances of Absolute Beginners Season 2 are slim. However, if it returns, it will explore the trio’s lives and whether they are still together. It may also shed light on Igor and Niko’s relationship and how they deal with the forthcoming challenges.

Absolute Beginners Season 2: Cast Details

Absolute Beginners Season 2

If the series returns, it will undoubtedly bring the main cast back. Martyna Byczkowska will return as Lena Glowacka, Bartlomiej Deklewa as Niko, and Jan Salasinski as Igor Tymczenko. Besides them, Katarzyna Warnke and Piotr Witkowski may also return as Lena’s parents, Tamara and Dawid. Anna Krotoska and Andrzej Konopka may also return as Niko’s parents, Bogusia and Pawel. There’s a chance that it will bring some new faces in Absolute Beginners Season 2. We will update you soon.

Absolute Beginners Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has yet to make an official announcement regarding Absolute Beginners Season 2. Thus, it remains unclear when the series will return. If the series gets greenlight soon, it will take almost a few months to wrap up production. Considering this timeframe, we expect the series to return sometime in early 2025. But again, some sources claim that Absolute Beginners Season 2 will be released in Q4 of 2024. (We will update you shortly after receiving an official announcement). This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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